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Skilled Occupation List


Occupation Code Job Roles Alternative Job Titles
0011 Legislators Cabinet Minister
City Councillor
First Nations Band Chief
Governor General
Lieutenant Governor
Member Of Legislative Assesmbly (Mla)
Member Of Parliament (Mp)
Member Of The National Assembly (Mna)
Member Of The Provinical Parliament (Mpp)
Prime Minister
School Board Trustee
Aboriginal Band Chief
Aboriginal Band Council Member
First Nations Government Leader
Government Leader
Leader Of The Opposition
Legislative Body Speaker
Metropolitan Council Chair
Municipal Council Chairman/ Woman
Opposiiton Leader
Orator Government
Regional Municipality Chair
School Board Trustee
Solicitor General
Treasury Board President
0012 Senior Government Managers And Officials Ambassador
Assistant Chief Statistician - Government Services
Assistant Comptroller General - Government Services
Assistant Deputy Minister
Assistant Deputy Minister - Government Services
Assistant Executive Director - Government Services
Assistant General Director - Government Services
Assistant Undersecretary Of State
Band Manager - First Nations
Chairman/Woman - Government Services
Chairperson - Government Services
Chief - Disaster Management
Chief Administrative Officer - Government Services
Chief Administrative Officer - Regional Municipality
Chief Electoral Officer
Chief Privacy Officer - Government Services
Chief Statistician - Government Services
City Administrator
City Hall Clerk
City Manager
City Superintendent
Clerk Of The House Of Commons
Clerk Of The Privy Council
Commissioner - Government Services
Commissioner Of Inquiries
Commissioner Of Inquiries - Government Services
Comptroller General - Government Services
Comptroller General Of Canada
Council Secretary - Government Services
County Clerk
Deputy Commissioner - Government Services
Deputy Minister
Deputy Minister - Government Services
Deputy Municipal Clerk
Deputy Provincial Secretary - Government Services
Director General - Government Services
Employment Insurance Appeals Board Chairperson
Employment Insurance Commissioner
Executive Administrator - Government Agency
Executive Administrator - Government Department
Executive Director - Emergency Preparedness
Executive Director - Government Services
Fire Marshal
First Nations Band Manager
General Manager - Government Services
General Secretary - Government Services
Government Agency Commissioner
Government Agency President
Government Agency Senior Administrator
Grain Commissioner
Health Commissioner
High Commissioner
Highway Commissioner
Human Rights Commission Chairperson
Inspector General Of Financial Institutions
Liquor Commissioner
Local Government Manager
Manager - First Nations
Municipal Administrator
Ombudsperson - Government Services
Parole Board Chairman/Woman
President - Government Services
Railroad Commissioner
Receiver General For Canada
Regional Municipality General Director
Secretary To The Council - Government Services
Sergeant-At-Arms, House Of Commons
Superintendent Of Financial Institutions
Territorial Commissioner
Town Clerk
Township Clerk
Trade Commissioner
Undersecretary Of State
Vice-President - Government Services
0013 Senior Managers - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services Advertising Agency President
Assistant Executive Director - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Bank Credit Vice-President
Bank President
Chairman/Woman - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Chairperson - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Chief Executive Officer (Ceo) - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Chief Executive Officer (Ceo) - Telephone Company
Chief Financial Officer (Cfo) - Advertising Agency
Chief Financial Officer (Cfo) - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Chief Operating Officer - Engineering Firm
Chief Operating Officer - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Chief Privacy Officer - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Computing Services Company President
Controller - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Corporate Banking Vice-President
Corporate Controller - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Corporate Controller - Mortgage Brokerage Firm
Credit Union Executive Director
Credit Union General Manager
Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Life Insurance Company
Domestic Banking Operations Vice-President
Employment Agency General Manager
Engineering Firm President
Engineering Research General Manager
Engineering Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Executive Director - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Executive Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Executive Vice-President - Real Estate Agency
Finance And Administration Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Finance Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Finance Vice-President - Holding Company
General Manager - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
General Manager - Real Estate Management Company
Human Resources And Organizational Development Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Human Resources Vice-President - Bank
Human Resources Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Information Systems Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Insurance Company General Manager
International Banking Operations Vice-President
Marketing Vice-President - Clerical Staff Services
Marketing Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Operations Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Operations Vice-President - Satellite Communication Services
Personal Banking Vice-President
Personnel Vice-President - Bank
Personnel Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Planning Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
President And Chief Executive Officer - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Protective Services Executive Director
Real Estate Management Company Executive Director
Regional Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Senior Vice-President And Chief Economist
Support Services Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
Telecommunications General Manager
Treasury Vice-President - Banking Institution
Trust Company General Manager
Trust Company Regional Vice-President
Vice-President - Financial, Communications And Other Business Services
0014 Senior Managers - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations Academic Association President
Academic Business Vice-President
Alumni Association Executive Director
Arts And Culture Association Chairperson
Arts Association Executive Director
Assistant Executive Director - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Association Executive Director
Automobile Association Executive Director
Business Association General Manager
Business Association President
Business General Manager
Business School General Manager
Chairman/Woman - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Chairperson - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Chancellor - Education
Charitable Organization Director
Charitable Organization Executive Director
Chief Executive Officer (Ceo) - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Chief Financial Officer (Cfo) - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Chief Operating Officer - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Chief Privacy Officer - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
College Chancellor
College President
Community College President
Corporate Controller - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Crafts Guild Executive Director
Cultural Association President
Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Director General - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Educational Institution Chief Financial Officer (Cfo)
Educators Association Chairperson
Environmental Group Executive Director
Ethnic Association President
Executive Director - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Executive Director - Teacher'S Federation
Executive General Manager - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Executive Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Finance And Administration Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Finance Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
General Manager - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Health Care Association President
Health Services Institution Executive Director
Hockey Association General Manager
Hospital Administrator
Hospital Executive Director
Human Resources And Organizational Development Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Human Resources Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Information Systems Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Labour Organization President
Lobby Chief Executive Officer - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Marketing Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Medical Vice-President - Health Services
Membership Organization General Manager
Music Guild President
Non-Governmental Organization (Ngo) Executive Director
Nurse'S Association Executive Director
Nursing Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Operations Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Personnel Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Planning Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Political Organization General Manager
Political Party President
President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
President And General Manager - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Professional Association Executive Director
Recreational Association Executive Director
Rector - Education
Regional Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Scientific Association Chairperson
Social Services Institution Corporate Controller
Sports Association President
Support Services Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Trade School General Manager
Union Association President
University President
Vice-President - Health, Education, Social And Community Services And Membership Organizations
Voluntary Organization Executive Director
Young Men'S Christian Association (Ymca) Executive Director
0015 Senior Managers - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services, N.E.C. Broadcasting Corporation President
Casino General Manager
Chairman/Woman - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Chairperson - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Chief Executive Officer (Ceo) - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Chief Financial Officer (Cfo) - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Chief Operating Officer - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Chief Privacy Officer - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services, N.E.C.
Cleaning Service General Manager
Corporate Controller - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Department Store President
Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Ceo) - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Engineering Vice-President - Television Broadcasting Services
Engineering Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Executive Director - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Executive Vice-President - Metal And Metal Products Wholesaler
Executive Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Finance And Administration Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Finance Vice-President - Food Wholesaling
Finance Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Funeral Services General Manager
Hotel Chain Regional Vice-President
Hotel General Manager
Human Resources And Organizational Development Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Human Resources Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Information Systems Vice President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Laundry And Dry Cleaning General Manager
Marketing Vice-President - Grocery Store Chain
Marketing Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Operations Manager - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Operations Vice-President - Radio Broadcasting Services
Operations Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Personnel Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Planning Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
President And Director - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
President And General Manager - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Professional Sports Club Chief Financial Officer (Cfo)
Radio Station General Manager
Regional Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Restaurant Chain Corporate Controller
Retail Establishment President
Sales And Advertising Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Sales General Manager - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Sales Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Support Services Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Travel Agency Chief Executive Officer (Ceo)
Vice-President - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Vice-President And General Sales Manager - Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services
Wholesaler - Broadcasting
0016 Senior Managers - Construction, Transportation, Production And Utilities Assistant Executive Director - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Building Construction General Manager
Ceo (Chief Executive Officer) - Manufacturing Company
Cfo (Chief Financial Officer) - Urban Transit System
Chief Executive Officer (Ceo) - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Chief Executive Officer (Ceo) - Manufacturing Company
Chief Financial Officer (Cfo) - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Chief Financial Officer (Cfo) - Urban Transit System
Chief Operating Officer - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Chief Privacy Officer - Construction, Transportation, Production And Utilities
Construction General Manager
Corporate Controller - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Electric Power Company President
Engineering Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Executive Director - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Executive Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Executive Vice-President - Railway
Feed And Flour Mills General Manager
Finance And Administration Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Finance Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Finance Vice-President - Mining Company
Gas Distribution General Manager
General Manager - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Highway Construction General Manager
Human Resources And Organizational Development Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Human Resources Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Hydro-Electric Power Station President
Information Systems Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Logging Company Corporate Controller
Manufacturing Company Chief Executive Officer
Marketing Vice-President - Airline
Marketing Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Operations Vice-President - Electric Power Company
Operations Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Personnel Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Petroleum Production Company Regional Vice-President
Planning Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Production General Manager - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Publishing House General Manager
Regional Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Residential Construction Company President
Sales Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Sales Vice-President - Pulp And Paper Manufacturing
Support Services Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
Transit System General Manager
Transport And Communications General Manager
Trucking Company General Manager
Vice-President - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction
0111 Financial Managers Accounting And Financial Control Chief
Accounting And Financial Control Director
Accounting Department Manager
Accounting Director
Accounting Manager
Accounting Manager - Financial Services Department
Accounting Office Manager
Assigned Public Accountants Chief
Assistant Accounting Manager
Assistant Treasurer - Finances
Audit And Compliance Director
Auditing Department Manager
Budget And Sectoral Profitability Director
Collections Department Manager
Controller - Financial Services
Corporate Budgeting And Analysis Manager
Corporate Controller
Corporate Financing Manager
Corporate Risk Department Manager
Director - Financial Services
Director Of Accounting
Director-Treasurer - Financial Services
Finance And Control Manager
Finance Chief
Finance Director
Finance Manager
Financial Administrator
Financial Audit Manager
Financial Control Manager
Financial Controller
Financial Director
Financial Evaluations Director
Financial Manager
Financial Planning And Advisory Service Manager
Financial Planning And Analysis Manager
Financial Planning And Reporting Director
Financial Planning And Reporting Manager
Financial Resources Service Co-Ordinator
Financing And Administration Director
Group Accounting Manager
Independent Public Accountants Chief
Internal Audit Manager
Internal Audit Services Manager
Investments Research Director
Manager Of Accounting Department
Manager Of Auditing Department
Pension Plans Administrator
Pension Services Manager
Regional Controller - Financial Services
Revenue Accounting And Controls Section Chief
Treasurer And Controller - Finances
0112 Human Resources Managers Benefits Manager
Chief Safety Officer - Occupational Health And Safety
Classification And Compensation Chief
Compensation Manager
Disability Management Program Manager
Employee Benefits Director
Employee Benefits Manager
Employer-Employee Relations Manager
Employment Equity Chief
Employment Equity Director - Human Resources
Employment Equity Manager - Human Resources
Employment Manager
Health And Safety Co-Ordinator
Human Resources Administrator
Human Resources Development And Planning Director
Human Resources Development Director
Human Resources Director
Human Resources Management Director
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Planning Manager
Industrial Relations Manager
Job Evaluation And Salary Research Manager
Labour Relations Director
Labour Relations Manager
Language Training Director
Occupational Health And Safety Director
Occupational Health And Safety Manager
Occupational Training Director - Human Resources
Official Languages Chief
Official Languages Manager
Pay And Benefits Director
Pay And Benefits Manager
Pay Services Director - Human Resources
Pay-Processing Division Director - Government Services
Pensions And Benefits Manager
Personnel Administration Manager
Personnel And Industrial Relations Director
Personnel Chief
Personnel Director
Personnel Manager
Personnel Services Director
Personnel Services Manager
Personnel Training And Development Manager
Recruiting Director
Recruiting Manager
Salary Research And Administration Manager
Staff Relations Chief
Staff Relations Manager
Staff Training And Development Chief
Staff Training And Development Manager
Staff Training Co-Ordinator
Staffing Chief
Training And Development Manager
Training Chief
Vocational Training Director - Human Resources
Wage And Salary Administration Manager
0113 Purchasing Managers Building Supplies Purchasing Manager
Clothing Purchasing Director
Clothing Purchasing Manager
Contract Director
Contract Manager
Electronic Components Purchasing Chief
Electronic Components Purchasing Director
Electronic Components Purchasing Manager
Equipment Manager
Food Purchasing Director
Food Purchasing Manager
Hardware Purchasing Director
Hardware Purchasing Manager
Material And Services Purchasing Manager
Material Manager
Merchandise Purchasing Director
Merchandise Purchasing Manager
Office Equipment Purchasing Manager
Procurement Director
Procurement Manager
Procurement Operations Director
Purchasing Chief
Purchasing Contracts Director
