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Top reasons why people migrate to Australia

Top reasons why people migrate to Australia

Is Australia for me? Should I migrate to Australia? Why Australia? If you have these thoughts stopping you from chasing your dream to migrate there, read on. The reasons below will help you decide.

Top reasons why people migrate to Australia:

  • Australia pays highest wages in the world
  • It has been ranked 2nd best in the world, for Quality of life, by UN
  • Australian economy has not seen a recession since 1981
  • Low density of Population, Fresh Air, untouched nature
  • Pleasant climate around the year in most places
  • Quality education (Refer our previous Newsletter for details)
  • Australian degrees are recognized across the globe
  • Its a home to Most Liveable cities like Sydney, Melbourne & Perth
  • Good health care system
  • Low crime rate makes it a safe country
  • Its a peace-loving country, with stable Political environment
  • Visa-free travel to many countries available for Australian Residents
  • Almost 45% of Australians are either born abroad, or have either of their parent born abroad
  • This makes Australia a Multi-Cultural Society, which values freedom & nurtures mutual respect for all
  • People from diverse backgrounds bring their own flavours in cuisine, festivals and traditions, which are celebrated by all
  • Good job opportunities & State Sponsorship for candidates, whose Industries / Occupation are in-demand
  • An Australian Resident can sponsor his family abroad
  • Good work-life balance. Laid back life, as compared to other countries
  • Friendly people, no language barrier As English is commonly spoken
  • Many entertainment options (Travel, Sports, Adventure Sports, Shopping and much more)


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