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5 standout and vital jobs in the Canadian economy that is growing in 2018.

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 30, 2019

5 standout and vital jobs in the Canadian economy that is growing in 2018.

In 2017, the economy saw the lowest unemployment rate in 40 years. According to Indeed Canada, a job searching portal saw a rise in postings of 5 particular jobs. Economist Culbertson, further substantiates these 5 standout jobs come from industries that are expected to grow in the financial year of 2018.

Current trends in the market such as e-commerce growth, new technologies and changing demo graphs have been considered while forecasting the following jobs. Not all jobs listed in here have high salary expectations.

1. Fulfilment associates
Associates who receive and process customer orders at distribution centres for e-commerce companies such as Amazon are known as fulfilment associates. More people are ordering online hence these jobs are increasingly in demand; their pay a $14/hour.
Because of the huge boost in e-commerce, real estate business is also picking up with large warehouses and distribution centres.

2. Machine learning Engineer.
A programmer who can develop machines and systems that can operate Artificial Intelligence (AI) are suitable for this job. Apart from the basic tech industry, these jobs are required in several industries as people who can create phones and computers are used in nearly every industry.
The Job also has a pay rate of $102,555/year and is in demand since the Canadian government announced $125 million grant for research in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

3. Family medicine Physician
Health care has become one of the booming sectors in the economy. With Canada’s ageing population, the function of healthcare has become quite important. The field saw a 138% rise in postings in 2017. Not only is this job hot in demand, it also pays well with net pay rate being $248,580/ year.

4. Manufacturing Technician
The manufacturing industry has always been an industry that always produces jobs but with North American Free Trade Agreement in negotiation to be renewed, the field could get a good boost. The job listing has seen a 45% increase and technicians earn $18.74/hour.
Manufacturing Technicians majorly install and maintain products and systems.

5. Technical Recruiter.
Technical recruiter as the name suggests scout for techie talents for tech jobs. With the tech jobs in rising, this job listing has seen a 25% rise with the pay rate of $47,991/ year.