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20 Highest Paying jobs in Canada

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 8, 2020

20 Highest Paying jobs in Canada

Canada being the most chosen immigration destination, there are plenty of job opportunities available for qualified foreign skilled workers and professionals in Canada. There are many job opportunities in Canada and they are mainly dependent on the immigrants to lower the number of job vacancies. Listed below are the highest paying jobs in Canada.

#1 Utilities manager:

The average yearly pay of a Utilities manager is$135,000. A utilities manager is responsible forsupervising theplants and distribution systems of the electrical power, water and natural gas. The private and the public sector- both are open to a Utilities manager. The working opportunities prevailing for a utility’s manager is on a higher side as the government predicts that there will be more jobs by 2024.

#2 Marketing manager:

The average yearly pay of a Marketing professional is $132,000. With a boom in the startups in Canada, every company needs a marketer who would take his company to the next level especially using the digital marketing tactics.

#3 Public Administration Director:

The average yearly pay of a Public Administration director is$132,000. A public administration director leads and represents a government service ensuring that the programs planned are well executed, monitored and successful. With multiple years of experience, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree in social science, law or business administration.

#4 Business Executive:

The average yearly pay of a Business executive is $130,000.The demand for Business executives has been increasing right from the year 2013 and forecasted to increase in the coming years as well. In order to be a business executive, a degree in the same discipline is required and few years of experience is a bonus. Business executive job category includes a variety of job positions in companies; right from being a vice president and operating officers up to the Chief Executive officers. You will plan and executive ways in which an organization works.

#5 Health & Community Service Manager:

The average yearly pay of a Health & Community service manager is$130,000.With an upward trend that shows a quick increase in the demand for a health and community service manager, it is likely that there will be increase in the future as well. If you are targeting for higher positions in this field, you will have to opt for the relevant certifications apart from a bachelor’s degree. Your tasks will include guiding researchers and planning budgets.

#6 Engineering Manager:

The average yearly pay of an Engineering manager is $125,000.It is expected that in the coming years, the Canadian government expects the creation of more jobs than the applicants or the number of job-seekers existing.An engineering manager is someone who oversees or manages the work of the team of engineers assigned to him as well as the projects and have the opportunity to work with both – private as well as the public sector.

#7 Nurse Practitioner:

The average yearly pay of a Nurse Practitioner is$123,500.As we know that Canada’s population is aging, the demand for healthcare industry is going up and considering a career in this field is a right choice. The nurse practitioners work with the doctors and professionals in the field to provide services and usually found in hospitals or clinics. Over the last five years, the employment increased by 75% and there will be more employment generated by the year 2024.

#8 Scientific Research Manager:

The average yearly pay of a Scientific Research manager is $121,000.Most likely to work in an architectural firm, a statistical service or in a scientific department, a scientific research manager plans and directs the department’s activities, assign them and finally review the technical work done by its member employees. The job opportunities are likely to be available more than the existing number of job seekers in the coming years.

#9 School Principal & Administrator:

The average yearly pay of a School Principal and Administrator is$120,500.With a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in the field of education, a school principal needs several years of experience as a senior teacher. A school principal supervises the working of the teachers and the school at large and an administrator controls the affairs of a school system. This sector has not seen much increase in the demand side in the previous years, however, the coming years has more jobs in place than the job seekers, as per the prediction of the Canadian government.

#10 Financial Manager:

The average yearly pay of a Financial manager is$120,000and they are someone who is always required in all types of organization – small or big. Financial managers work in the finance and accounts department and manage finance, co-ordinate budgets and prepare financial statements. Apart from a master’s degree in business administration, in order to compete for a senior position, you will need to have several years of experience.

#11 Health Care Manager:

The average yearly pay of a Health care manager is $117,500. In the coming years, there will be high employment opportunities in this sector, as per the Canadian government. A healthcare manager oversees the delivery of services in clinics, hospitals and other similar environments. Your education, as a health care manager, will be of the same level like the other medical professionals you work with.

#12 Human Resources Manager:

The average yearly pay of a Human Resource manager is$117,000. A human resources manager is a senior position in the human resources department and they are someone who ideally is responsible for recruiting, training and looking after the pay scale and working conditions of the employees and managing things at large. With couple of years of experience, you are ought to have a degree in the related field.

#13 Dentist:

The average yearly pay of a Dentist is$115,600. With the increase, as close as 63%, the demand for dentists have been seen moving only upwards and likely to be increasing in the coming years also. Post completion of the recognized dental program,a dentist is also required to have license provided by a provincial or territorial regulatory body.

#14 Software Engineers:

The average yearly pay of a Software Engineer is $115,000. Apart from being one of the highest paying profession, Canada is witnessing an increase in the demand of the software engineers. It is expected that the sectors such as machinery and equipment manufacturing will witness growth and as a consequenceyou will be able to pursue several potential opportunities.

#15 Electronics Engineer:

The average yearly pay of an Electronics Engineer is $110,000.With a steady increase in this sector, the roles of an Electronics engineer include designing electronic circuits, planning new electrical distribution networks and investigating electrical failures, all this while having a license which is granted by a provincial or territorial body.

#16 Police Officer:

The average yearly pay of a Police Officer is $105,000. To maintain the law and order and prevent crimes is what a Police officer does. There has been an increase in the number of people joining the work force as police officers and the number of working opportunities is likely to be upward. Apart from a university degree, a police officer goes through a three to six months of police training and is mandatory to meet the physical and the psychological fitness test.

#17 Power Systems Electrician:

The average yearly pay of a Power Systems Electrician is$102,000and they are the professionals who install, maintain, test and repair the equipment’s. The job opportunities are also expected to be stable and balanced for the people looking forward to be a power system electrician.

#18 Locomotive Engineer:

The average yearly pay of a Locomotive engineer is $98,000. Locomotive engineers operate trains and passenger transports. With a promising future, a Locomotive engineer has rewarding career and more jobs than the applicants in the upcoming years.

#19 Techno-commercial Accountant:

The average yearly pay of a techno-commercial accountant is $96,000. Well-qualified and professional accountants are in a high demand in Canada. An accountant, like any IT professional is really very important to an organization and the more substantial the business is, the more important the accountants are – making this profession is the highest paying list. Apart from the techno-commercial accountants, well-qualified and experienced auditors and pay-roll professionals are also increasing in demand as the region’s economic activity is increasing year-on-year.

#20 Banking:

The average yearly pay of a Banking professional is $92,000. With the Canadian economy always being stable, there have always been a pool of working opportunities in the banking sector in the past and likely to be in the upcoming years.

Skilled employees are always in high demand in Canada and Canadian immigration has been in favor of the skilled professionals. If you are looking forward to immigrate to Canada, then visit us today for further details and get a free assessment done or call at 022 6758 2786. One of our experts will get in touch with you.