Purchasing Contracts Manager
Purchasing Director
Purchasing Manager
Supply Chain Director
Supply Chain Logistics Manager
Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chief
Supply Service Chief
Supply-Management Director
0114 Other Administrative Services Managers Account Records Manager
Accounting Records Manager
Administration And Property Management Services Director
Administrative Manager
Administrative Records Department Manager
Administrative Records Manager
Administrative Services Chief
Administrative Services Director
Administrative Services Manager
Administrative Support Services Manager
Admissions Director - Health Care
Branch Manager - Administration
Buildings, Vehicles And Supplies Manager
Business Manager - Non-Profit Organization
Chartered Administrator - Management
Chartered Secretary - Management
Division Administrative Manager
Finance And Administration Director
Financial And Administrative Services Chief
Health Records Administrator
Hospital Admissions Director
Inventory Control Manager
Inventory Manager
Legal Department Chief
Legal Department Director
Management Services Division Chief
Managing Director
Material Control Manager
Medical Records Department Manager
Medical Records Manager
Office Manager - Non-Profit Organization
Operational Planning Director
Operations Chief
Operations Director - Administrative Services
Operations Manager - Administrative Services
Organization Rules Analysis Manager
Organizational Rules Analysis Manager
Patient-Registration Manager
Planning And Organizational Development Manager
Records Administrator
Records Management Services Manager
Records Manager
Regional Administrative Manager
Security Department Manager
Security Manager
Support Services Administrative Manager
Support Services Manager
Surveillance Department Manager - Casino
0121 Insurance, Real Estate And Financial Brokerage Managers Bond Sales Manager
Branch Manager - Insurance
Brokerage Manager - Investments
Business Development Manager - Damage Insurance
Commission Brokers Manager - Investments
Commodities Trading Manager
Financial Brokerage Manager
Futures Research Manager
Futures Research Services Manager
Grain Trading Manager
Insurance Benefits Executive Director
Insurance Claims Service Manager
Insurance Manager
Insurance Managing Director
Insurance Regional Manager
Insurance Sales District Manager
Insurance Sales Manager
Investment Director - Financial Brokerage
Investment Manager - Financial Brokerage
Leasing Manager - Real Estate
Liability Trading Manager
Mortgage Broker Manager
Mutual Funds Manager - Financial Brokerage
Petroleum Research Manager - Securities
Real Estate Agents Managing Supervisor
Real Estate Branch Manager
Real Estate Developer
Real Estate National Sales Manager
Real Estate Office Manager
Real Estate Sales District Manager
Real Estate Sales Manager
Real Estate Sales Managing Director
Real Estate Service Manager
Securities And Investment Manager
Securities Manager
Securities Research Director
Securities Research Manager
Securities Sales Director
Trading Floor Manager
Underwriting Department Manager
0122 Banking, Credit And Other Investment Managers Accounts Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Area Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Assistant Branch Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Assistant Consumer Credit Manager
Assistant Corporate Banking Services Manager
Assistant Credit Manager
Assistant Operations Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Assistant Regional Manager - Banking
Bank Branch Manager
Bank Director
Bank Manager
Banking Accounts Manager
Banking Operations Manager
Branch Administrative Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Branch Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Collection Centre Manager
Collection Manager
Collection Manager - Bank Or Trust Company
Commercial Attache
Commercial Banking Manager
Commercial Mortgages Accounts Manager
Commercial Mortgages Manager
Consumer Credit Management Trainee
Consumer Credit Services Manager Trainee
Corporate Accounts Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Corporate Banking Centre Manager
Corporate Services Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Corporate Trust Services Manager
Credit And Accounts Manager
Credit And Collection Department Manager
Credit And Collection Manager
Credit Approval And Market Development Manager
Credit Area Co-Ordinator
Credit Card Centre Manager
Credit Card Company Operations Manager
Credit Manager
Credit Union Manager
Financial Services Manager
International Banking Manager
Investment Manager - Bank Or Trust Company
Investment Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Loan And Credit Manager - Banking Or Trust Company
Loans Manager
Loans Manager Trainee
Mortgage And Consumer Credit Manager
Mortgage Manager
Operations Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Personal Services Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Personal Trust Manager
Regional Bank Manager
Regional Collection Manager
Regional Credit Manager
Senior Accounts Manager - Banking, Credit And Investment
Senior Manager - Personal Financial Services
Trust Company Branch Manager
Trust Company Investment Manager
Trust Company Manager
0124 Advertising, Marketing And Public Relations Managers Advertising Administrator
Advertising Agency Manager
Advertising Director
Advertising Manager
Agency Marketing Department Manager
Business Manager - Sales And Advertising
Campaign Manager
Channel Marketing Manager
Circulation Manager
Commercial Network Development Manager
Communications Director
Communications Director - Sales And Marketing
Communications Manager
Communications Manager - Public Relations
Corporate Affairs Manager
Correspondence And Public Inquiries Manager
E-Business (Electronic Business) Manager
E-Business Manager
E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) Manager
E-Commerce Manager
Election Campaign Manager
Electronic Business (E-Business) Manager
Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) Manager
External Relations Director
Fundraising Campaign Manager
Graphic Design Firm Manager
Information And Communications Manager
Information Service Manager
Internet Communications Manager
Internet Site Manager
Manager - Marketing Services
Market Development Manager
Marketing Director
Marketing Executive
Marketing Manager
Media Advertising Manager
Media Relations Director
Media Relations Manager
Online Marketing Manager
Promotions Manager
Public Affairs Director
Public Information Director
Public Relations Director
Public Relations Manager
Publicity Administrator
Publicity Director
Publicity Manager
Regional Communications Director
Sales Agency Marketing Division Director
Sales And Advertising Manager
Sales And Marketing Director
Sales And Marketing Manager
Sales And Publicity Manager
Sales Director - Computer Marketing Development
Sales Promotion Manager
Web Communications Manager
Web Marketing Manager
0125 Other Business Services Managers Accounting Firm Manager
Accounting Firm Manager - Business Services
Audit Firm Manager
Auditing Firm Manager
Call Centre Manager
Conference Development Manager
Conference Services Manager
Contact Centre Manager
Customs Manager - Business Services
Detective Agency Manager
Employment Agency Manager
Employment Office Manager
Energy Asset Joint Venture Manager
Land Contracts Manager
Legal Firm Manager
Management Consulting Service Manager
Management Services Division Head - Business Services
Market Research Service Manager
Methods And Procedures Manager
Mineral Land Administration Manager
Mineral Land And Contract Manager
Nursing Registry Manager
Organizational Methods Analysis Director
Organizational Methods Analysis Director - Business Services
Organizational Methods Analysis Manager
Organizational Planning And Development Director
Organizational Services Head
Payroll Service Manager
Personnel Agency Manager
Personnel Consulting Service Manager
Placement Agency Manager
Placement Office Manager
Private Investigation And Security Service Manager
Professional Services Manager - Business Services
Security Service Manager
Surface Land Administration Manager
Survey Research Service Manager
Well And Facilities Asset Manager
0131 Telecommunication Carriers Managers Co-Ordinator Of Technical Services - Telecommunications
Dial Plant Manager - Telecommunications
Dial Plant Superintendent - Telecommunications
District Manager - Telecommunications
Earth Station Manager - Telecommunications
Equipment Chief - Telecommunications
Installation Superintendent - Telecommunications
Microwave Facilities Manager - Telecommunications
Network Conduct Centre Assistant Manager
Network Installation Manager - Telecommunications
Network Operations Manager - Telecommunications
Network Services Manager - Telecommunications
Network Traffic Manager - Telecommunications
Networks Manager - Telecommunications
Operations And Transmission Services Manager - Telecommunications
Operations Manager - Telecommunications
Production Manager - Telecommunications
Regional Manager - Telecommunications System
Space Programs Manager - Telecommunications
Surveillance Manager - Telecommunications
Switching Systems Director - Telecommunications
Technical Services Co-Ordinator - Telecommunications
Technical Services Manager
Telecommunications Department Manager
Telecommunications Facilities Manager
Telecommunications Installation Manager
Telecommunications Manager
Telecommunications Services Manager
Telephone Company District Manager
Traffic Chief - Telecommunications
Traffic Manager - Cable Systems
Traffic Manager - Telephone System
Transmission Traffic Manager - Telecommunications
0132 Postal And Courier Services Managers Area Manager - Postal Service
Collection And Delivery Operations Manager - Postal Service
Commercial Development Manager - Postal And Courier Services
Courier Service Manager
Delivery Service Manager - Postal And Courier Services
District Post Office Director
Field Service Manager - Postal And Courier Services
Mail Operations Manager
Mail Processing Plant Manager
Mail Processing Plant Superintendent
Messenger Service Manager
Parcel Processing Plant Manager
Plant Manager - Postal And Courier Services
Plant Operations Manager - Postal Service
Plant Superintendent - Postal And Courier Services
Post Office Manager
Postal Area Manager
Postal Station Superintendent
Postal Zone Facilities Manager
Postal Zone Manager
Production Control Manager - Postal Service
Regional Services Manager - Postal And Courier Services
0211 Engineering Managers Aerospace Engineering Service Head
Civil Engineering Division Manager
Electrical Engineering Service Manager
Engineering Delivery Chief
Engineering Department Manager
Engineering Manager
Engineering Research And Development Director
Engineering Service Group Manager
Engineering Service Manager
Engineering Service Project Manager
Engineering Service Quality Assurance Director
Engineering Service Quality Assurance Manager
Engineering Service Quality Control Department Director
Engineering Service Quality Control Manager
Engineering Service Quality System Manager
Engineering Service Safety Service Director
Engineering Service Superintendent
Industrial Engineering Department Manager
Mechanical Engineering Service Manager
Production Engineering Manager
Telecommunications Engineering Service Manager
Traffic Engineering Service Manager - Telecommunications
0212 Architecture And Science Managers Actuarial Department Manager
Agricultural Chemistry Branch Director
Agricultural Representatives Director
Agricultural Representatives Regional Manager
Architectural Manager
Architectural Service Manager
Biological Research Department Chief
Chemical Manager
Chemical Research Division Manager
Chief Actuary
Clinical Projects Manager
Director Of Architecture
Director Of Research - Forestry
Director Of Research - Manufacturing
Director Of Research - Mining
Ecological Research Manager
Ecology Manager
Environmental Science Manager
Experimental Farm Superintendent
Geochemical Manager
Geological Manager
Geophysical Manager
Laboratory Director
Laboratory Manager
Landscape Architecture Manager
Life Sciences Program Manager
Livestock Development Manager
Livestock Production Programs Manager
Livestock Program Development Manager
Manufacturing Research Director
Mathematical Services Manager
Mathematics Department Director
Mathematics Program Manager
Mining Research Director
Natural Sciences Program Manager
Oceanographic Research Director
Petroleum Geology Department Manager
Physical Sciences Program Manager
Project Management Chief - Scientific Affairs
Quality Control Director - Chemistry
Quality Control Manager - Pharmaceutical Products
Research And Development Manager
Research Director - Forestry
Research Director - Manufacturing
Research Director - Mining
Rural Development Manager
Rural Development Program Manager
Scientific Research Department Manager
Scientific Research Director
Scientific Research Manager
Statistical Department Director
Statistical Service Manager
Urban Planning And Development Assistant Director - Government Services
Urban Planning And Development Director - Government Services
Urban Planning And Renewal Director - Government Services
Zoological Garden Director
Zoological Park Director
0213 Computer And Information Systems Managers Communication Systems Design Manager
Computer And Related Services Manager
Computer Application Development Manager
Computer Applications Manager
Computer Department Co-Ordinator
Computer Development Division Head
Computer Facility Manager
Computer Legacy Systems Manager
Computer Manager
Computer Networks Manager
Computer Programs Manager
Computer Projects Manager
Computer Software Design Manager
Computer System Operations Manager
Computer Systems Development Manager
Computer Systems Manager
Computerized Information Systems Manager
Computerized Technical Information Manager
Data Centre Manager
Data Processing And Systems Analysis Manager
Data Processing Director
Data Processing Manager
Data Processing Planning Manager
Director Of Technology Management
Electronic Data Processing (Edp) Manager
Help Desk Manager - Information Technology (It)
Information Systems Development Director
Information Systems Manager
Information Systems Operations Director
Information Technology (It) Development Manager
Information Technology (It) Implementation Manager
Information Technology (It) Integration Manager
Internet Systems Administrator
It (Information Technology) Development Manager
Management Information System (Mis) Manager
Mis (Management Information System) Manager
Network Design Manager
Software Development Manager
Software Engineering Director
Software Engineering Manager
Systems Development Manager
Systems Development Manager - Computer Systems
Systems Implementation Manager - Computer Systems
Systems Integration Manager - Computer Systems
Systems Manager - Computer Systems
Systems Operations Manager - Computer Systems
0311 Managers In Health Care Assistant Administrator For Nursing
Assistant Director Of Nursing
Assistant Director Of Nursing Services
Assistant Nursing Services Administrator
Behaviour Therapy Services Director
Blood Bank Administrator
Chief Dietitian
Chief Of Anatomical Pathology
Chief Of Anesthesia
Chief Of Audiology And Speech Language Pathology
Chief Of Biomedical Engineering Service
Chief Of Cardiology
Chief Of Dermatology
Chief Of Diagnostic Imaging
Chief Of Diagnostic Radiology
Chief Of Emergency Medicine
Chief Of Endocrinology
Chief Of Gastro-Enterology
Chief Of Hematology
Chief Of Housing Activities
Chief Of Infectious Diseases
Chief Of Laboratory Medicine
Chief Of Medical Staff
Chief Of Medicine
Chief Of Nephrology
Chief Of Neurology
Chief Of Obstetrics And Gynecology
Chief Of Occupational Therapy
Chief Of Operating Area
Chief Of Ophthalmology
Chief Of Pathology
Chief Of Pediatrics
Chief Of Pharmacy
Chief Of Physiotherapy
Chief Of Psychiatry
Chief Of Psychology
Chief Of Radiation Oncology
Chief Of Respirology
Chief Of Rheumatology
Chief Of Staff - Hospital
Chief Of Surgery
Chief Of Urology
Chief Radiology Technologist
Clinical Services Manager
Dental Health Services Administrator
Dental Laboratory Managing Supervisor
Director Of Audiology And Speech Language Pathology
Director Of Clinical Medicine
Director Of Dietetics
Director Of Laboratory Medicine
Director Of Nursing - Medical Services
Director Of Occupational Therapy
Director Of Physiotherapy
Director Of Professional Services - Medical Services
Director Of Psychology - Health Care
Director Of Surgery
First Aid Services Director
Home Care Services Director - Medical Services
Medical Clinic Director
Medical Director
Mental Health Residential Care Program Manager
Nursing Care Manager - Medical Services
Nursing Services Administrator
Nursing Services Assistant Administrator
Nursing Services Director - Medical Services
Nursing Services Manager - Medical Services
Nursing Unit Administrator
Occupational Health Services Director
Pharmacy Director
Podiatric Clinic Manager
Psychology Director - Health Care
Public Health Nursing Services Director
Red Cross First Aid Director
Rehabilitation Services Director
Rehabilitation Services Director - Medical Services
Therapeutic Services Administrator
Therapeutic Services Director
Therapeutic Services Director - Psychiatric Hospital
0411 Government Managers - Health And Social Policy Development And Program Administration Adjustment Programs Director - Government Services
Administrative Tribunal Judge - Government Services
Apprenticeship Training Director - Government Services
Apprenticeship Training Service Director - Government Services
Assistant Chief Health Inspector - Government Services
Career Development And Employment District Director - Government Services
Career Development Director - Government Services
Career Information Director - Government Services
Child Welfare Regional Manager - Government Services
Child Welfare Services Manager - Government Services
City Medical Officer Of Health - Government Services
Claims And Benefits Control Chief - Employment Insurance
Community Planning Director - Government Services
Community Rehabilitation Manager - Government Services
Day-Care Planning Services Director - Government Services
District Manager - Employment Insurance
Employment And Insurance Programs Director - Government Services
Employment Centre Director
Employment Equity Programs Director - Government Services
Employment Insurance Regional Manager - Government Services
Employment Programs Director - Government Services
Environmental Health Services Director - Government Services
Family And Children'S Services Director - Government Services
Family Benefits Director - Government Services
Family Services Director - Government Services
Food Safety Programs Manager - Government Services
Health And Welfare Manager - Government Services
Health Care Insurance Plan Director - Government Services
Health Care Insurance Refund Claims Director - Government Services
Health Education Director - Government Services
Health Information And Promotion Chief - Government Services
Health Information And Promotion Director - Government Services
Health Program Operations Manager - Government Services
Health Programs Assistant Director - Government Services
Health Promotion Chief - Government Services
Health Services Director - Government Services
Health Strategies Manager - Government Services
Home Care Services Director - Government Services
Homemaker Services Director - Government Services
Housekeeping Services Director - Government Services
Housing Policy And Development Director - Government Services
Immigration And Settlement Director - Government Services
Immigration Appeal Division Director - Government Services
Immigration Appeals And Litigation Chief - Government Services
Immigration Appeals Manager - Government Services
Income Security District Administrator - Government Services
Income Security Regional Manager - Government Services
Industrial Hygiene And Health Director - Government Services
Inquiries And Services Chief - Employment Insurance
Job Training Director - Government Services
Labour Demand Analysis Chief - Government Services
Labour Regional Director - Government Services
Local Health Services Director - Government Services
