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10 powerful reasons why you should study in the land of OZ

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 30, 2019

10 powerful reasons why you should study in the land of OZ

Millennials these days choose to study in abroad because of the quality courses provided by universities which fulfills today’s job requisites. However with numerous tailor made and unique courses popping up it becomes hard to choose the right one. Not to mention living situations which also add up to the pros and cons when choosing a suitable courses. However one country that outweighs its pros is Australia and below we list reasons why we think you should start planning for your education in Australia:

1. Quality and Variety in Education.

One of the best things in Australian Education system is that students can easily switch between qualification levels and Universities. Vocational programs are becoming popular among students due to the career oriented valuable skills provided by such programs giving them a head start. Universities are constantly devising innovative ways to incorporate practicality in their courses to prepare students for their jobs and meet the highest education standards.

2. Job Opportunities

Australian economy doesn’t cater to fad trends. For Instance, UK is no longer interested in hiring doctors. People of different profession are welcomed in Australia.Fields like health care, agriculture,aeronautics, data analysts,cyber security, business development, architecture, event management and human resources are thriving.

3. International Student Support Unit

Most of the Universities have support services unit for international students. This unit helps international students settle down comfortably in campus and answer queries regarding any issue. There is also a student hotline for students in different universities that cater to the same needs. Universities also offer counselling, orientation and student preparation program to teach international students necessary skills.

4. Part time job

This is where you hit jackpot. Students are allowed to work while studying which is very helpful considering a lot of people come in with the burden of student loans. They are allowed to work 20 hours a week and also gain practical experience in the field they are working for.

5. Simplified Visa Process

Visa Process in most countries abroad is a long tedious process which also discourages people from applying for visa. Australian Government has taken efforts to simplify the process as they are having a growing stream of international people opting to study here.

6. Affordability

Australian Universities tend to have shorter courses compared to rest of the universities around the world therefore the Tuition fees are quite cheaper compared to most famous universities around the world. Don’t worry about the courses being short though; they still cover the important topics that you will require when hunting for a job.

7. Research

The research field is quite fertile here with lots of benefits to be explored. Also keep in mind that this field is also quite competitive and is based on merit.

8. Recognition and quality assurance

To ensure that Australian Universities meet the higher education standards, have set up the Australian Quality Assurance Framework. The ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Education) framework also ensure that International students are not left out on availing these standards and have maximum security. Degrees from Australian Universities are recognized and valued worldwide by companies and other education institutions.

9. Group of 8

Research institutes in Australia collectively, are their own version of Ivy League colleges that provide faculty who are very best in their respective field. They also have state-of-the-art laboratories that harbor the best out of students.

10. Diversity and land of beauty.

Australia is one of the best tourist destinations in the world what with the Gold coast, the Great Barrier Reef and the Opera House in Sydney. This country boasts cultural diversity and has a good reputation of being safe, friendly, quiet and laid- back.