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Auckland or Wellington? Which city is the best for students in New Zealand

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: December 10, 2019

Auckland or Wellington? Which city is the best for students in New Zealand

New Zealand is unquestionably one of the finest countries to settle. Home to the Maori people, New Zealand is not less than an adventure to the wanderlusts out there. Whether you are adventurous or prefer being on the other side of caution – New Zealand has it all; from skydiving and river rafting to serene beaches and boiling mud pools.

While deciding to move to New Zealand, it is significant to know about the city we are on and about to live in. If you are planning to study in New Zealand, we have listed below a summary and a comparative study on two cities – The city of Auckland and The city of Wellington; which may aid you to choose one.

About the city of Auckland –

The largest city in New Zealand, Auckland is the home to many cultural hubs and a prominent keeper of the Maori culture, art and history. Auckland’s population is estimated to be close to 1.6 million people and it is home to five major universities; out of which, University of Auckland is the country’s largest university with almost 40,000 students and opportunities are in plenty to study abroad here and due to the sheer size of the city, you can find almost any type of program and topic to specialize in for your study.

*Fun fact – Auckland is famous for being a filming location for the Lord of the Rings.

About the city of Wellington –

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and a self-proclaimed coffee capital of the country. There are plenty of outdoor attractions, such as the Mount Victoria Lookout but Wellington is more famous for its culture! The city is bursting with restaurants and bars; it’s reported to have more restaurants and bars per capita than New York City. Wellington is also about cultural arts. Wellington’s main university, Massey University, has a wide array of creative arts programs, from writing to film and music. Victoria University, the other major college in Wellington, has a world-renowned performing arts department as well! Wellington has more than just creative arts programs, though and a great place to study politics as a subject. Studying in Wellington also plays an important role while applying for a Permanent Residence visa in New Zealand.

Below is a comparative study of Auckland and Wellington on four important elements of Housing, People, Transport and Climate and a bonus point at the end-

  • Housing:

Wellington: You will find the housing price to be affordable and on the lower side in Wellington. The apartments are spacious and comfortable. However, the apartments are quite less modern in Wellington but easy on the pocket. One-bedroom apartment in City Centre would cost around 1,784.25 NZ$ per month and one-bedroom apartment outside of Centre would ideally cost 1,452.60 NZ$ per month.

Auckland: On the interpole, housing in Auckland seems to be heavy on the pocket but worth it. The apartments are highly modern and quite impressive; even on their busiest road. One-bedroom apartment in City Centre would cost around 1,872.76 NZ$ per month and one-bedroom apartment outside of Centre would ideally cost 1,562.00 NZ$ per month.


  • People:

Wellington: Networking is the key in Wellington. The Central Business District is home to 17,000 people and chances are that you might end up meeting the same people repeatedly. So good networking gets you along.

Auckland: The largest city and home to 1.6 million people, you might end up having separate groups for different activities altogether in Auckland.


  • Transport:

Wellington: It is known as New Zealand’s most walkable city. The Central Business District is 2kms long and you will end up reaching earlier if you choose to walk rather than using public transport. The card used here for transporting purpose is called SNAPPER. One-way Ticket for Local Transport is 4.00 NZ$ and the monthly pass (Regular Price) would be approximate to 150.00 NZ$ and the Tariff for Taxi for a kilometer would be 2.95 NZ$.

Auckland: Auckland uses ATHOP card for transportation. One-way Ticket for Local Transport is 3.50 NZ$and the monthly pass (Regular Price) would be approximate to 215.00 NZ$ and the Tariff for Taxi for a kilometer would be 2.60 NZ$.


  • Climate:

Wellington: A typical windy, cold and no summer will best describe Wellington’s climate but you can’t beat Wellington on a good day. When it’s sunny outside, the vibes are truly amazing and the citizen’s gather together to feel a sense of appreciation for the good climate.

Auckland: The Auckland region enjoys a warm, coastal climate without any extremes of temperature. Summers in Auckland are generally warm with high humidity, while winters are mild and damp and plenty of rain is experienced throughout the year.

BONUS POINT: Choosing to live in Wellington will fetch you bonus points when you immigrate to New Zealand.

Now that you have an understanding of what you need to know about studying abroad in New Zealand’s two famous cities of Wellington and Auckland, start packing for your immersive Kiwi experience. Reach us today at 022 6758 2786 or visit https://www.bbceducation.in/