Metis Development Programs Regional Director - Government Services
Occupational Training Director - Government Services
Office Of Health Promotion Chief - Government Services
Professional Development And Employment District Director - Government Services
Professional Development Director - Government Services
Protection Services Director - Government Services
Public Administrator - Government Services
Public Health Director
Public Health Municipal Officer - Government Services
Public Health Nursing Educational Director - Government Services
Regional Pay Centre Chief - Employment Insurance
Repayment And Benefits Control Chief - Employment Insurance
Rural And Aboriginal Housing Regional Manager - Government Services
Rural And Aboriginal Housing Services District Director - Government Services
Rural And Native Housing Regional Manager - Government Services
Rural And Native Housing Services District Director - Government Services
Rural Housing Programs Director - Government Services
Settlement Programs Director - Government Services
Social Development Programs Chief - Government Services
Social Planning Director - Government Services
Social Programs Administrator - Government Services
Social Programs Assistant Director - Government Services
Social Programs Development Chief - Government Services
Social Services Director - Government Services
Social Services Planning Manager - Government Services
Social Services Policy, Planning And Research Director - Government Services
Social Services Regional Director - Government Services
Social Surveys Director - Government Services
Social Work Director - Government Services
Survey Research Director - Government Services
Survey Research Manager - Government Services
Traffic Safety Administrator - Government Services
Vocational Education Director - Government Services
Vocational Training Director - Government Services
Welfare Services Administration Director - Government Services
Welfare Services Administrator - Government Services
Welfare Services Director - Government Services
0412 Government Managers - Economic Analysis, Policy Development And Program Administration Agricultural Policy Director - Government Services
Agricultural Products Market Development Director - Government Services
Agricultural Products Market Director
Agricultural Programs Manager - Government Services
Border Services Manager
Business Development Director - Government Services
Commercial Analysis Director - Government Services
Community Economic Development Director - Government Services
Customs Manager - Government Services
Economic Analysis Chief - Government Services
Economic And Political Affairs Assistant
Economic And Trade Analysis Director - Government Services
Economic Development Co-Ordinator
Economic Development Director - Government Services
Economic Policy Analysis Assistant Director - Government Services
Economic Policy Analysis Chief - Government Services
Economic Policy Analysis Director - Government Services
Energy Market Analysis Director - Government Services
Energy Policy Director - Government Services
Excise Tax Programs Director - Government Services
Export Programs Manager - Government Services
Farm Products Marketing Director - Government Services
Fishery Policy Director - Government Services
Fishery Programs Manager - Government Services
Forest Resource Analysis Chief - Government Services
Forestry Policy Director - Government Services
Forestry Programs Manager - Government Services
Goods And Services Tax (Gst) Manager
Grain Market Analysis Chief
Grain Market Analysis Manager
Grain Market Analysis Manager - Government Services
Gst (Goods And Services Tax) Manager
Industrial Development Director - Government Services
Industry, Trade And Technology Director - Government Services
International Trade Policy Assistant Director - Government Services
International Trade Policy Manager - Government Services
Labour Market Analysis Director - Government Services
Market Development Director
Microeconomic Policy Development Director - Government Services
Municipal Taxation Manager
Natural Resources Policy Director - Government Services
Park Superintendent - Government Services
Parks Administration Director
Parks Service Director
Realty Taxation Manager
Regional Economic Services Manager - Government Services
Regional Taxation Manager
Revenue Programs Chief
Revenue Programs Manager - Government Services
Tax Office Chief
Tax Policy Chief
Tax Policy Research Manager - Government Services
Taxation Manager
Taxation Programs Director
Tourism Development Director - Government Services
Tourism Development Manager - Government Services
Tourism Policy Director
Tourism Promotion Director - Government Services
Tourism Research Manager - Government Services
Trade Development Director
Trade Development Director - Government Services
Trade Liaison Director - Government Services
Transportation Policy Director - Government Services
Transportation Programs Manager - Government Services
0413 Government Managers - Education Policy Development And Program Administration Adult Education Services Director
Assistant Director Of School Services
Assistant Director Of School Services - Public Administration
Computer Education Director
Corporate Policy Manager - Education
Director Of Education - Public Administration
Director Of School Services
Education Curriculum Development Director
Education Curriculum Development Director - Public Administration
Education Director
Education Policy Analysis And Research Director
Education Policy And Research Director - Public Administration
Education Policy Development Manager
Education Policy Manager
Education Program Administration Manager
Education Programs Assistant Director
Education Programs Assistant Director - Public Administration
Education Programs Regional Director
Education Programs Support Director - Public Administration
Education Research And Information Director
Educational Programs Support Assistant Director
Elementary Education Director
Elementary School Education Director
Government Administrator - Education
Heritage Languages Program Director
Inspection Services Director - Education
Language Programs Assistant Director
Learning Programs Director - Adult Education
Learning Programs Director - Early-Childhood Education
Learning Programs Director - Elementary Education
Learning Programs Director - Secondary Education
Policy And Planning Director - Education Programs
Post-Secondary Education Director
Post-Secondary Education Director - Public Administration
Program Development And Educational Planning Director - Public Administration
Program Services Director - Education
Programs Evaluation Assistant Director - Education
School Board Services Manager
School Inspection Director - Public Administration
School Services Director
School Services Director - Public Administration
Second Language Program Director
Secondary School Education Director
Secondary School Programs Director
Services Manager - Education Programs
Special Education Programs Director
Special Education Services Assistant Director
Student Assistance Program Director
University Research Assistant Director
0414 Other Managers In Public Administration Bilateral Relations Chief
Cabinet Relations Director
Cabinet Relations Manager
Chief Of Protocol
Clerk - Legislative Assembly
Clerk Of The Committee - Legislative Assembly
Clerk Of The Legislative Assembly
Deputy Clerk Of The House Of Commons
Deputy Clerk Of The Legislative Assembly
Director Of Public Works
Disaster Relief Services Co-Ordinator
Elections Canada Director
Elections Expenses Director
Elections Finances Director
Elections Planning Director
Emergency Management Co-Ordinator - Government Services
Emergency Measures Manager - Government Services
Emergency Response Co-Ordinator - Government Services
Emergency Response Services Director
Emergency Safety Manager - Government Services
Federal-Provincial Relations Chief
Federal-Provincial Relations Director
House Of Commons Administrator
Intergovernmental Affairs Chief
Intergovernmental Affairs Director
Intergovernmental Relations Chief
Intergovernmental Relations Director
International Relations Chief - Government
International Relations Director - Government
Interprovincial Relations Chief
Legislative Assembly Services Director
Legislative Services Director
Parliamentary Services Director
Principal Clerk Of Legislative Committees
Principal Clerk Of The House Of Commons
Principal Clerk Of The Legislative Assembly
Public Works Director
Public Works Superintendent
0421 Administrators - Post-Secondary Education And Vocational Training Admissions Director - Post-Secondary Education
Adult Education Dean
Assistant Dean - College Or University
Associate Registrar
Aviation School Manager
Business College Director
Business School Director
Business School Manager
Business School Principal
Centre Assistant Manager - Hotel School
College Director - Post-Secondary Education
College Registrar
Community College Dean
Community College Registrar
Computer Technology School Director
Dean - University Or College
Dean Of Adult Education
Dean Of Graduate Studies
Dean Of Science
Dean Of Student Activities
Dean Of Technical And Technological Programs
Director Of Admissions - Post-Secondary Education
Director Of Research - University Or College
Director Of Student Affairs
Director Of Studies - College
Education Programs Administrator
Faculty Administrator
Faculty Of Arts Dean
Faculty Of Science Dean
Fashion School General Manager
Field Teaching Co-Ordinator
Flying School Manager
Graduate Studies Dean
Language School Manager
Pedagogical Co-Ordinator
Private Vocational School Director
Program Co-Ordinator - Post-Secondary Education
Provost - University
Registrar - College Or University
Research Administrator - University Or College
Research Director - University Or College
School Of Nursing Dean
School Of Nursing Director
School Of Technology Dean
School Of Technology Director
School Of Technology Manager
Science Dean
Secretarial College Director
Student Activities Dean
Student Affairs Director
Technical School Director
Technical School Manager
Tourism And Hotel School Manager
Trade School Director
Trade School Manager
Training Institute Director
University Registrar
Vice-President - College Or University
Vocational School Administrator
Vocational School Director
Vocational School Manager
0422 School Principals And Administrators Of Elementary And Secondary Education Aboriginal School Principal
Academic Superintendent
Area Superintendent - Schools
Assistant District School Superintendent
Assistant Principal
Assistant School District Superintendent
Assistant Superintendent Of Schools
Associate Superintendent - Schools
Board Of Education Administrator
Business College Principal
Chief Superintendent - Schools
College Principal - Secondary Level
Community School Principal
Deputy Superintendent - Schools
Director Of Education - Correctional Institution
Director Of School For The Blind Or Deaf
Director Of School For The Hearing Impaired
Director Of School For The Visually Impaired
District School Assistant Superintendent
District School Superintendent
Elementary School Principal
Hall Principal - Secondary School
High School Principal
Native School Principal
Private Primary College Principal
Private School Headmaster/Mistress
Private School Principal
Regional Schools Superintendent
Regional Superintendent - Schools
School Board Administrator
School District Assistant Superintendent
School District Superintendent
School Principal
School Superintendent
School Vice-Principal
Secondary School Principal
Superintendent Of Academic Affairs
Superintendent Of Education Programs
Superintendent Of Education Programs In Public Schools
Superintendent Of Educational Services
Superintendent Of Elementary Education
Superintendent Of Elementary Schools
Superintendent Of Operations - Schools
Superintendent Of Professional Development - Schools
Superintendent Of Secondary Schools
Superintendent Of Special Education
Superintendent Of Student Services
Technical High School Principal
Vocational High School Principal
0423 Managers In Social, Community And Correctional Services Aboriginal Centre Manager
Association Director
Association Manager
Bilateral Relations Manager - Social Services
Chamber Of Commerce Administrator
Child Welfare Services Administrator
Child-Care Centre Administrator
Children'S Aid Society Director
Community Arts Co-Ordinator
Community Centre Director
Community Centre Manager
Community Programs Director
Community Services Director
Consumer Information Director
Correctional Institution Director
Correctional Rehabilitation Society Director
Correctional Services Director
Correctional Treatment And Training Director
Counselling Services Director
Counselling Services Manager
Detention Centre Director
Director Of Counselling
Director Of Guidance Services
Director Of Operations - Housing Department
Director Of Public Welfare
Environmental Group Director
Family Resources Director
Family Services Area Manager
Group Home Manager
Guidance Director
Guidance Services Director
Halfway House Manager
Homemaker Services Director - Social Services
House Of Commons Chief Clerk
Income Maintenance Director
International Program Director - Cooperative
Labour Organization Manager
Legislative Assembly Clerk
Major Community Projects Co-Ordinator
Manufacturers' Association Manager
Membership Services Manager
Men'S Hostel Manager
Native Centre Manager
Non-Governmental Organization (Ngo) Manager
Political Organization Manager
Prison Warden
Psychological Services Director
Public Welfare Director
Regional Correctional Administrator
Rehabilitation Residential Services Director
Religious Education Director
Social Assistance Director
Social Service General Manager
Social Services Area Director
Social Services Centre Administrator
Social Services Centre Director
Social Services Centre Manager
Social Services Department Chief
Social Services Department Head
Social Services Director
Social Services District Director
Social Services Local Manager
Social Services Manager
Social Services Provincial Co-Ordinator
Social Services Regional Administrator
Social Work Director
Teachers' Association Director General
Trade Association Manager
Veterans' Services Director
Vocational Rehabilitation Unit Manager
Volunteer Services Director
Welfare Manager
Welfare Organization Department Director
Welfare Organization Director
Welfare Organization Manager
Women'S Centre Manager
Young Offender Services Director
0431 Commissioned Police Officers Anti-Gambling Section Inspector - Police
Assistant Chief Inspector - Police
Assistant Deputy Police Chief
Assistant Police Commissioner
Chief Detective - Police
Chief Inspector - Police
Chief Of Police
Chief Superintendent
Chief Superintendent - Police
Commanding Officer - Police
Deputy Chief Of Police
Deputy Police Chief
Detective Inspector - Police
Detective Sergeant - Police
District Police Chief
Drug Squad Inspector - Police
Firearms Section Inspector - Police
Harbour Police Chief
Headquarters Chief Inspector - Police
Headquarters Police Inspector
Investigative Inspector - Police
Police Captain
Police Chief
Police Chief - Regional Operations
Police Force Inspector
Police Inspector
Police Lieutenant
Police Staff Inspector
Police Superintendent
Precious Metals Theft Inspector - Police
Railway Police Chief
Railway Police Supervisor
Rcmp (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Commissioner
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Rcmp) Commissioner
Staff Inspector
Staff Inspector - Police
Staff Superintendent - Police
Superintendent - Police
Traffic Inspector - Police
Traffic Superintendent - Police
0432 Fire Chiefs And Senior Firefighting Officers Airport Fire Department Chief
Deputy Fire Chief
District Fire Chief
Division Chief - Fire Department
Fire Chief
Fire Department Assistant Deputy Chief
Fire Department Assistant Manager
Fire Department Chief
Fire Department Division Chief
Fire Department Duty Officer
Firefighters Executive Officer
Industrial Fire Chief
Refinery Fire Chief
Sawmill Fire Chief
Senior Firefighting Officer
0433 Commissioned Officers Of The Canadian Forces Acting Sub-Lieutenant
Artillery Officer
Brigadier General
Captain - Air Force
Captain - Army
Captain - Navy
Court Martial Judge
Infantry Officer
Lieutenant - Air Force
Lieutenant - Army
Lieutenant - Navy
Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant General
Logistics Officer
Major General
Naval Cadet
Officer Cadet
Rear Admiral
Search And Rescue Captain
Second Lieutenant
Vice Admiral
0511 Library, Archive, Museum And Art Gallery Managers Administrative Librarian
Archival Document Manager
Archives Chief
Archives Director
Archives Manager
Art Gallery Administrator
Art Gallery Assistant Director
Art Gallery Chief Curator
Art Gallery Co-Ordinator
Art Gallery Director
Art Gallery Manager
Art Gallery Manager Assistant
Arts Administrator
Assistant Art Gallery Administrator
Assistant Art Gallery Director
Assistant Director Of Archives
Assistant Director Of Historical Park
Assistant Museum Administrator
Assistant Museum Director
Chief Archivist
Chief Curator
Chief Librarian
Curator-Director - Museum
Deputy Librarian
Division Librarian
Head Archivist
Head Librarian
Head Of Cataloguing
Historic Sites Administrator
Historical Park Assistant Director
Historical Park Assistant Superintendent
Historical Park Director
Historical Park Superintendent
Library Chief
Library Director
Museum Administrator
Museum Assistant Administrator
Museum Assistant Director
Museum Co-Ordinator
Museum Director
Museum Director Of Conservation
Museum Executive Director
Museum General Director
Museum Manager
Regional Library Director
Technical Services Head Librarian
0512 Managers - Publishing, Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts Administrator Of Studio And Broadcasting Station
Ballet Company Director
Book Publishing Manager
Broadcasting Manager
Broadcasting Station Manager
Bureau Chief - News Agency
Copyright And Royalties Manager
Copyright Manager - Publishing
Cost And Royalties Manager - Publishing
Dance Company Director
Editorial Chief
Executive Producer - Video Games
Executive Producer - Visual Effects
Film And Video Executive Producer
Film Production Manager
Managing Editor
Managing Editor - Newspaper Or Periodical
Multimedia Department Manager
News Department Manager
Newspaper Manager
Newspaper Managing Editor
Opera Company Director
Operations Manager - Broadcasting
Operations Manager - Publishing
Periodical Managing Editor
Permission Manager - Publishing
Program General Manager - Broadcasting
Programming Director - Broadcasting
Programming Director - Television
Publications Manager
Publishing House Director
Publishing Manager
Radio Programming Manager
Radio Station Manager
Radio Station Operations Director
Royalties Manager - Arts
Television Station Manager
Theatre Company Director
Theatre Company Manager
Theatre Director
Video Production Company Manager
0513 Recreation, Sports And Fitness Program And Service Directors Amateur Sport Manager
Bingo Hall Manager
Casino Operations Manager
Cruise Ship Director
Director Of Fitness Administration - Government
Director Of Leisure
Director Of Leisure And Sports
Director Of Recreation
Director Of Recreation And Sports
Director Of Sports Administration - Government
Director Of Sports And Leisure
Director Of Sports And Recreation
Entertainment, Sports And Leisure Director
Entertainment, Sports And Recreation Director
Fitness Administration Director - Government
Fitness Centre Manager
Fitness Club Manager
Fitness Programs Director
Health Club Manager
Health Studio Manager
Horse Racing Director
Leisure Administrator
Leisure Administrator In Chief
Leisure And Sports Director
Leisure Centre Director
Leisure Centre Sports Director
Leisure Chief Administrator
Leisure Director
Leisure Establishment Director
Leisure Establishment Managing Supervisor
Leisure Head Administrator
Leisure Manager
Leisure Programs Director
Leisure Programs Manager
Leisure Service Director
Leisure Service Manager
Municipal Director Of Leisure
Municipal Director Of Recreation
Municipal Leisure Director
Municipal Leisure Manager
Municipal Manager Of Leisure
Municipal Manager Of Recreation
Municipal Recreation Director
Municipal Recreation Manager
Physical Education Programs Director
Physical Training Director
