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Australia’s new immigration system”Skill Select” will be live from 1st July, 2012

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 30, 2019

Australia’s new immigration system”Skill Select” will be live from 1st July, 2012

DIAC has introduced new system “Skill Select” which will be live from 1st July, 2012. DIAC believes that the system willfilter applicants who can meet the needs of Australian skilled workforce, will reduce processing times and speed up the movement of skilled workforce. Under Skillselect skilled migrant who wish to migrate to Australia, will now first need to submit Expression of interest (EOI).

EOI is not visa application; it is just an indication that applicant would like to considered for skilled visa. All prospective applicants will be required to meet the relevant English language proficiency and obtain the necessary skills assessment prior to their EOI submission.

Under EOI, applicant will need to provide all their details such as basic personal information, qualification, work experience, level of English skills, and details of skill assessment related to his nominated occupation, etc. After submitting the application, applicant will gain points and will be ranked in the system according to appropriate points test. The ranking process will be automatic, without the involvement of department’s staff. Invitations will be issued automatically to the highest ranking EOI’s subject to occupation ceiling i.e. limit on how many people are selected from an occupation group. After receiving the invitation, applicant can apply for their visa.