Professional Athletes Team Manager
Professional Football Team Manager
Professional Hockey Team Manager
Professional Sport Team General Manager
Professional Sport Team Manager
Professional Track And Field Team General Manager
Professional Track And Field Team Manager
Racetrack Director
Recreation Administrator
Recreation Administrator In Chief
Recreation And Sports Director
Recreation Centre Director
Recreation Centre Sports Director
Recreation Chief Administrator
Recreation Director
Recreation Establishment Director
Recreation Establishment Managing Supervisor
Recreation Head Administrator
Recreation Manager
Recreation Programs Director
Recreation Programs Manager
Recreation Service Director
Recreation Service Manager
Sport Federation Director General
Sport Federation General Director
Sport Governing Agency Executive Director
Sport Governing Body Executive Director
Sport Program Administrative Co-Ordinator
Sports Administration Director - Government
Sports And Leisure Director
Sports And Recreation Director
Sports Association Director
Sports Director
Sports Federation Director
Sports Program Director
Sports-Service Sports Programs Director
Track And Field Director
Ymca (Young Men'S Christian Association) General Director
Ymca (Young Men'S Christian Association) General Secretary
Ymca (Young Men'S Christian Association) Programs Director
0601 Corporate Sales Managers Account Manager - Sales
Area Sales Manager
Channel Sales Manager
Commercial Accounts Manager
Corporate Sales Manager
Distribution Manager - Sales
Divisional Sales Manager
E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) Sales Manager
Export Sales Manager
Field Sales Manager
Key Accounts Manager - Sales
National Accounts Manager - Sales
National Sales Manager
Package Tour Sales Manager
Product Manager
Regional Manager - Sales
Regional Sales Director
Regional Sales Manager
Retail District Manager
Sales Administrator
Sales And Distribution Manager
Sales Director (Except Retail And Wholesale)
Sales District Manager (Except Insurance And Real Estate)
Sales Manager (Except Retail And Wholesale)
Sales Planning Manager
Territory Manager - Sales
Trade Expansion Manager
Zone Manager - Sales
0621 Retail And Wholesale Trade Managers Antique Dealer
Appliance Store Manager
Area Manager - Retail Store Chain
Art Dealer
Art Gallery Manager - Retail
Assistant Department Manager - Retail
Assistant Manager - Food Store
Assistant Manager - Retail
Audio Equipment Store Manager
Auto Dealership Manager
Auto Glass Repair Shop Manager
Auto Rustproofing Shop Manager
Automobile Repair Garage Manager
Automobile Repair Shop Manager
Automobile Servicing Manager
Bakery Department Manager
Bakery Manager - Food Store
Bakery Manager - Retail
Beer Store Manager
Bicycle Shop Manager
Bird Seller
Bookstore Manager
Brake Shop Manager
Branch Manager - Retail
Camera Store Manager
Car Dealer
Car Dealership Manager
Car Leasing Branch Manager
Category Manager
Cattle Dealer
Clothing Store Manager
Coin Dealer
Computer Products Dealer - Retail
Computer Products Store Manager
Concession Holder
Concession Manager
Confectionery Department Manager - Retail
Confectionery Manager
Convenience Store Manager
Custom Tailoring Shop Manager
Customer Service Manager - Automobiles
Customer Service Manager - Retail
Customer Service Managing Supervisor
Dealer - Retail
Deli Manager - Food Store
Delicatessen Department Manager - Retail
Department Manager - Department Store
Department Manager - Retail
Department Store Manager
Dispensing Opticians Office Manager
Drugstore Manager
Electronic Products Store Manager
Fabric Store Manager
Farm Heavy Equipment Dealership Manager
Flea Market Concession Operator
Flea Market Manager
Floor Coverings And Draperies Store Manager
Floor Manager - Retail
Flower Shop Manager
Flower Store Manager
Food Store Department Manager - Retail
Food Store Manager
Front End Manager - Retail
Fruits And Vegetables Manager - Retail
Furniture Store Manager
Garden Centre Manager - Retail
Gas Station Manager
General Store Manager
Gift Shop Manager
Hardware Store Manager
Jewellery Store Manager
Leather Goods And Clothing Store Manager
Liquor Store Manager
Livestock Dealer
Management Trainee - Retail
Manager - Retail Store Chain
Manager Trainee - Retail
Managing Supervisor - Retail
Meat Department Manager - Food Store
Meat Department Manager - Retail
Meat Manager - Food Store
Metal Dealer
Motor Vehicle Repair Shop Manager
Muffler Shop Manager
Office Supplies Store Manager
Paint Store Manager
Parking Garage Operator
Parking Lot Operator
Parts Manager - Retail
Pet Store Manager
Pharmacy Department Manager - Retail
Pharmacy Manager - Retail
Photographic Equipment Store Manager
Photographic Studio Manager
Pleasure Boat Dealer
Produce Manager - Retail
Record Store Manager
Retail Sales Manager
Retail Sales Manager - E-Commerce
Retail Store Owner
Salvage Dealer
Scrap Metal Dealer
Section Manager - Retail
Service Manager - Retail
Service Station Manager
Ship Chandler
Shoe Store Manager
Shop Manager
Sporting Goods Store Manager
Stamp Dealer
Stationery Store Manager
Stereo Equipment Store Manager
Store Manager - Retail
Supermarket Manager
Television And Stereo Equipment Store Manager
Tire Dealer
Toy Store Manager
Travel Agency Manager
Travel Branch Manager
Variety Store Manager
Video Rental Store Manager
Video Store Manager
Wholesale Establishment Manager
Wholesale Establishment Managing Supervisor
Wine Store Manager
0631 Restaurant And Food Service Managers Assistant Bar Manager
Assistant Manager - Bar
Banquet Manager
Bar Manager
Beverage Service Manager
Cafe Manager
Cafeteria Manager
Canteen Manager
Canteen Service District Manager
Canteen Services Manager
Catering Service Manager
Cybercafe Manager
Dining Establishment Managing Supervisor
Dining Room Manager
Fast Food Restaurant Manager
Food And Beverage Service Manager
Food Services Manager
Hotel Food And Beverage Service Manager
Internet Cafe Manager
Restaurant Assistant Manager
Restaurant Manager
Restaurant Manager Trainee
Restaurateur - Food Services
Tea Room Manager
0632 Accommodation Service Managers Accommodation Services Manager
Accommodations Manager
Bed And Breakfast Manager
Bed And Breakfast Operator
Boarding House Keeper
Boarding House Manager
Camp Manager
Campground Manager
Campground Operator
Canoe Camp Operator
Country Inn Operator
Fishing Camp Operator
Front Desk Hotel Manager
Front Desk Manager - Accommodation Services
Guest Services Manager
Guest-House Operator
Hostel Manager
Hotel Assistant Manager
Hotel Director
Hotel Front Desk Manager
Hotel Front Office Manager
Hotel Manager
Hotel Operator
Hunting And Fishing Lodge Manager
Hunting Camp Operator
Inn Manager
Inn Operator
Lodging House Manager
Motel Manager
Nursing Home Manager
Recreational Campground Manager
Reservations Manager
Resort Campground Manager
Resort Manager
Retirement Home Manager
Rooming House Keeper
Rooms Division Director
Rooms Manager - Accommodation Services
Seasonal Resort Manager
Ski Resort Manager
Student Residence Manager
Tourist Home Operator
University Residence Manager
Youth Hostel Manager
0651 Managers In Customer And Personal Services, N.E.C. Academy Of Music Manager
Art School Manager
Automobile Driver Training School Manager
Automobile Driving School Manager
Barber Shop Manager
Beauty Shop Manager
Boarding Kennel Manager
Car Wash Manager
Carpet Cleaning Service Manager
Cold-Storage Manager
Cooking School Manager
Craft School Manager
Crematorium Manager
Dance School Manager
Dog Grooming Establishment Manager
Dog Kennel Manager
Driving School Manager
Dry Cleaning Plant Manager
Dry Cleaning Service Manager
Escort Agency Manager
Esthetic Services Manager
Fur Cleaning Plant Manager
Hairdressing Salon Manager
Hairstyling Salon Manager
Holidays Service Manager
Home Care Service Manager
Janitorial Services Manager
Kennel Manager
Laundry And Dry Cleaning Manager
Laundry Manager
Laundry Service Manager
Massage Parlour Manager
Modelling School Manager
Movie Theatre Manager
Music Academy Manager
Music School Manager
Pest Control Service Manager
Pet Care Services Manager
Pet Grooming Establishment Manager
Pet Grooming Salon Manager
Pet-Sitting Service Manager
Residential Cleaning Service Manager
Sauna Manager
School Of Art Manager
Septic Tank Service Manager
Shoe Repair Service Manager
Spa Director
Spa Manager
Swimming Pool Maintenance Service Manager
Tanning Salon Manager
Tour Operator
Truck Wash Manager
Weight-Loss Clinic Manager
Window Washing Service Manager
0711 Construction Managers Bridge And Building Construction Manager
Bridge Construction Superintendent
Building Construction General Contractor
Building Construction Superintendent
Building Materials Branch Director
Commercial Construction Manager
Construction Assistant Manager
Construction Expediter
Construction General Contractor
Construction General Superintendent
Construction Manager
Construction Operations Manager
Construction Project Co-Ordinator
Construction Project Manager
Construction Project Superintendent
Construction Senior Project Manager
Construction Site Manager
Construction Site Superintendent
Construction Special Project Manager
Construction Superintendent
General Contractor
Highway Construction Manager
Housing Construction Manager
Industrial Construction Manager
Pipeline Construction Manager
Pipeline Construction Superintendent
Residential Construction Manager
Residential Construction Site Manager
0712 Home Building And Renovation Managers Builder
Builder - Renovation
Builder - Residential
Home Builder
Home Building Contractor
Home Renovation Contractor
Home Renovator
Housing Rehabilitation Specialist - Builder
Housing Renovator
Low-Rise Residential Home Builder
Rehabilitation And Renovation Specialist
Renovation Contractor
Residential Home Builder
Residential Homes Contractor
Residential Renovation Contractor
0714 Facility Operation And Maintenance Managers Airport Manager
Airport Services Manager
Airport Terminal Manager
Arena Manager
Assistant Shopping Centre Manager
Assistant Shopping Mall Manager
Assistant Warehouse Manager
Athletic Facility Manager
Building Maintenance Head
Building Maintenance Manager
Building Operations Manager
Building Services Head
Building Services Manager
Campus Maintenance Manager
Canal Director
Canal Superintendent
Cemetery Manager
Conference Centre Manager
Convention Centre Manager
Country Grain Elevator Facility Manager
Director Of Maintenance
Distribution Centre Manager
Electrical Superintendent
Facilities Maintenance Head
Facility Maintenance Manager
Facility Management Director
Facility Operations Manager
Fitness Facility Manager
Grain Terminal Elevator Manager
Harbour Master
Industrial Maintenance Manager
Maintenance And Service Manager
Maintenance And Service Superintendent
Maintenance Co-Ordinator
Maintenance Director
Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Operations Manager
Maintenance Operations Superintendent
Maintenance Planner
Maintenance Services Manager
Maintenance Superintendent
Maintenance Support Services Chief
Marina Manager
Marina Operator
Mechanical Services Superintendent
Plant Maintenance Manager
Plant Maintenance Superintendent
Port Director
Property Manager
Recreation Facility Manager
School Maintenance Manager
Shopping Centre Maintenance Manager
Shopping Centre Manager
Shopping Mall Maintenance Manager
Shopping Mall Manager
Sports Facility Manager
Stadium Manager
Tennis Court Manager
Tobacco Warehouse Manager
University Maintenance Manager
Warehouse And Distribution Centre Manager
Warehouse Manager
Warehouse Superintendent
Warehousing Manager
0731 Managers In Transportation Air Freight Manager
Airline Division Manager
Airline Division Superintendent
Airline Express Manager
Airline Fleet Operations Manager
Airline Flight Schedule Design Manager
Airline Manager
Airline Superintendent
Assistant General Agent - Railway
Assistant Superintendent - Railway
Assistant Traffic Manager - Transportation
Assistant Transportation Manager
Bus Company Manager
Cartage Company Manager
Corporate Traffic Manager - Transportation
Corporate Transportation Manager
Cruise Ship Line Manager
Current Schedule Planning Manager - Airline
Director Of Logistics - Transportation
Director Of Operations - Transportation
Director Of Traffic - Transportation
Director Of Transportation
Distribution And Warehousing Manager
Distribution Director
Distribution Manager - Logistics
Distribution Operations Manager - Logistics
Distribution Services Manager
Export Traffic Manager
Ferry Operations Manager
Ferry Superintendent
Flight Operations Director
Flight Operations Manager
Flight Schedulers Manager
Freight Company Manager
Freight Division Manager
Freight Forwarder
Freight Forwarding Manager
Freight Traffic Manager
General Traffic Manager - Transportation
General Transportation Manager
Import Traffic Manager
Integrated Logistics Manager
International Traffic Manager
Logistics Director - Transportation
Logistics Manager - Transportation
Marine Operations Manager
Marine Operations Superintendent
Marine Superintendent
Marine Transportation Operations Manager
Motor Transport Manager
Moving Company Manager
Ocean Freight Manager
Port Captain - Water Transport
Rail Operations Superintendent
Rail Transport Manager
Railway Division Superintendent
Railway Freight Manager
Railway Manager
Railway Passenger Operations Manager
Railway Transport Area Manager
Railway Transport General Agent
Ramp Manager - Airline
Runway Manager
Ship Line Manager
Ship Management Operations Manager
Shipping And Warehousing Service Manager
Shipping Services Manager
Shore Captain - Water Transport
Superintendent Of Transportation
Tow Truck Company Manager
Traffic And Transportation Assistant Manager
Traffic Manager - Transport
Traffic Manager - Transportation
Traffic Manager - Water Transport
Transfer Company Manager
Transport Department Manager
Transportation And Traffic Manager
Transportation Director
Transportation Fleet Manager
Transportation Logistics Manager
Transportation Management Director
Transportation Manager
Transportation Superintendent
Travel And Relocation Department Manager
Urban Transit System Manager
Water Transport Manager
0811 Managers In Natural Resources Production And Fishing Director Of Mining
Director Of Mining Operations
Drilling Operations Manager
Fishing Operations Manager
Forestry And Logging Manager
Forestry Operations Manager
Gas Field Operations Manager
Logging Production Manager
Manager Of Mining Operations
Mine Manager
Mine Superintendent
Mining Operations Director
Mining Operations Manager
Oil And Gas Drilling Superintendent
Oil And Gas Fields Production Manager
Oil Well Drilling Manager
Oil Well Servicing Manager
Peat Bog Manager
Production Manager - Coal Mining
Quarry Manager
Quarrying Manager
Quarrying Operations Manager
Raw Materials Production Manager
Shore Captain - Fishing
Underground Mine Superintendent
Underground Mining Superintendent
Woodlands Manager
Woods Superintendent
0821 Managers In Agriculture Animal Breeder
Animal Farmer
Apple Grower
Apple Producer
Bean Sprout Farmer
Bean Sprout Grower
Beef Cattle Farmer
Beef Producer
Bird Breeder
Broiler Chicken Producer
Broiler Producer
Cat Breeder
Cattle Rancher
Cereal And Oilseed Grower
Cereal And Oilseed Producer
Cereal Farm Manager
Cereal Grower
Cereal Producer
Chicken Farmer
Cow-Calf Operator
Crop Farmer
Dairy Cattle Breeder
Dairy Farm Manager
Dairy Farmer
Dog Breeder
Domestic Animal Breeder
Egg Producer
Farm Manager
Farmer (Except Nursery And Fish Farm)
Feedlot Farmer
Forage Crop Farmer
Fruit Farm Operator
Fruit Farmer
Fruit Grower
Fruit Producer
Fur Farmer
Fur-Bearing-Animal Farmer
Ginseng Grower
Goat Breeder
Grain And Oilseed Farmer
Grain And Oilseed Grower
Grain And Oilseed Producer
Grain Farm Manager
Grain Farm Operator
Grain Farmer
Grain Grower
Grain Producer
Grape Grower
Grape Producer
Hatchery Manager
Hatchery Operator
Hog Breeder
Hog Farmer
Hog Producer
Hop Grower
Hop Producer
Horse Breeder
Kennel Operator
Livestock Farmer
Maple Syrup Producer
Market Gardener
Mixed Farmer
Mushroom Grower
Mushroom Producer
Organic Grower
Pheasant Breeder
Potato Farmer
Potato Grower
Potato Producer
Poultry Breeder
Poultry Breeder - Egg Production
Poultry Farm Manager
Poultry Farmer - Egg Production
Poultry Producer
Rabbit Breeder
Rodent Breeder
Rodent Raiser
Seed Farmer
Seed Grower
Seed Producer
Sheep Farm Operator
Sheep Farmer
Sod Farmer
Sugar Beet Farmer
Sugar Maple Grower
Tobacco Farmer
Tomato Grower
Tropical Fish Breeder
Turf Farmer
Turkey Producer
Vegetable Gardener
Vegetable Grower
Vineyard Manager
Wheat Farmer
Wheat Grower
Wheat Producer
0822 Managers In Horticulture Christmas Tree Farm Operator
Evergreen Grower
Flower Grower
Greenhouse Manager
Greenhouse Operator
Horticultural Greenhouse Operator
Hothouse Flower Grower
Hydroponic Greenhouse Operator
Hydroponics Grower
Hydroponics Operator
Nursery Manager
Nursery Operator
Plant Grower - Nursery
Rose Grower
Shrub Grower
Tree Grower - Nursery
Tree Nursery Operator
0823 Managers In Aquaculture Aquaculture Manager
Aquaculture Operator
Eel Farmer
Fish Culture Manager
Fish Culture Operator
Fish Farm Manager
Fish Farm Operator
Fish Farmer
Fish Hatchery Manager
Fish Hatchery Operator
Lobster Farmer
Mussel Farmer
Mussel Grower
Oyster Farmer
Oyster Grower
Salmon Farmer
Salmon Grower
Trout Farmer
0911 Manufacturing Managers Automobile Interior Fittings Production Manager
Automobile Production Manager
Business Manager - Manufacturing
Cannery Manager
Clothing Factory Manager
Container Manufacturing Manager
Dairy Plant Manager
Distillery Manager
Factory Superintendent
Field Director - Manufacturing
Fish-Processing Plant Manager
Flour Mill Manager
Food And Beverage Production Manager
Food Production Manager
Food-Processing Plant Manager
Foundry Manager
Furniture Factory Manager
Industrial And Manufacturing Production Manager
Logistics Manager - Manufacturing
Lumber Mill Manager
Manufacturing Company Manager
Manufacturing Industry Manager
Manufacturing Manager
Manufacturing Operations Manager
Manufacturing Plant Manager
Manufacturing Plant Superintendent
Metal Works Fabrication Manager
Mill Manager
Mill Superintendent
Motor Vehicle Assembly Plant Manager
Operations Manager - Manufacturing
Operations Manager - Public Utilities
Packaging Manufacturing Plant Manager
Paper Mill Manager
Pickling Plant Manager
Plant Assistant Manager
Plant Manager
Plastic Products-Manufacturing Plant Manager
Printing Manager
Printing Plant Manager
Production Chief
Production Head
Production Manager - Manufacturing
Production Manager - Printing
Production Operations Manager
Production Planner
Production Planning Co-Ordinator
Production Planning Manager
Production Senior Co-Ordinator
Production Superintendent
Pulp And Paper Mill Manager
Quality-Control Services Manager
Railway Car Production Manager
Railway Rolling Stock Production Manager
Refinery Superintendent
Rubber Products-Manufacturing Plant Manager
Steel Mill Manager
Textile Mill Manager
Textile Spinning-Mill Manager
Textile Spinning-Plant Manager
Tire Plant Manager
Tool Production Department Manager
Winery Manager
0912 Utilities Managers Compost Facility Manager
Compressor Station Manager
Director Of Waste Management
Director Of Water Pollution Control
Distribution Network Director - Utilities
Distribution Operations Manager - Utilities
Distribution Systems Director - Utilities
Division Manager - Petroleum Distribution
Electric Generating Plant Manager
Electric Generating Station Manager
Electric Power Plant Manager
Electric Power Services Manager
Electrical Power Transmission Operations Director
Gas Distribution Manager
Gas Supply Manager
Gas Supply Operations Manager
Hydro-Electric Power Production Plant Director
Hydro-Electric Power Station Director
Irrigation District Manager
Landfill Manager
Liquid Waste Facility Manager
Nuclear Waste Manager
Petroleum Distribution Manager
Pipelines Operations Manager
Public Utilities Manager
Refined Petroleum Products Distribution Manager
Sanitary Sewer Service Manager
Sewage Disposal Manager
Sewage Plant Manager
Sewage Treatment Plant Manager
Sewage Treatment System Director
Solid Waste Processing District Manager
Solid Waste Processing Manager
Solid Waste Processing Operations Planning Manager
Transmission Lines Manager
Transmission Operations Director - Utilities
Waste Management Director
Waste Water Treatment System Director
Water Department Director
Water Distribution Manager
Water Filtration Plant Manager
Water Pollution Control Director
Water Supply Director
Waterworks Director
Waterworks Manager
Waterworks Superintendent
1111 Financial Auditors And Accountants Accountant
Accountants Supervisor
Accounting Controller
Assistant Controller
Audit Unit Head - Taxation
Auditor - Finance
Auditor-Ca (Chartered Accountant)
Auditor-Chartered Accountant (Ca)
Auditors Supervisor
Bank Branch Accountant
Bank Reserves Auditor
Bankruptcy Trustee
Budget Accountant
Ca (Chartered Accountant) Student
Certified General Accountant (Cga)
Certified Management Accountant (Cma)
Chartered Accountant (Ca)
Chartered Accountant (Ca) Student
Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountant (Cpa, Cga)
Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant (Cpa, Cma)
Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant (Cpa, Ca)
Chief Accountant
Claims Accountant
Computer Audit Specialist
Cost Accountant
Cost Accounting Supervisor
Departmental Accountant
Division Controller - Accounting
Field Auditor - Finances
Financial Accountant
Financial Auditor
Financial Control Officer
General Accountant
Income Tax Adjuster
Income Tax Adviser
Income Tax Consultant
Income Tax Expert
Income Tax Investigator
Income Tax Specialist
Industrial Accountant
Industrial Auditor
Intermediate Accountant
Internal Audit Project Manager
Internal Audit Supervisor - Finances
Internal Auditor
Internal Auditor - Finances
Internal Auditors Supervisor - Finances
Machine Processing Accountant
Management Accountant
Management Accounting Chief
Manufacturing Accountant
Plant Accountant
Plant Controller
Production Accountant
Project Accountant
Property Accountant
Public Accountant
Public Accountants Chief
Public Accountants Supervisor
Reinsurance Analyst
Sales Auditor - Finances
Senior Accounting Analyst
Senior Cost Accountant
Senior Intern Auditor
Tax Accountant
Tax Adviser
Tax Analyst
Tax Auditor
Tax Consultant
Tax Evaluator
Tax Examiner
Tax Expert
Tax Specialist
Taxation Rulings Officer
1112 Financial And Investment Analysts Assistant Financial Analyst
Bond Analyst
Chartered Financial Analyst
Corporate Investment Adviser
Cost Financial Analyst
Finance And Commercial Affairs Analyst
Financial Analysis Consultant
Financial Analyst
Financial Services Economic Analyst
Financial Services Research Associate
Fiscal Projections Consultant
Investment Analyst
Investment Consultant
Junior Financial Analyst
Money Market Analyst
Mutual Fund Analyst
Portfolio Manager
Regional Financial Analyst
Securities Analyst
Securities Research Analyst
Senior Financial Analyst
Senior Investment Officer
Senior Planning And Return Analyst
Senior Planning And Yield Analyst
1113 Securities Agents, Investment Dealers And Brokers Annuity Representative - Investments
Bond Broker
Bond Dealer
Bond Trader
Commodity Broker
Commodity Trader
Discount Broker
Equity Trader
Financial Broker
Floor Trader - Commodity Exchange
Foreign Exchange Dealer
Foreign Exchange Trader
Futures Trader
Grain Broker
Grain Broker - Commodity Trading
Grain Trader
Independent Floor Trader
Investment Broker
Investment Dealer
Investment Representative
Money Market Trader
Mutual Fund Broker
Mutual Fund Sales Agent
Mutual Fund Sales Representative
Options Trader
Registered Investment Representative
Registered Representatives Supervisor
Securities Agent
Securities Representative
Securities Sales Agent
Securities Salesman/Woman
Securities Trader
Stock Exchange Floor Trader
Stocks And Bonds Trader
Trust Services Salesman/Woman
1114 Other Financial Officers Account Manager
Bank Inspector
Bonds Underwriter
Credit Adjudicator
Credit Agency Inspector
Credit Unions Examiner
Estate Administrator
Estate And Trust Administrator
Estate Executor
Finance And Credit Administrator - International Banking
Financial Institutions Examiner
Financial Institutions Inspector
Financial Investigator
Financial Management Officer
Financial Management Officer - Pension Plan Analysis
Financial Management Officer - Program Budgeting
Financial Planner
Financial Planner - Personal Finances
Financial Services Consultant
Financial Underwriter
Foreign Interbanking Arrangements Officer
Interbanking Arrangements Officer
Investment Advisor - Personal Finances
Investment Counsellor - Personal Finances
Lending Solutions Manager
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Underwriter
Personal Financial Planner
Personal Trust Officer
Securities Analyst - Personal Finances
Securities Counsellor
Securities Underwriter
Trust Officer
1121 Human Resources Professionals Bargaining Agent
Benefits Consultant
Certified Disability Management Professional
Claims Manager - Compensation And Benefits
Classification Officer - Human Resources
Classification Policy Adviser
Classification Specialist
Collective Agreement Negotiator
Compensation And Benefits Co-Ordinator
Compensation And Classification Analyst
Compensation Consultant
Compensation Officer
Compensation Research Analyst
Compensation Researcher-Analyst
Conciliation Officer - Employee Relations
Conciliator - Labour
Disability Case Manager - Human Resources
Disability Management Coordinator
Disability Management Practitioner
Disability Management Professional
Disability Management Specialist
Employee Relations Officer
Employee Services Officer
Employer-Employee Relations Co-Ordinator
Employment Adviser - Human Resources
Employment Equity Adviser - Human Resources
Employment Equity Co-Ordinator
Employment Equity Officer
Employment Practices Officer
Human Resources Adviser
Human Resources Classification Officer
Human Resources Consultant
Human Resources Co-Ordinator
Human Resources Generalist
Human Resources Management Consultant
Human Resources Planning Consultant
Human Resources Policy Analyst
Human Resources Policy Officer
Human Resources Program Supervisor
Human Resources Research Officer
Human Resources Specialist New
Human Resources Supervisor
Industrial Relations Consultant
Industrial Relations Officer
In-House Training Manager
Job Analyst
Job And Wage Analyst
Job Classification System Analyst
Job Evaluation Analyst
Job Evaluation Supervisor
Job Evaluator
Labour Adjudicator
Labour Organization Agent
Labour Organization Business Agent
Labour Organization Business Representative
Labour Organization Liaison Officer
Labour Organization Negotiator
Labour Organizer
Labour Relations Board Officer
Labour Relations Consultant
Labour Relations Co-Ordinator
Labour Relations Officer
Labour Relations Returning Officer
Labour Relations Specialist
Labour Union Business Agent
Labour Union Liaison Officer
Mediator - Labour Relations
Occupational Analyst - Human Resources
Personnel Research Officer
Personnel Standards Officer
Position Classifier
Salary Analyst
Senior Industrial Relations Officer
Senior Negotiating Officer - Labour Dispute Resolution
Staff Relations Administrator
Staff Relations Officer
Staff Training And Development Officer
Staff Training And Development Supervisor
Staff Training Officer - Human Resources
Training Adviser
Training And Development Consultant
Training Programs Supervisor
Union Adviser
Union Organizer
Union Representative
Wage Analyst
1122 Professional Occupations In Business Management Consulting Business Consultant
Business Management Analyst
Business Management Consultant
Business Methods Analyst
Certified Management Consultant
Client Group Supervisor
Conference Facilitator
Corporate Development Planning Adviser
Corporate Planner
Direct Mail Specialist
Export Trade Consultant
File Manager
Filing Systems Analyst
Forms Management Analysts Supervisor
Health Information Management Consultant
Industrial And Commercial Methods Analyst
Industrial Standards Quality Auditor
Iso Consultant
Management Analyst
Management Consultant
Methods And Cost Analyst
Methods And Procedures Analyst
Occupational Analyst - Services To Management Firms
Operations Management Senior Consultant
Organization And Methods Officer
Organization And Methods Researcher
Organizational Analysis Consultant
Organizational Analyst
Point Of Sale System Manager
Price Management Analyst
Records Filing Systems Analysts Supervisor
Records Management Specialist
Records Management Systems Analyst
Records Manager - Business Services
Regulatory Affairs Analyst
Regulatory Affairs Associate
Regulatory Affairs Officer
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Regulatory Compliance Officer
Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Standards Co-Ordinator
Standards Specialist
Supply Chain Process Analyst
Team Training Specialist
Time Study Analyst - Services To Management Firms
Transition Management Consultant
Work Reorganization Consultant
Work Study Analyst
Work Study Analysts Supervisor
1123 Professional Occupations In Advertising, Marketing And Public Relations Actor Agent
Advertising Account Executive
Advertising Account Manager
Advertising And Promotions Co-Ordinator
Advertising And Promotions Specialist
Advertising Campaign Organizer
Advertising Consultant
Advertising Specialist
Affiliated Stations Relations Administrator
Art Educator - Museum
Artist Agent
Artistic Agent
Assistant Brand Manager - Advertising
Assistant Press Secretary
Athlete Agent
Athletes Manager
Author'S Agent
Book Publicist
Boxing Promoter
Career Agent
Casting Agent
Casting Agent For Extras
Communication Officer (Except Emergency Services)
Communications Adviser
Communications Consultant
Communications Expert
Communications Specialist
Community Information Officer
Development Officer - University
Entertainment Agent
Event Marketing Specialist
Financing Officer - Fundraising
Fundraising Campaign Consultant
Fundraising Campaign Organizer
Fundraising Consultant
Fundraising Organizer
Information Consultant
Information Co-Ordinator
Information Officer
Information Service Co-Ordinator
Literary Agent
Marketing Consultant - Advertising
Marketing Co-Ordinator
Marketing Specialist - Advertising
Media Co-Ordinator
Media Events Co-Ordinator
Media Relations Co-Ordinator
Media Relations Officer
Museum Education Officer
Museum Educator
Musicians Agent
Performers Agent
Press Agent
Press Secretary
Product Manager - Marketing
Promotion Strategies Consultant
Public Affairs Officer
Public Relations Agent
Public Relations Consultant
Public Relations Co-Ordinator
Public Relations Officer
Public Relations Practitioner
Public Relations Press Agent
Public Relations Press Secretary
Public Relations Representative
Public Relations Specialist
Publicity Agent
Publicity Co-Ordinator
Publicity Information Officer
Recreation Association Information Officer
Sales And Promotions Co-Ordinator
Singers Agent
Social Media Community Manager
Specialist - E-Media Advertising
Sports Agent
Stations-Relations Administrator
Student Recruiter - Post-Secondary Education
Talent Agent
Talent Representative
Theatrical Agent
Theatrical Business Agent
Tourism Information Officer
Tourism Information Technician
1211 Supervisors, General Office And Administrative Support Workers Administrative Clerks Supervisor
Attendance Records Supervisor
Clerical Supervisor
Contract Clerks Supervisor
Data Control Supervisor
Data Entry Clerks Supervisor
Data Entry Supervisor
Desktop Publishing Operators Supervisor
Desktop Publishing Supervisor
Desktop Publishing System Supervisor
Edp (Electronic Data-Processing) Unit - Supervisor
Electronic Data-Processing (Edp) Unit - Supervisor
Filing Clerks Supervisor
Filing Service Supervisor
General Office Clerks Supervisor
Hospital Admitting Clerks Supervisor
Nursing Registry Supervisor
Office Clerks Supervisor
Office Machine Operators Supervisor
Office Services Supervisor
Office Supervisor
Operations Supervisor
Personnel Clerks Supervisor
Photocopy Unit Supervisor
Price Information Clerks Supervisor
Receptionists And Hostesses Supervisor
Receptionists Supervisor
Records Clerks Supervisor
Records Management Services Supervisor
Records Management Supervisor
Records Office Supervisor
Registration Unit Supervisor
Registry Supervisor
Switchboard Operators Supervisor
Telephone Operators Supervisor
Telephone Service Supervisor
Telephone System Night Supervisor
Telephone System Supervisor
Unit Clerks Supervisor
Word Processing Service Co-Ordinator
Word Processing Unit Supervisor
1212 Supervisors, Finance And Insurance Office Workers Accounting Clerks Supervisor
Accounting Section Head
Accounting Supervisor
Accounts Payable Analyst
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Assessment Clerks Supervisor
Assistant Accountant
Assistant Bank Accountant
Assistant Financial Institution Accountant - Financial Services
Bank Clerks Supervisor
Billing Co-Ordinator
Billing Supervisor
Billing Unit Head
Bookkeepers And Accounting Clerks Supervisor
Bookkeeping Supervisor
Budget Supervisor
Cash Receipts Supervisor
Claims Adjusters Supervisor
Claims Service Supervisor
Clerks Supervisor - Bank Or Financial Institution
Collection Clerks Supervisor
Collection Supervisor
Cost Supervisor
Credit And Collection Supervisor
Credit Clerks Supervisor
Credit Service Group Leader
Credit Supervisor
Customs Brokerage Clerks Supervisor
Financial Accounting Supervisor
Financial Control Supervisor
Merchandise Clerks Supervisor
Pay And Benefits Supervisor
Payment Processing Unit Supervisor
Payroll Clerk Supervisor
Payroll Supervisor
Petty Cash Supervisor
Sales Records Supervisor
Supervisor Of Accounting
Tabulating Supervisor
Tabulation Supervisor
Tabulators Supervisor
Tollgate Supervisor
1213 Supervisors, Library, Correspondence And Related Information Workers Advertising Clerks Supervisor
Census Area Manager
Census Area Manager Assistant
Census Commissioner
Census Commissioner Assistant
Census District Manager
Communication Clerks Supervisor
Copyright Clearance Supervisor
Correspondence Clerks Supervisor
Court Reporters Supervisor
Customs Clerks Supervisor
Fingerprint Classifier Supervisor
Law Archivists Supervisor
Legal Services Record Writers Supervisor
Library Clerks Supervisor
Library Loans Supervisor
Licence Clerks Supervisor
Passport Office Supervisor
Public Opinion Interviewers Supervisor
Publication Clerks Supervisor
Regional Census Manager
Statistical Clerks Supervisor
Survey Interviewers Supervisor
1214 Supervisors, Mail And Message Distribution Occupations Assistant Postmaster/Mistress
Courier Service Supervisor
Letter Carriers Supervisor
Mail And Postal Clerks Supervisor
Mail Carriers Supervisor
Mail Clerks Supervisor
Mail Facilities Senior Administrator
Mail Room Supervisor
Messenger Service Supervisor
Postal Clerks Supervisor
Postal Station Employees Supervisor
Postal Station Supervisor
Postal Workers Supervisor
1215 Supervisors, Supply Chain, Tracking And Scheduling Co-Ordination Occupations 911 Emergency Centre Operations Officer
Aerodrome Supervisor
Air Transport Operating Staff Supervisor
Air Transport Operations Supervisor
Air Transport Operations Support Supervisor
Airline Load Control Supervisor
Ammunition Foreman/Woman
Avionics Service Supervisor
Crew Schedulers Supervisor
Crew Schedules Supervisor
Cross Dock Supervisor
Dispatch Logistician
Dispatchers Supervisor
Distribution And Transport Logistics Technician
Distribution Officer
Distribution Supervisor
Explosives And Ammunition Magazine Foreman/Woman
Explosives Magazine Foreman/Woman
Export Traffic Supervisor
Flight Crew Scheduling Supervisor
Flight Crew Supervisor
Freight Forwarding Logistician
Freight Forwarding Supervisor
Freight Forwarding Technician
Freight Forwarding Unit Supervisor
Freight Supervisor
Freight Traffic Co-Ordinator
Freight Traffic Scheduling Supervisor
Freight Traffic Supervisor
Head Dispatcher
Head Shipper
Import Traffic Supervisor
Inventory Clerks Supervisor
Inventory Control Supervisor
Inventory Management Officer
Job Order Clerks Supervisor - Manufacturing
Load Control Supervisor
Logistical Supervisor - Traffic
Logistics Supervisor
Logistics Supervisor - Transportation
Manufacturing Orders Clerks Supervisor
Material Clerks Supervisor
Material Control Co-Ordinator
Ocean Freight Co-Ordinator
Ocean Freight Technician
Parts Clerks Supervisor
Parts Service Supervisor
Parts Shipping Manager
Production Clerks Supervisor
Production Planning Clerks Supervisor
Purchasing And Inventory Management Co-Ordinator
Purchasing Clerks Supervisor
Ramp Services Supervisor - Airport
Receiving Clerks Supervisor
Receiving Supervisor
Route Planning Supervisor
Scheduling Clerks Supervisor
Shipping And Receiving Supervisor
Shipping Clerks Supervisor
Shipping Co-Ordinator
Shipping Supervisor
Stock Clerks Supervisor
Stock Control Supervisor
Supply And Receiving Supervisor
Supply Chain Supervisor
Supply Control Co-Ordinator
Tool Clerks Foreman/Woman
Tool Crib Supervisor
Tool Keepers Supervisor
Traffic And Distribution Supervisor
Traffic Control Supervisor
Transport Logistician
Transport Logistics Technician
Transportation Co-Ordinator
Transportation Logistics Co-Ordinator
Transportation Planning Co-Ordinator
Transportation Route Schedulers Supervisor
Warehouse Distribution Supervisor
Warehouse Foreman/Woman
Warehouse Supervisor
1221 Administrative Officers Access To Information And Privacy Officer
Access To Information Officer
Administration Analyst
Administration Officer
Administration Services Co-Ordinator
Administrative Analyst
Administrative Co-Ordinator
Administrative Officer
Administrative Planning Officer
Administrative Services Co-Ordinator
Administrative Services Officer
Administrative Support Officer
Administrative Technician
Admissions Officer - Post-Secondary Educational Institution
Band Administrator
Bilingual Services Co-Ordinator
Budget Analyst
Business Representative - Club, Lodge Or Society
Business Services Officer
Chief Invigilator
Civil Emergency Measures Officer
Claims Officer
Communications Service Co-Ordinator
Crown Assets Distribution Officer
Documentation And Projects Analyst
Exam Invigilator - Post-Secondary Institution
Exam Proctor - Post-Secondary Institution
Exam Supervisor - Post-Secondary Institution
Financial Aid Officer
Financial Assistance Co-Ordinator - College Or University
Financial Assistance Officer
Forms Management Officer
Freedom Of Information Officer
Immigrant Investors Program Co-Ordinator
Implementation Officer
Lease Administration Supervisor
Liaison Officer
Management Planning Officer
Native Band Administrator
Native Reserve Administrator
Non-Technical Project Manager
Office Administrative Technician
Office Administrator
Office Automation Administrator
Office Automation Co-Ordinator
Office Automation Technician
Office Co-Ordinator
Office Manager
Office Services Co-Ordinator
Official Languages Co-Ordinator
Ombudsman Officer
Operating Officer - Administration
Operational Officer - Administration
Operations Officer - Administration
Organization And Productivity Project Manager
Organization And Productivity Project Officer
Parking Co-Ordinator
Planning Officer
Preliminary Press Planner
Prepress Planner - Publishing
Privacy Officer
Project Administration Officer
Project Manager - Non-Technical
Public Trustee
Records Analyst - Access To Information
Regional Services Chief
Relocation Commissioner
Reserve Administrator
Student Aid Officer
Student Assistance Officer
Surplus Assets Officer
Technical Assistant - Office Support
Test Administrator
Testing Co-Ordinator
Testing Supervisor
University Admissions Officer
1222 Executive Assistants Committee Clerk
Constituency Aid
Constituency Assistant
Corporate Secretary
Executive Assistant
Legislative Assistant
Medical Information Assistant
Ministerial Assistant
Parliamentary Assistant
Parliamentary Committee Clerk
Special Assistant
1223 Human Resources And Recruitment Officers Assistant Personnel Officer
Employment Interviewer
Employment Supervisor
Executive Recruiter
Human Resources Officer
Interviewer - Human Resources
Labour Force Consultant
Personnel Administrator
Personnel Adviser
Personnel Interviewer
Personnel Management Adviser
Personnel Officer
Personnel Recruitment Officer
Personnel Selection Officer
Personnel Supervisor
Placement Officer - Human Resources
Recruiter - Employment
Recruiting Officer
Recruitment Assistant
Recruitment Consultant
Recruitment Officer
Recruitment Specialist
Senior Staffing Officer
Staffing Adviser
Staffing Analyst
Staffing Co-Ordinator
Staffing Officer
Student Placement Officer
1224 Property Administrators Accommodation Co-Ordinator
Accommodation Officer
Accommodation Planning Officer
Apartment Rental Agent
Building Managing Supervisor
Chief Of Property Management
Commercial Building Rental Agent
Commercial Property Manager
Housing Development Officer
Housing Project Manager
Leasing And Development Officer - Public Works
Property Acquisitions Area Manager
Property Administrator
Property Leasing Co-Ordinator
Property Management Agent
Property Management Officer
Property Management Operations Co-Ordinator
Property Rental Agent
Property Rental Co-Ordinator
Property Rentals Manager
Property Section Head
Real Estate Rental Agent
Rentals Agent
Residential Property Manager
Strata Property Manager
1225 Purchasing Agents And Officers Advertising Buyer
Business Services Purchasing Officer
Buyer - Manufacturing And Processing
Buyer - Purchasing
Contract Claims Examiner
Contract Management Officer
Contract Negotiator
Contracts Officer
Energy Asset Joint Venture Representative
Energy Asset Surface Land Analyst
Furniture And Furnishings Purchaser
Government Supply Officer
Grain Buyer
Hotel Purchasing Agent
Hotel Purchasing Officer
Land Agent
Land Negotiator
Landman/Woman - Oil And Gas
Material Management Officer
Material Purchasing Officer
Materials Co-Ordinator
Media Buyer
Media Estimator
Media Time And Space Buyer
Mineral Land Contracts Analyst
Office Equipment Purchasing Officer
Ore Buyer
Passenger And Freight Rates Analyst
Petroleum Land Administrator
Procurement Officer
Products Administrator
Pulpwood Buyer
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Contracts Administrator
Purchasing Contracts Analyst
Purchasing Contracts Management Officer
Purchasing Contracts Negotiator
Purchasing Contracts Officer
Purchasing Officer
Purchasing Supervisor
Purchasing-Services Contracts Negotiator
Radio Time Buyer
Restaurant Purchasing Agent
Restaurant Purchasing Officer
Right-Of-Way Agent
Senior Buyer - Purchasing
Services Contracts Negotiator
Stewardship Officer
Storage Purchasing Co-Ordinator
Supply Chain Specialist - Procurement
Television Time Buyer
Well And Facilities Asset Analyst
1226 Conference And Event Planners Conference And Meeting Planner
Conference Co-Ordinator
Conference Organizer
Conference Planner
Conference Services Officer
Convention And Special Events Planner
Convention Co-Ordinator
Convention Planner
Convention Planning Services Officer
Event Co-Ordinator
Event Planner
Exhibition Co-Ordinator
Festival Organizer
Meeting Co-Ordinator
Meeting Planner
Social Events Co-Ordinator
Special Events Co-Ordinator
Special Events Organizer
Special Events Planner
Special Events Program Planner
Trade Show Organizer
Trade Show Planner
1227 Court Officers And Justices Of The Peace Administrator Of The Court
Assistant Deputy Registrar - Courts
Assistant Registrar - Courts
Citizenship Judge
Clerk Of Probate
Clerk Of Proceedings - Courts
Clerk Of The Court
Clerk Of The Crown - Courts
Commissioner Of Affidavits
Commissioner Of Marriages
Co-Ordinator Of Court Services
County Court Registrar
Court Administrator
Court Clerk Supervisor
Court Deputy Administrator
Court Of Appeal Registrar
Court Officer
Court Registrar
Court Services Manager
Court Supervisor
Courtroom Officer
Deed Recorder
Deed Registrar
Deputy Administrator Of The Court
Deputy Court Registrar
Deputy Land Registrar
Deputy Registrar - Courts
District Court Registrar
Expropriation Officer
Family Court Administrator
Family Court Registrar
Family Court Supervisor
Judicial Administrator
Judicial Court Administrator
Judicial Officer
Judicial Officer - Courts
Judicial Services Administrator
Justice Of The Peace
Land Registrar
Legal Services Officer - Courts
Queen'S Bench Registrar
Recorder Of Deeds
Recorder Of Wills
Registrar - Courts
Registrar Of Bankruptcy
Registrar Of Deeds
Registrar Of Probate
Registrar Of Wills
Registry Officer - Marriages
Small Claims Court Registrar
Small Claims Court Supervisor
Supreme Court Clerk
Supreme Court Registrar
Surrogate Court Registrar
Trial Co-Ordinator - Courts
1228 Employment Insurance, Immigration, Border Services And Revenue Officers Adjudication Officer - Employment Insurance
Adjudication Officer - Immigration
Adjudicator - Employment Insurance
Appeal Judge - Employment Insurance
Appeal Officer
Appeal Officer - Taxation
Assessing Officer - Taxation
Assessing Unit Head - Taxation
Audit Reviewer - Taxation
Benefits Officer - Government Services
Border Services Officer (Bso)
Business Expertise Advisor - Government Services
Business Expertise Consultant - Government Services
Case Review Officer - Immigration
Citizen Services Officer (Cso) - Government Services
Citizenship Registration Examiner
Claims Adjudication Officer - Employment Insurance
Claims Adjudicator - Employment Insurance
Claims Processing Officer - Immigration
Collection Agent - Government Services
Collection Officer - Taxation
Collection Unit Head - Government Services
Collector Of Taxes
Coverage And Interpretation Officer - Taxation
Customs And Excise Examiner
Customs Appraiser
Customs Baggage Inspector
Customs Collector
Customs Examiner
Customs Inspection Supervisor
Customs Inspector
Customs Inspectors Supervisor
Customs Investigator
Customs Officer
Employment Insurance Agent
Employment Insurance Benefit Claims Investigator
Employment Insurance Benefits Control Officer
Employment Insurance Officer
Excise Duty Agent
Excise Duty Officer
Excise Duty Supervisor
Excise Examiner
Excise Tax Collection Supervisor
Excise Tax Collector
Excise Tax Inspector
Excise Tax Officers Supervisor
Field Auditor - Taxation
Goods And Services Tax (Gst) Collection Officer
Gst (Goods And Services Tax) Collection Officer
Immigration Act Enforcement Officer
Immigration Agent - Government Services
Immigration Appeal Officer
Immigration Examiner
Immigration Examining Officer
Immigration Inspector
Immigration Officer - Government Services
Immigration Officers Supervisor
Integrity Services Investigator - Government Services
Integrity Services Investigator - Service Canada
Integrity Services Officer - Government Services
Municipal Tax Collector
Office Auditor - Taxation
Payment Service Officer - Government Services
Regional Claims And Benefits Officer - Employment Insurance
Revenue Agent
Revenue Officer
Revenue Recovery Officer
Revenue Supervisor
Succession Duty Auditor - Taxation
Tax Appeal Officer
Tax Assessor
Tax Auditor - Government Services
Tax Auditors Team Leader
Tax Collection Officer
Tax Collector
Tax Enforcement Officer
Tax Interpretation Officer
Tax Investigator
Tax Officer
Tax Recovery Officer
Taxation Investigator
Taxation Officer
1241 Administrative Assistants Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant - Office
Administrative Secretary
Appointment Secretary
Church Secretary
Contracts Secretary
Executive Secretary (Except Legal And Medical)
Finance Secretary
Human Resources Secretary
Loans And Grants Administrative Assistant
Office Administrative Assistant
Personal Secretary
Private Secretary
Recording Secretary
Sales Secretary
School Secretary
Secretary (Except Legal And Medical)
Taxation Service Secretary
Technical Secretary
1242 Legal Administrative Assistants Administrative Assistant - Legal
Collection Legal Assistant
Commercial Law Administrative Assistant
Commercial Law Legal Assistant
Commercial Law Secretary
Corporate Finance Legal Assistant
Corporate Law Administrative Assistant
Corporate Law Legal Assistant
Corporate Law Secretary
Corporate Records Legal Assistant
Estate Administrative Assistant
Estate Secretary
Family Law Legal Assistant
Foreclosures Legal Assistant
Insurance Legal Assistant
Labour Law Legal Assistant
Legal Administrative Assistant
Legal Assistant
Legal Assistant - Criminal Law
Legal Secretary
Legal Stenographer
Litigation Administrative Assistant
Litigation Legal Assistant
Litigation Secretary
Mortgage And Real Estate Legal Assistant
Oil And Gas Rights Legal Assistant
Real Estate Administrative Assistant
Real Estate Secretary
Tax Legal Assistant
Trademark Administrative Assistant
Trademark Secretary
Wills And Estates Legal Assistant
1243 Medical Administrative Assistants Administrative Assistant - Medical
Case Load Planner - Home Health Care Services
Medical Administrative Assistant
Medical Secretary
Medical Stenographer
Ward Secretary
Ward Secretary - Hospital
1251 Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists And Related Occupations Braille Transcriber
Braille Volumes Transcriber
Closed Captioner
Court Monitor
Court Recorder
Court Reporter
Court Stenographer
Hansard Reporter
Media Transcriber
Media Transcriptionist
Medical Dictatypist
Medical Transcriptionist
Stenotype Operator
1252 Health Information Management Occupations Cancer Registrar
Health Information Management Coder
Health Information Management Practitioner
Health Information Management Professional
Health Information Management Supervisor
Health Information Management Technician
Health Records Classifier
Health Records Management Coder
Health Records Management Supervisor
Health Records Technician
Medical Archivist
Medical Records Supervisor
Medical Records Technician
Medical Records Technicians Supervisor
Medical Records Unit Supervisor
Tumour Registrar
1253 Records Management Technicians Document Management Technician
Document Technician
Documentation Technician
Information Management Technician
Microfilm Camera Operator
Microfilm Mounter
Microfilm Records Searcher
Records Classifier
Records Digitizing Technician
Records Management Technician
Records Technician
Technical Indexer - Records And File Management
1254 Statistical Officers And Related Research Support Occupations Psychology Research Assistant (Except University)
Research Assistant - Generalist (Except University)
Research Assistant (Except Post-Secondary)
Research Support Officer
Social Research Assistant (Except University)
Social Science Research Assistant (Except University)
Statistical Officer
Statistical Technician
Technical Research Assistant (Except Post-Secondary)
Technical Services Officer - Statistics
1311 Accounting Technicians And Bookkeepers Accounting Bookkeeper
Accounting Technician
Bookkeeping Clerk
Budget Officer
Finance Officer
Financial Officer
Senior Bookkeeper
1312 Insurance Adjusters And Claims Examiners Adjuster
Adjuster - Insurance
Adjuster Trainee - Insurance
Automobile Claims Technical Adjuster
Casualty Insurance Adjuster
Claims Adjuster - Insurance
Claims Approver - Insurance
Claims Consultant
Claims Examiner
Claims Examiner - Insurance
Claims Investigator
Claims Investigator - Insurance
Claims Representative
Claims Representative - Insurance
Disability Claims Examiner - Insurance
Disaster Relief Claims Adjuster - Insurance
Field Adjuster - Insurance
Fire Insurance Adjuster
Freight Adjuster - Insurance
Group Life Claims Examiner - Insurance
Health And Dental Claims Examiner - Insurance
Insurance Adjuster
Insurance Inspector
Liability Adjuster - Insurance
Loss Examiner - Insurance
Marine Claims Adjuster - Insurance
Marine Insurance Adjuster
Medical Claims Assessor - Insurance
Motor Vehicle Claims Adjuster - Insurance
Production Examiner
Property Adjuster - Insurance
Public Adjuster - Insurance
Railroad Claims Adjuster - Insurance
Settlement Management Associate
Settlement Specialist
Staff Adjuster - Insurance
Telephone Adjuster - Insurance
Trainee Adjuster - Insurance
Workers' Compensation Adjuster - Insurance
1313 Insurance Underwriters Accident And Sickness Underwriter - Insurance
Assistant Underwriter - Insurance
Automobile And Home Insurance Consultant
Automobile Underwriter - Insurance
Boiler And Machinery Underwriter - Insurance
Casualty Insurance Products Analyst-Designer
Casualty Underwriter - Insurance
Commercial Underwriter - Insurance
Farm Underwriter - Insurance
Fire Underwriter - Insurance
Group Underwriter
Group Underwriter - Insurance
Head Office Underwriter - Insurance
Home Office Underwriter - Insurance
Insurance Rating Analyst
Insurance Underwriter
Junior Underwriter - Insurance
Liability Underwriter
Life Underwriter
Marine And Aircraft Underwriter - Insurance
Marine Underwriter - Insurance
Package Underwriter - Insurance
Personal Lines Underwriter
Property Underwriter
Property Underwriter - Insurance
Public Liability Underwriter - Insurance
Reinsurance Underwriter - Insurance
Senior Underwriter - Insurance
Surety Underwriter - Insurance
Underwriter - Insurance
1314 Assessors, Valuators And Appraisers Accredited Appraiser
Appraisal Technician
Appraiser (Except Customs)
Assessor (Except Tax)
Assistant Appraiser
Automobile Appraiser
Building Appraiser
Business Appraiser
Business Valuation Officer
Business Valuator
Canadian Residential Appraiser (Cra)
Chartered Appraiser
Chartered Business Valuator (Cbv)
Cra (Canadian Residential Appraiser)
Fishing Vessels Appraiser
Furniture Appraiser
Insurance Appraiser
Municipal Assessor
Property Appraiser
Property Assessor
Property Valuator
Real Estate Analyst
Real Estate Appraisal Technician
Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Assessor
Valuation Consultant
1315 Customs, Ship And Other Brokers Cargo Broker
Chartered Shipbroker
Customs Broker
Customs Clearance Agent
Customs Consultant
Customs House Broker
Customs Information Broker
Customs Rater
Designated Shipbroker
Gas Broker
Licensed Customs Broker
Oil Lease Broker
Qualified Customs Broker
Royalty Broker
Ship Agent
Ship Line Agent
Supply Chain Specialist - Customs Brokerage
Yacht Broker
2111 Physicists And Astronomers Acoustics Physicist
Aerospace Research Scientist
Atmospheric Physicist
Chemical Physicist
Communications Research Scientist
Cosmic Ray Physicist
Cryogenics Physicist
Crystal Physicist
Electricity And Magnetism Physicist
Electronics Physicist
Electronics Research Scientist
Elementary Particle Physicist
Elementary Particle Theorist
Experimental Physicist
Fluid Physicist
Health Physicist
High-Temperature Physicist
Laser Physicist
Low-Temperature Physicist
Magnetism Physicist
Mathematical Biophysicist
Mechanics Physicist
Medical Biophysicist
Medical Engineering Biophysicist
Medical Physicist
Metal Physicist
Microwave Physicist
Molecular Biophysicist
Nanotechnology Physicist
Nuclear Physicist
Nuclear Reactor Physicist
Optics Physicist
Particle Accelerator Physicist
Particle Physicist
Photonics Physicist
Physics Research Scientist
Plasma Physicist
Radiation Biophysicist
Radio Astronomer
Reactor Physicist
Remote Sensing Research Scientist
Semiconductor Physicist
Solid-State Physicist
Space Physicist
Theoretical Nuclear Physicist
Thermal Physicist
X-Ray Physicist
2112 Chemists Agricultural Chemist
Analytical Biochemist
Analytical Chemist
Atmospheric Chemist
Bioanalytical Chemist
Biochemistry Research Scientist
Biological Chemist
Chemical Spectroscopist
Chemist - Biomolecular Assembly
Chemistry Research Scientist
Chemistry Researcher
Clinical Chemist
Coatings Chemist
Control Chemist
Dairy Chemist
Detergent Chemist
Dye Chemist
Environmental Chemist
Enzyme Chemist
Food Chemist
Forensic Chemist
Glass Chemist
Industrial Chemist
Inorganic Chemist
Laboratory Chemist
Leather Chemist
Medical Biochemist
Medical Chemist
Medicinal Chemist
Nmr (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Spectroscopist
Nuclear Chemist
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Nmr) Spectroscopist
Nutritional Chemist
Oceanographic Chemist
Optical Spectroscopist
Organic Chemist
Organic Mass Spectrometrist
Organometallic Chemist
Petroleum Chemist
Pharmaceutical Chemist
Pharmacological Chemist
Physical Chemist
Physical Research Chemist
Physiological Chemist
Plastics And Resins Chemist
Polymer Chemist
Process Control Chemist
Protective Coatings Chemist
Protein Chemist
Quality Control Chemist
Research Chemist
Research Scientist, Biochemistry
Research Scientist, Chemistry
Soil Chemist
Spectroscopist, Nmr (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)
Spectroscopist, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Nmr)
Standards Chemist
Textile Chemist
Theoretical Chemist
Water Chemist
Water Purification Chemist
Wood Chemist
2113 Geoscientists And Oceanographers Biological Oceanographer
Chemical Oceanographer
Coal Geologist
Consulting Geologist
Consulting Geophysicist
Development Geologist
Environmental Geologist
Exploration Geologist
Exploration Geophysicist
Fisheries Oceanographer
Geological Oceanographer
Geologist, Groundwater
Geologist, Petroleum
Geophysicist, Exploration
Groundwater Geologist
Hydrographic Surveyor - Geology
Ice Specialist - Oceanography
Marine Geologist
Marine Geophysicist
Mine Geologist
Mining Geologist
Oil Geologist
Petroleum Geologist
Physical Oceanographer
Placer Geologist
Prospecting Geologist
Quaternary Scientist
Quaternary Specialist
Remote Sensing Geologist
Sedimentary Geologist
Structural Geologist
Wellsite Co-Ordinator - Geology
2114 Meteorologists And Climatologists Agricultural Meteorologist
Air Quality Meteorologist
Applied Meteorologist
Forecaster, Weather
Industrial Meteorologist
Meteorologist, Air Quality
Operational Meteorologist
Physical Meteorologist
Synoptic Meteorologist
2115 Other Professional Occupations In Physical Sciences Astronaut
Ballistics Examiner
Extractive Metallurgist
Firearms Examiner
Firearms Expert
Materials Engineering Scientist
Materials Scientist
Physical Metallurgist
Research Metallurgist
Research Scientist - Ceramics
Research Scientist - Composite Materials
Soil Scientist
2121 Biologists And Related Scientists Agricultural Scientist
Animal Ecologist
Animal Geneticist
Animal Nutritionist
Animal Taxonomist
Apiculture Entomologist
Aquatic Biologist
Bacteriologist - Animal Health
Biological Scientist
Biology Systematist
Biology Taxonomist
Biomedical Nanotechnology Research Scientist
Cell Biologist
Cellular Physiologist
Crop Scientist
Crop-Research Scientist
Dairy Bacteriologist
Dairy Scientist
Descriptive Toxicologist
Developmental Biologist
Developmental Geneticist
Domestic Animal Scientist
Economic Botanist
Environmental And Occupational Toxicologist
Environmental Biologist
Environmental Toxicologist
Enzymology Biologist
Fishery Bacteriologist
Fishery Products Bacteriologist
Food Bacteriologist
Food Products Bacteriologist
Food Products Scientist
Food Research Scientist
Food Scientist
Forest Ecologist
Forest Pathologist
Human Physiologist
Industrial Bacteriologist
Insect Physiologist
Interpretative Naturalist
Invertebrate Zoologist
Laboratory Immunologist
Marine Biologist
Marine Hydrobiologist
Marine Mammal Trainer
Mechanistic Toxicologist
Medical Parasitology Biologist
Molecular Biologist
Molecular Geneticist
Molecular Physiologist
Parasitology Biologist
Park Naturalist
Pharmaceutical Bacteriologist
Physiological Biophysicist
Physiologist-Biochemist - Nuclear Medicine
Plant Anatomist
Plant Breeder
Plant Ecologist
Plant Nematologist
Plant Pathologist
Plant Physiologist
Plant Population Biologist
Plant Scientist
Plant Taxonomist
Population Geneticist
Poultry Scientist
Protozoology Biologist
Public Health Bacteriologist
Regulatory Toxicologist
Research Biologist
Rural Ecologist
Soil Bacteriologist
Staff Toxicologist
Systems Biologist
Veterinary Parasitology Biologist
Wildlife Biologist
Wildlife Helminthologist
Wildlife Naturalist
2122 Forestry Professionals Appraisal Forester
Consulting Forester
Crown Lands Forester
District Forester
Extension Forester
Forest Engineer
Forest Nursery Forester
Gis (Geographic Information System) Forester
Industrial Forester
Operations Forester
Parks And Recreation Forester
Private Lands Forester
Professional Forester
Project Forester
Regional Forest Inventory Officer
Regional Inventory Officer - Forestry
Registered Professional Forester (Rpf)
Research Forester
Rpf (Registered Professional Forester)
Superintendent - Forestry
Unit Forester
Urban Forester
2123 Agricultural Representatives, Consultants And Specialists Acreage-Quota Assignment Officer
Agricultural Advisor
Agricultural Consultant
Agricultural Extension Supervisor
Agricultural Livestock Specialist
Agricultural Representative
Agricultural Soil And Crop Specialist
Agricultural Specialist
Consulting Agrologist
Crop Specialist
Demonstrator - Department Of Agriculture
District Agricultural Specialist
District Agronomist
Extension Service Agronomist
Farm Management Consultant
Farming Consultant
Field Service Adviser - Agriculture
Field Service Agent - Agriculture
Government Agricultural Service District Representative
Growers' Advisor
Irrigation Consultant - Agriculture
Livestock Specialist
P.Ag. (Professional Agrologist)
Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.)
Representative, Government Agricultural Service
Soil Conservationist
Soil Fertility Expert
2131 Civil Engineers Airport Engineer
Appraisal Engineer
Architectural Engineer
Asphalt Engineer
Bridge Engineer
Building Envelope Engineer
Buildings And Bridge Engineer
Cartographic Engineer
Chief Civil Engineer
Civil Engineer
Civil Environmental Engineer
Civil Inspection Engineer
Civil Pipeline Engineer
Civil Structural Engineer
Coastal Engineer
Concrete Engineer
Construction Engineer
Construction Project Engineer
Consulting Civil Engineer
County Engineer
Dams Engineer
District Engineer
Drainage Design Engineer
Environmental Engineer
Erecting Engineer
Foundation Engineer
Geodetic Engineer
Geomatics Engineer
Highway Engineer
Hydraulics Engineer
Hydrographic Engineer
Hydrological Engineer
Irrigation And Drainage Engineer
Irrigation Engineer
Land Drainage Engineer
Mapping Engineer
Material And Testing Civil Engineer
Municipal Engineer
Navigation And Positioning Engineer
Noise Abatement Engineer
Ocean Engineer
Photogrammetric Engineer
Pollution Control Engineer
Precision Survey Engineer
Public Health Engineer
Public Works Engineer
Rail Transportation Traffic Engineer
Reclamation Engineer
Remote Sensing Engineer
River And Canal Works Engineer
Sanitary Engineer
Sanitation Engineer
Sewage Control Engineer
Soil Engineer
Solid Waste Management Engineer
Spatial Information Systems Engineer
Structural Design Engineer
Structural Engineer
Survey Engineer
Surveying Engineer
Traffic Engineer
Traffic Operations Engineer
Transportation Engineer
Tunnel Engineer
Urban Road System Engineer
Water And Sewer Engineer
Water Management Engineer
Water Resources Engineer
Water Systems Engineer
Water Treatment Engineer
2132 Mechanical Engineers Acoustical Engineer
Acoustics And Vibration Engineer
Acoustics Engineer
Automotive Engineer
Building Systems Engineer
Chief Mechanical Engineer
Consulting Mechanical Engineer
Cryogenics Engineer
Design Engineer - Mechanical
Diesel Engineer - Design And Research
Energy Conservation Engineer
Fluid Mechanics Engineer
Gas Utilization Mechanical Engineer
Heating Specialist Engineer
Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning (Hvac) Engineer
Internal Combustion Engineer
Lubrication Engineer
Marine Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Design Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Hydraulic Engineer
Mechanical Maintenance Engineer
Mechanical Power Engineer
Mechatronic Engineer
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (Mems) Research Engineer
Mould Design Engineer
Nuclear Design Engineer
Nuclear Engineer
Nuclear Operations Engineer
Oil Well Equipment Design Engineer
Pattern Engineer
Piping Engineer
Power Generation Engineer
Power Plant Engineer
Project Mechanical Engineer
Refrigeration Engineer
Robotics Engineer
Thermal Design Engineer
Thermal Power Engineer
Tool Engineer
2133 Electrical And Electronics Engineers Analogue Amplifier Design Engineer
Antenna Engineer
Audio Engineer - Electricity And Electronics
Avionics Engineer
Broadcasting Professional Engineer
Chief Electrical Engineer
Chief Electronics Engineer
Chief Engineer - Electric Power
Chief Engineer - Radio And Television Broadcasting
Circuit Design Engineer
Control Systems Engineer
Design And Development Engineer - Electrical And Electronic Systems
Digital Circuit Design Engineer
Displays And Controls Design Engineer
Electrical And Electronics Research Engineer
Electrical Design Engineer
Electrical Distribution Engineer
Electrical Distribution Planning Engineer
Electrical Energy Transmission Engineer
Electrical Energy Transmission Planning Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Equipment Engineer
Electrical Network Engineer
Electrical Power Scheduling Engineer
Electrical Power Systems Design Engineer
Electrical Power Systems Service Engineer
Electrical Process Control Engineer
Electrical Research Engineer
Electrical Systems Planning Engineer
Electrical Systems Protection Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Electronics Research Engineer
Electronics Test Engineer
Instrumentation And Control Engineer
Instrumentation Engineer
Line Construction Engineer
Low Voltage Equipment Engineer
Meter Engineer
Metrology Engineer
Microelectronics Engineer
Overhead Electrical Distribution Engineer
Process Instrumentation Engineer
Protective Relay Engineer
Radar Engineer
Radio And Television Broadcasting Design Engineer
Radio And Television Broadcasting Systems Design Engineer
Radio Research Engineer
Research Engineer - Nanoelectronics
Roadway Lighting Design Engineer
Rural Electrification Engineer
Satellite Antenna Engineer
Satellite Instrumentation Engineer
Signal Engineer
Spacecraft Electronics Engineer
Technical Services Electrical Engineer
Television Systems Engineer
Underground Electrical Distribution Engineer
2134 Chemical Engineers Adhesives Engineer
Biochemical And Biotechnical Engineer
Biochemical Development Engineer
Biochemical Engineer
Biotechnical Engineer
Biotechnology Engineer
Chemical Coating Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Chemical Process Control Engineer
Chemical Process Engineer
Chemical Project Engineer
Chief Chemical Engineer
Chief Process Engineer
Design And Development Chemical Engineer
Electrochemical Engineer
Environmental Chemical Engineer
Explosives Engineer
Fuels Engineer
Industrial Hygiene Engineer
Industrial Waste Treatment Engineer
Liquid Fuels Engineer
Petrochemical Engineer
Petroleum Refinery Process Engineer
Pipeline Transport Engineer
Plastics Engineer
Polymer Engineer
Production Chemical Engineer
Pulp And Paper Engineer
Pulp And Paper Engineer, Chemical
Refinery Engineer
Research Chemical Engineer
Waste Treatment Engineer
2141 Industrial And Manufacturing Engineers Computer Integrated Manufacturing (Cim) Engineer
Consulting Industrial Engineer
Cost Engineer
Efficiency Engineer
Fire Prevention Engineer
Industrial Efficiency Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Industrial Safety Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Methods Engineer
Plant Engineer
Production Engineer
Qa (Quality Assurance) Engineer
Quality Assurance (Qa) Engineer
Quality Control Engineer
Safety Engineer
Systems Engineer - Manufacturing
Time-Study Engineer
Work Measurement Engineer
2142 Metallurgical And Materials Engineers Ceramics Engineer
Coal Preparation Consulting Engineer
Corrosion Engineer
Electrometallurgical Engineer
Extractive Engineer
Extractive Metallurgy Engineer
Foundry Engineer
Hydrometallurgical Engineer
Materials Engineer
Metallurgical Engineer
Physical Metallurgical Engineer
Pyrometallurgical Engineer
Refining And Metalworking Engineer
Smelting Plant Engineer
Welding Engineer
2143 Mining Engineers Consulting Mining Engineer
Mine Design Engineer
Mine Development Engineer
Mine Layout Engineer
Mine Planning Engineer
Mine Production Engineer
Mine Safety Engineer
Mine Ventilation Engineer
Mineral Dressing Engineer
Mineral Engineer
Mines Exploration Engineer
Mining Engineer
2144 Geological Engineers Geological Engineer
Geophysical Engineer
Geotechnical Engineer
Hydrogeological Engineer - Engineering
Hydrogeology Engineer - Engineering
Supervising Engineer - Petrography
Supervising Engineer - Rock Sciences
2145 Petroleum Engineers Chief Petroleum Engineer
Drilling And Recovery Chief Engineer
Drilling And Recovery Petroleum Engineer
Exploitation Engineer - Oil And Gas
Exploitation Engineer - Petroleum
Mud Engineer
Mud Engineer - Petroleum Drilling
Natural Gas Engineer
Offshore Drilling Engineer
Offshore Drilling Rig Subsea Equipment Engineer
Oil And Gas Drilling Engineer
Oil And Gas Production Engineer
Oil Well Logging Engineer
Petroleum Engineer
Petroleum Production Engineer
Petroleum Reservoir Engineer
Petroleum Well Completion Engineer
Subsea Engineer
Well Logging Engineer
2146 Aerospace Engineers Aerodynamics Engineer
Aeronautical Engineer
Aeronautical Project Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer - Design And Development
Aerospace Engineer - Flight Operations
Aerospace Engineer - Flight Support
Aerospace Engineer - Flight Test
Aerospace Engineer - Mass Properties
Aerospace Engineer - Material Stress
Aerospace Engineer - Materials And Processes
Aerospace Engineer - Propulsion Systems
Aerospace Engineer - Systems
Aerospace Engineer - Systems Analysis
Aerospace Engineer - Weight And Balance
Aerospace Reliability Specialist
Aerospace Structural Engineer
Aerospace Systems Engineer
Aerospace Test Engineer
Aircraft Design Engineer
Engineer Weight Analyst - Aircraft Design
Propulsion Engineer - Aerospace Vehicles
Space Reliability Specialist
Stress Engineer - Aerospace
Structures Aerospace Engineer
Weight And Balance Engineer - Aerospace
2147 Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers And Designers) Application Specific Integrated Circuit (Asic) Design Engineer
Capacity Planning Analyst
Computer Engineer
Computer Engineer (Except Software)
Computer Hardware Engineer
Computer Systems Engineer
Computer Telecommunications Specialist
Data Communications Specialist
Fibre-Optic Network Designer
Hardware Circuit Board Designer
Hardware Design Engineer
Hardware Development Engineer
Hardware Engineer
Hardware Technical Architect
Infrastructure Architect - Information Technology (It)
Microprocessor Designer And Application Engineer
Microwave Systems Engineer
Microwave Transmission Systems Engineer
Network Architect - Computer Systems
Network Designer - Computer Systems
Network Engineer - Communication Hardware
Network Specialist - Computer Systems
Network Systems Engineer
Network Test Engineer
Optical Communications Engineer
Optical Communications Hardware Engineer
Optical Systems Engineer - Telecommunications
Radio Systems Engineer
Satellite Data Transmission Engineer
Spacecraft Electronics Engineer - Hardware
Systems Designer - Hardware
Technical Architect - Hardware
Telecommunications Engineer
Telecommunications Hardware Engineer
Telecommunications Hardware Specialist
Telecommunications Specialist - Computer Systems
Telecommunications Systems Specialist
Wireless Communications Network Engineer
2148 Other Professional Engineers, N.E.C Agricultural Engineer
Agronomy Engineer
Agroprocessing Engineer
Bioelectrical Engineer
Biomechanical Engineer
Biomedical Engineer
Biomedical Engineer - Research And Development
Bio-Resource Engineer
Clinical Biomedical Engineer
Dairy Plant Engineer
Engineer In Agronomy
Engineering Physicist
Engineering Scientist
Food Processing Engineer
Food Technology Engineer
Marine Engineer
Marine Systems Engineer
Naval Architect
Naval Engineer
Ship Construction Engineer
Shipbuilding Engineer
Textile Engineer
2151 Architects Architect
Architectural Standards Specialist
Chief Architect
Consulting Architect
Industrial And Commercial Buildings Architect
Residential Architect
Residential Building Architect
2152 Landscape Architects Golf Course Architect
Landscape Architect
Landscape Planner
2153 Urban And Land Use Planners City Planner
City Planner - Land Use
Community And Urban Planner
Community Planner
Community Recreation Planner
Environmental Planner
Heritage Planner - Land Use
Heritage Work Planner
Land Use Planner
Land Use Specialist
Long-Range Planner - Land Use
Mass Transit Services Analyst
Municipal Park Planner
Municipal Planner
Neighbourhood Planner
Park Planner
Planning Analyst - Land Use
Recreation Planner
Regional Planner
Senior Planner - Land Use
Site Planner
Town Planner
Transportation Planner
Transportation Route Planning Analyst
Urban And Regional Planner
Urban Planner
Urban Renovation Planner
Zoning Officer - Land Use
2154 Land Surveyors Cadastral Surveyor
Canada Lands Surveyor
City Surveyor
Commissioned Land Surveyor
Country Surveyor
Land Survey Supervisor
Land Surveying Party Chief
Land Surveyor
Legal Surveyor
Pipeline Surveyor
Port Surveyor
Professional Land Surveyor
Property Surveyor
Provincial Land Surveyor
Railway Surveyor
2161 Mathematicians, Statisticians And Actuaries Actuarial Analyst
Actuarial Assistant
Analysis Supervisor - Statistics
Applied Mathematician
Applied Statistician
Associate Actuary
Biological And Agricultural Science Statistician
Business And Economics Statistician
Casualty Actuary
Chemistry Statistician
Cipher Expert
Consulting Actuary
Consulting Pension Actuary
Education Statistician
Environmental Epidemiologist
Epidemiologist (Except Physician And Veterinarian)
Financial Statistician
Industrial Statistician
Insurance Actuary
Life Actuary
Mathematical Statistician
Medical Statistician
Operations Research Analyst
Operations Researcher
Opinion Polling Statistician
Physical Science And Engineering Statistician
Public Health Statistician
Research Mathematician
Sales Statistician
Senior Actuarial Analyst
Social Science Statistician
Statistical Analysis Supervisor
Statistical Analyst
Statistical Consultant
Statistical Methodologist
Survey Statistician
Vital Statistician
2171 Information Systems Analysts And Consultants Applications Analyst - Computer Systems
Artificial Intelligence Analyst
Artificial Intelligence Consultant
Business Continuity Analyst
Business Systems Analyst
Business Systems Specialist - Computer Systems
Computer Analyst
Computer Consultant
Computer Simulations Analyst
Computer Systems Analyst
Computer Systems Business Analyst
Computer Systems Development Co-Ordinator
Data Processing Consultant
Edp (Electronic Data Processing) Auditor
Electronic Data Processing (Edp) Auditor
Enterprise Architect - Information Technology (It)
Informatics Applications Analyst
Informatics Business Analyst
Informatics Consultant
Informatics Quality Assurance (Qa) Analyst
Informatics Security Analyst
Informatics Security Consultant
Information Systems Analyst - Computer Systems
Information Systems Business Analyst
Information Systems Contingency Planner
Information Systems Quality Assurance (Qa) Analyst
Information Systems Quality Assurance Analyst
Information Technology (It) Analyst
Information Technology (It) Business Analyst
Information Technology (It) Consultant
Interactive Media Consultant
Internet Security Analyst
It (Information Technology) Business Analyst
It (Information Technology) Consulting Account Manager
Management Information Systems (Mis) Analyst
Management Information Systems Consultant
Mis (Management Information Systems) Consultant
Multimedia Consultant
Simulations Analyst - Computer Systems
Software Qa (Quality Assurance) Analyst
Software Qa (Quality Assurance) Auditor
Software Quality Assurance (Qa) Analyst
Solutions Architect - Information Technology (It)
System Integration Analyst
System Integration Consultant
Systems Analyst
Systems Auditor
Systems Business Re-Engineering Analyst
Systems Consultant
Systems Quality Assurance (Qa) Analyst
Systems Security Analyst
Systems Security Planner
Systems Specialist - Computer Systems
2172 Database Analysts And Data Administrators Data Administrator
Data Analyst - Informatics And Systems
Data Custodian
Data Dictionary Administrator
Data Miner
Data Mining Analyst
Data Processing Specialist
Data Warehouse Analyst
Database Administrator (Dba)
Database Analyst
Database Analyst (Dba)
Database Architect
Database Architect (Dba)
Database Designer
Database Management Supervisor - Computer Systems
Database Manager
Dba (Database Administrator)
Dba (Database Analyst)
Dba (Database Architect)
Edp (Electronic Data Processing) Analyst
Electronic Data Processing (Edp) Specialist
Electronic Data Processing (Edp) Systems Analyst
Information Resource Analyst
Technical Architect - Database
2173 Software Engineers And Designers Application Architect
Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Designer
Artificial Intelligence Designer
Computer Applications Engineer
Computer Software Engineer
Computer Telecommunications Software Specialist
Embedded Software Engineer
Simulation Software Design Engineer
Software Architect
Software Design Engineer
Software Design Supervisor
Software Design Verification Engineer
Software Designer
Software Engineer
Software Systems Designer
Software Systems Integration Engineer
Software Technical Architect
Software Testing Engineer
Systems Applications Engineer
Systems Architect
Systems Designer - Software
Systems Engineer - Software
Systems Integration Engineer - Software
Technical Architect - Software
Telecommunications Software Engineer
Telecommunications Software Specialist
Test Engineer, Software
2174 Computer Programmers And Interactive Media Developers Animation Programmer
Application Programmer
Business Application Programmer
Computer Application Programmer
Computer Game Developer
Computer Programmer
Detail Programmer
Edp (Electronic Data Processing) Applications Programmer
Electronic Business (E-Business) Software Developer
Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) Software Developer
Electronic Data Processing (Edp) Applications Programmer
Graphical User Interface (Gui) Designer
Graphical User Interface (Gui) Developer
Interactive Media Developer
Interactive Media Programmer
Java Programmer
Mainframe Systems Programmer
Minicomputer Systems Programmer
Mobile Applications Developer
Multimedia Developer
Multimedia Programmer
Operating Systems Programmer
Pc (Personal Computer) Application Developer
Personal Computer (Pc) Application Developer
Programmer Analyst
Satellite Scientific Telecommunications Programmer
Scientific Programmer
Software Developer
Software Development Programmer
Software Programmer
Special Effects Programmer
Systems Programmer
Teleprocessing Software Programmer
Visual Basic Programmer
Web Programmer
2175 Web Designers And Developers Corporate Webmaster
E-Business (Electronic Business) Web Site Developer
E-Business Web Site Developer
E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) Web Site Developer
E-Commerce Web Site Developer
Internet Site Designer
Internet Site Developer
Intranet Site Designer
Intranet Site Developer
Web Designer
Web Developer
Web Integrator
Web Manager
Web Site Designer
Web Site Developer
2211 Chemical Technologists And Technicians Analytical Chemistry Technician
Analytical Chemistry Technologist
Biochemistry Laboratory Technician
Biochemistry Laboratory Technologist
Biochemistry Technician (Except Medical)
Biochemistry Technologist
Biochemistry Technologist (Except Medical)
Brewery Technician
Brewery Technician - Applied Chemistry
Cellulose Film Solutions Tester
Chemical Analysis Specialist
Chemical Analyst
Chemical Engineering Technician
Chemical Engineering Technologist
Chemical Forensic Lab Analyst
Chemical Laboratory Analyst
Chemical Laboratory Supervisor
Chemical Laboratory Technician
Chemical Laboratory Technologist
Chemical Process Analyst
Chemical Process Technologist
Chemical Processing Laboratory Tester
Chemical Processing Quality Control Technician
Chemical Processing Quality Control Technologist
Chemical Products Quality Control Technologist
Chemical Research Technician
Chemical Research Technologist
Chemical Technician
Chemical Technician - Heavy Water Plant And Nuclear Generating Station
Chemical Technologist
Compressed Gases Tester
Crime Scene Examiner
Documents Examiner - Applied Chemistry
Dyeing And Finishing Technician
Dyeing And Finishing Technologist
Dyeing Technician
Fingerprint Identification Technician
Food Processing Quality Control Technician
Food Processing Quality Control Technologist
Food Technician
Food Technologist
Forensic Examiner - Alcohol
Forensic Handwriting Expert
Forensic Laboratory Technician
Forest Products Technologist
Formulation Technician
Fuel Technician
Gas Chromatographer
Geochemical Technician
Geochemical Technologist
Home Economics Technologist
Industrial Hygiene Technologist
Laboratory Assistant - Applied Chemistry
Laboratory Tester
Laboratory Tester - Pulp And Paper
Latent Fingerprint Examiner
Mass Spectrometer Technician
Mass Spectrometer Technologist
Mass Spectrometry Technician
Master Dyer - Textiles
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Nmr) Chemical Technician
Paint Technician
Petrochemical Engineering Technician
Petrochemical Engineering Technologist
Petrochemical Laboratory Technologist
Petroleum Processing Tester
Petroleum Research Technologist
Petroleum Tester
Pharmaceuticals And Toiletries Inspector
Pharmaceuticals Inspector
Pilot Plant Technician
Pilot Plant Technologist
Plastics And Synthetic Resins Technician
Polymers Tester
Production Technician - Pharmaceuticals
Quality Control Technician - Chemical Processing
Quality Control Technician - Chemistry
Quality Control Technician - Food Processing
Quality Control Technologist - Chemical Processing
Quality Control Technologist - Food Processing
Spectroscopic Technologist
Synthetic Textiles Technician
Technician - Pharmaceutical Production
Textile Colour Technologist
Textile Dye Technician
Textile Dyeing Technician
Titanium Pigment Test Analyst
Water Purification Technician
2212 Geological And Mineral Technologists And Technicians Assayer
Assayer - Mineralogy
Diamond Drilling Technician
Drilling Fluid Technician
Foundry Laboratory Technician
Geological Engineering Technician
Geological Engineering Technologist
Geological Prospecting Technologist
Geological Survey Technician
Geological Technician
Geological Technologist
Geology Technical Assistant
Geophysical Data Technician
Geophysical Equipment Operator, Airborne
Geophysical Observer
Geophysical Prospecting Technologist
Geophysical Survey Technician
Geophysical Survey Technologist
Geophysical Technician
Geophysical Technologist
Gold Assayer
Gold Prospector
Gravity Data Technician
Groundwater Technologist
Heat Treat Technician
Hydrographic Survey Technician
Hydrographic Survey Technologist
Hydrological Technician
Hydrology Technician
Laboratory Technician - Metallurgy
Log Analyst
Log Technician
Magnetic Observer
Marine Geoscience Technologist
Metallurgical Control Analyst
Metallurgical Engineering Technician
Metallurgical Engineering Technologist
Metallurgical Technologist
Mine Analyst
Mine Development Technologist
Mine Production Technician
Mine Survey Technician
Mine Survey Technologist
Mineral Technician
Mineral Technologist
Mineralogy Technician
Mineralogy Technologist
Mining Engineering Technician
Mining Engineering Technologist
Mining Survey Technician
Mining Survey Technologist
Mining Technician
Mining Technologist
Mud Man/Woman - Petroleum Drilling
Oil Geology Technologist
Ore Technologist
Paleontology Technician
Palynology Technician
Petroleum Engineering Technician
Petroleum Engineering Technologist
Petroleum Field Technologist
Petroleum Geology Technologist
Petroleum Technician
Petrology Technician
Physical Metallurgy Technician
Physical Metallurgy Technologist
Precious Metal Assayer
Reservoir Engineering Technician
Rock Mechanics Technician
Sea-Bottom Technologist
Sea-Floor Technologist
Seismic Exploration Line Crew Co-Ordinator
Seismic Exploration Observer
Seismic Prospecting Observer
Seismic Survey Co-Ordinator
Seismic Technician
Seismology Technician - Petroleum Geology
Seismology Technologist - Petroleum Geology
Seismometer Technician
Soil Science Technician - Mining
Welding Technician - Mining
Welding Technologist
2221 Biological Technologists And Technicians Agricultural Sciences Technician
Agricultural Technician
Agricultural Technologist
Agrology Technician
Agrology Technologist
Agronomy Technician
Agronomy Technologist
Aquaculture Technician
Aquatic Biology Technician
Bacteriological Technician
Bacteriological Technologist
Biological Forensic Laboratory Technologist
Biological Laboratory Technologist
Biological Technician
Biological Technologist
Biotechnology Technician
Botanical Technician
Botanical Technologist
Crop Production Technician
Dairy Products Technician
Dairy Technologist
Ecological Technician
Ecological Technologist
Eel Culture Technician
Entomological Technician
Entomological Technologist
Field Crop Technician
Field Crop Technologist
Fish Culturist
Fish Farm Technologist
Fish Hatchery Technician
Fish Roe Technician
Fisheries Technician
Fisheries Technologist
Fishery Bacteriological Technician
Fishery Bacteriological Technologist
Food Bacteriological Technician
Food Bacteriological Technologist
Habitat Management Technician
Hair And Fibre Forensic Examiner
Ichthyological Technician
Ichthyological Technologist
Industrial Bacteriological Technician
Industrial Bacteriological Technologist
Life Sciences Research Technician
Lobster Culture Technician
Malacology Technician
Mammalogy Technician
Mammalogy Technologist
Marine Biological Technician
Marine Biology Technician
Marine Biology Technologist
Marine Culture Technologist
Marine Farming Technologist
Microbiological Technician
Microbiology Quality Control Technologist
Microbiology Technician (Except Medical)
Microbiology Technologist (Except Medical)
Mycological Technician
Mycological Technologist
Nanobiotechnology Technician
Natural Resources Technician - Biology
Ornithological Technician
Ornithological Technologist
Oyster Culture Technician
Pisciculture Bacteriological Technologist
Plant Breeding Technician
Plant Pathology Technician
Plant Pathology Technologist
Poultry Technician
Poultry Technologist
Sea-Farming Technologist
Seed Technologist
Soil Bacteriological Technician
Soil Bacteriological Technologist
Vaccine Technician
Virology Technologist
Wildlife Biology Technician
Wildlife Resources Technician
Wildlife Technician
Wildlife Technologist
Zoo Foreman/Woman
Zoo Supervisor
Zoological Technician
Zoological Technologist
2222 Agricultural And Fish Products Inspectors Agricultural Products Inspection Supervisor
Agricultural Products Inspector
Animal Health Inspector
Animal Primary Products Inspector
Assistant Grain Inspector
Bread Inspector
Butter Inspector
Contagious Animal Disease Prevention Inspector
Cream Inspector
Crop Certification Inspector
Dairy Products Inspector
Fish And Fish Products Inspector
Fish Inspector
Fish Inspector-Grader
Fish Products Inspection Supervisor
Fish Products Inspector
Flour Inspector
Food Products Inspector
Fruit And Vegetable Inspection Centre Supervisor
Fruit And Vegetables Inspector
Fruit Inspector
Grain Inspection Supervisor
Grain Inspector
Inspector Of Perishable Goods
Livestock Inspector
Meat Hygiene Inspector
Meat Inspection Supervisor
Meat Inspector
Milk Inspector
Plant Primary Products Inspector
Plant Protection Inspector
Poultry Inspector
Produce Inspector
Seed Crop Inspector
Seed Grains Inspector
Slaughtering And Meat Processing Plant Inspector
Vegetable Inspector
2223 Forestry Technologists And Technicians Chief Cruiser
Chief Scaler
Conservation Technician - Forestry
Crew Leader - Forest Fire Suppression
Cruising Technician - Forestry
Enforcement Officer - Forestry
Extension Forest Ranger
Extension Ranger - Forestry
Field Office Supervisor - Forestry
Fire Crew Leader - Forestry
Fire Suppression Crew Foreman/Woman - Forestry
Fire Suppression Officer - Forestry
Forest Engineering Technician
Forest Engineering Technologist
Forest Extension Technician
Forest Fire Officer
Forest Fire Ranger
Forest Fire Technician
Forest Firefighting Crew Leader
Forest Inventory Resource Officer
Forest Planning Technician
Forest Protection Co-Ordinator
Forest Regional Inventory Technician
Forest Research Technologist
Forest Resource Management Technician
Forest Resource Technician
Forest Survey Technician
Forest Technician
Forestry Conservation And Preservation Technician
Forestry Conservation And Preservation Technologist
Forestry Conservation Research Technician
Forestry Conservation Research Technologist
Forestry Conservation Technician
Forestry Conservation Technologist
Forestry Crew Co-Ordinator
Forestry Extension Technician
Forestry Technician
Forestry Technician Supervisor
Forestry Technologist
Log Grader
Log Scaler
Natural Resources Technician - Forestry
Nursery Technician - Forestry
Protection Co-Ordinator - Forestry
Range Conservationist
Range Manager
Research Assistant - Forestry
Resource Technician - Forestry
Scaler - Forestry
Scaler Technician - Logging
Scalers Supervisor
Scaling Co-Ordinator - Logging
Senior Fire Control Technician
Silviculture Technician
Silviculture Technologist
Timber Cruiser
Timber Marker
Timber Rider
Timber Scaler
Timber Technician
2224 Conservation And Fishery Officers Conservation Officer
District Inspector - Fisheries
District Supervisor - Fisheries
Dockside Monitor - Fisheries
Dockside Observer - Fisheries
Fish And Game Warden
Fish And Wildlife Officer
Fisheries Inspector
Fisheries Inspector Supervisor
Fisheries Observer
Fisheries Officer
Fisheries Officer Supervisor
Fishery Officer
Fishing Area Supervisor
Forest Ranger - Wildlife Management
Game Officer
Game Warden
Natural Resources Officer
Park Ranger
2225 Landscape And Horticulture Technicians And Specialists Arboriculturist
Golf Course Superintendent
Greens Superintendent
Horticultural Technician
Horticultural Technologist
Horticulture Specialist
Horticulture Technician
Horticulture Technologist
Hydroponics Technician
Interior Plantscape Specialist
Irrigation Technician (Except Agriculture)
Landscape Architectural Technician
Landscape Architectural Technologist
Landscape Designer
Landscape Gardener
Landscape Horticulturist
Landscape Technician
Lawn Care Specialist
Lawn Care Superintendent
Plant Doctor
Plantscape Technician
Tree And Shrub Specialist
Tree Service Technician
Turfgrass Management Specialist
2231 Civil Engineering Technologists And Technicians Agricultural Engineering Technician
Air Pollution Field Technician
Architectural And Engineering Technologists And Technicians Supervisor
Bridge Design Technician
Building Materials Technician
Civil Engineering Design Technologist
Civil Engineering Studies Technologist
Civil Engineering Technician
Civil Engineering Technologist
Concrete Technician
Construction Engineering Technician
Construction Requirements Writer
Construction Specifications Writer
Construction Technician
Construction Technician - Civil Engineering
Construction Technologist
Corrosion Technician
Corrosion Technologist
Environmental Technician
Foundation Technologist
Highway Construction Materials Testing Technician
Highway Technician
Highway Traffic Technician
Land Use Technician
Materials Testing Technician
Materials Testing Technologist
Measures Technician
Municipal Engineering Assistant
Noise Abatement Technician
Noise Reduction Technician
Pollution Control Technician
Railway Technician
Road Technician
Road Traffic Technician
Soil Technologist - Civil Engineering
Soil Testing Technologist
Soil Testing Technologist - Civil Engineering
Solid Waste Disposal Technician
Structural Design Technologist
Structural Engineering Technician
Structural Investigator
Traffic Technician - Civil Engineering
Traffic Technologist
Urban Planning Technician
Water Distribution Systems Technician
2232 Mechanical Engineering Technologists And Technicians Aeronautical Technologist
Aerospace Engineering Technician
Aerospace Engineering Technologist
Automation Technologist
Cryonics Engineering Technologist
Die Designer
Equipment Development Technician
Heating Designer
Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning Technician
Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning (Hvac) Systems Specialist
Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning (Hvac) Technologist
Home Automation Technician
House Automation Technician
Machine Designer
Machine Tool Designer
Marine Engineering Technologist
Mechanical Engineering Design Technologist
Mechanical Engineering Development Technologist
Mechanical Engineering Equipment Designer
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technologist
Mechanical Equipment Engineering Assistant
Mechanical Marine Engineering Technician
Mechanical Technical Inspector
Mechanical Technologist
Mould Designer
Nuclear Engineering Technician
Nuclear Engineering Technologist
Nuclear Technologist
Power Equipment Design Technician
Robotics Servicing Technician
Robotics Systems Installer And Repairer
Robotics Technician
Robotics Technologist
Ship Repair Technician
Thermal Station Technician
Tool And Die Designer
Tool Designer
Vibration Technologist
Wind Tunnel Test Technician
Wind Tunnel Test Technologist
2233 Industrial Engineering And Manufacturing Technologists And Technicians 3D Cnc (Computer Numerical Control) Programmer
Cad/Cam Programmer
Cnc (Computer Numerical Control) Programmer
Cnc (Computer Numerically Controlled) Technologist
Cnc/Cmm (Computer Numerically Controlled Coordinate Measuring Machine) Programmer
Computer Numerical Control (Cnc) Mastercam Programmer
Computer Numerically Controlled Coordinate Measuring Machine (Cnc/Cmm) Programmer
Computer-Assisted Design/Computer-Assisted Manufacturing (Cad/Cam) Programmer
Fabric Design Technologist
Fire Protection Technician - Manufacturing
Industrial Engineering Analyst
Industrial Engineering Technician
Industrial Engineering Technologist
Injection Moulding Technician
Inventory Control Technician
Loss Prevention Technologist - Manufacturing
Manufacturing Cost Estimator
Manufacturing Technician
Manufacturing Technician - Industrial Engineering
Manufacturing Technologist
Materials Handling Technician
Methods Designer
Nc (Numerical Control) Programmer
Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Programmer (Except Operators)
Numerically Controlled Tool Programmer
Operations Research Technologist
Planning Technician
Plant Layout Technician
Plastics Manufacturing Technician
Plastics Moulding Technician
Plastics Technician
Production And Quality Control Technologist
Production Control Technologist
Production Planning Technician
Production Technologist - Sawmill
Programmer, Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing, Numerical Control (Cad/Cam Nc)
Pulp And Paper Manufacturing Technologist
Pulp And Paper Technician
Pulp And Paper Technologist
Quality Assurance Technologist
Quality Control Technician (Except Chemical)
Quality Control Technologist - Industrial Engineering
Quality Control Technologist (Except Chemical)
Scheduling Technician - Manufacturing
Textile Technician
Textile Technologist
Time Study Analyst
Time Study Technologist
Tool Programming Technologist
2234 Construction Estimators Building Construction Estimator
Certified Construction Estimator
Chief Estimator - Construction
Construction Cost Consultant
Construction Cost Estimator
Construction Estimator
Contractors Estimator
Cost Estimator - Construction
Electrical And Mechanical Quantity Surveyor
Electrical Estimator - Construction
Junior Estimator - Construction
Mechanical Estimator - Construction
Plumbing Estimator - Construction
Principal Estimator - Construction
Professional Estimator - Construction
Professional Quantity Surveyor
Quantity Surveyor - Construction
Quantity Surveyor-Estimator
Senior Estimator - Construction
Trade Contractor Estimator - Construction
2241 Electrical And Electronics Engineering Technologists And Technicians Audio Amplifier Repairer - Production
Biomedical And Laboratory Equipment Repairer
Biomedical Engineering Technologist
Calibration Tester
Circuit Designer - Railway
Communications Technologist
Computer Communications Technician
Computer Hardware Technologist
Computer Inspector-Tester
Control Panels Tester
Control Systems Tester
Development Technologist - Telecommunications
Digital Electronics Technician
Distribution Planning Technologist
Drilling Rigs Electronic Technician
Electrical And Electronics Design Technologist
Electrical And Electronics Quality Control Technologist
Electrical Engineering Design Technologist
Electrical Engineering Technician
Electrical Engineering Technologist
Electrical Power Supply System Technician
Electrical Power System Planning Technician
Electrical Power System Technician
Electrical Technician
Electricity Distribution Network Technologist
Electromechanical Technician
Electromedical Equipment Technician
Electronic Components Inspection Technician
Electronic Equipment Maintenance Technician
Electronic Production Repairer
Electronic Prototype Technologist
Electronic Systems Tester
Electronics Design Technologist
Electronics Engineering Design Technologist
Electronics Engineering Technician
Electronics Engineering Technologist
Electronics Manufacturing Technician
Electronics Manufacturing Technologist
Electronics Production Support Technician
Electronics Quality Control Troubleshooter
Electronics Technician
Engineering Technologist - Electrical Power Distribution
Fibre Optics Technician
Fibre Optics Technologist
Flight Simulator Technician
Holographics Technician
Holographics Technologist
Home Lighting Technician
Hospital Electronic Equipment Repairer
Laser Technician
Lead Flight Simulator Technician
Lighting Technologist
Lines Distribution Design Technologist
Medical Instruments Repairer
Medical Laboratory Equipment Repairer
Metering Technologist
Metrics Technologist
Metrology Technician
Metrology Technologist
Microwave Maintenance Technician
Optics Technologist
Paramedical Equipment Repairer
Physical Sciences Laboratory Technician
Physics Department Electronics Technologist
Production Support Technician - Electronics Manufacturing
Protection Technologist - Electrical Power System
Radar Systems Technician
Radar Technician
Radio Frequency Technologist
Repairer - Electronics Production
Research Laboratory Equipment Repairer
Satellite Technician
Satellite Technologist
Satellite Verification Technologist
Sonar Technician
Space Vision Technologist
Test Equipment Repairer - Oil Exploration
Test Technician
Underground Distribution Technologist - Electrical Power
2242 Electronic Service Technicians (Household And Business Equipment) Alarm System Technician
Alarm Systems Installer
Amplifier Repairer
Audio Stereo Technician
Audio-Video Repair Technician
Audio-Video Service Technician
Audiovisual (Av) Equipment Installer And Repairer
Audiovisual (Av) Equipment Repair Supervisor
Automatic Teller Machine (Atm) Servicer
Business Machine Servicer
Closed Circuit Television Installer
Computer Equipment Installer
Computer Equipment Repairer
Computer Equipment Technician - Household And Business Equipment
Computer Field Service Technician
Computer Repair Technician
Computer Service Technician
Electronic Cash Registers Servicer
Electronic Equipment Installation And Repair Supervisor
Electronic Equipment Repairer
Electronic Game Technician - Household And Business Equipment
Electronic Games Repairer
Electronic Games Technician
Electronic Music Equipment Installer And Repairer
Electronic Organ Repairer
Electronic Products Field Service Technician
Electronic Service Technician Apprentice
Electronic Service Technician Supervisor
Electronics Technician - Consumer Products
Electronics Technician - Household And Business Equipment
Field Service Technician - Household And Business Equipment
Fire Alarm Electronics Technician
Fire Alarm Systems Installer And Servicer
Hearing Aid Repairer
Household And Business Equipment Technician
Installer And Repairer - Household And Business Equipment
Office Equipment Service Technician
Office Machine Repairer
Photocopier Repairer
Photocopier Servicer
Photocopy Machine Servicer
Photocopy Machine Technician
Photoelectric Sorting Machine Repairer
Public Address (P.A.) System Installer And Repairer
Radio And Television Service Technician
Radio And Television Service Technician Apprentice
Radio Communication Equipment Repairer
Radio Installation And Repair Technician
Radio Maintenance Technician
Radio Repair Supervisor
Radio Repairer
Satellite Antenna Servicer
Security Alarms Installer
Security Alarms Technician
Service Technician - Household And Business Equipment
Service Technicians Supervisor - Household And Business Equipment
Slot Machine Technician - Casino
Stereo Repair Technician
Synthesizer Repairer
Technical Service Representative - Household And Business Equipment
Television Camera Repairer
Television Installation And Repair Technician
Television Repair Supervisor
Television Repairer
Television Servicer
Television Studio Equipment Repairer
Totalizator Systems Technician
Video Camera Repairer - Household And Business Equipment
Video Cassette Recorder Repairer
Video Equipment Installation And Repair Technician - Household And Business Equipment
2243 Industrial Instrument Technicians And Mechanics Apprentice Industrial Instrument Mechanic
Apprentice Instrument Mechanic
Heavy Water Plant Control Technician
Industrial Instrument Mechanic
Industrial Instrument Panel Repairer
Industrial Instrument Service Technician
Industrial Instrument Technician
Industrial Instrumentation And Electrical Technician
Industrial Instrumentation Technician
Industrial Process Control Equipment Repairer
Instrument Maintenance Mechanic
Instrument Mechanic - Utilities
Measurement Technician - Oil And Gas Installation
Nuclear Generating Station And Heavy Water Plant Control Technician
Nucleonic Controller Repairer
Precision Instrument Mechanic
Process Control Equipment Mechanic
Process Control Equipment Repairer
Process Control Equipment Service Technician
2244 Aircraft Instrument, Electrical And Avionics Mechanics, Technicians And Inspectors Aircraft And Missile Electrotechnician - Avionics
Aircraft Avionics Technician
Aircraft Electrical Equipment Inspector And Tester
Aircraft Electrical Inspector
Aircraft Electrical Mechanic
Aircraft Electrical System Mechanic
Aircraft Electrical Technician
Aircraft Electrician
Aircraft Electronic Components Technician
Aircraft Electronic Equipment Inspector And Tester
Aircraft Electronic Equipment Installer
Aircraft Electronic System Mechanic
Aircraft Electronics Inspector
Aircraft Instrument Inspector
Aircraft Instrument Mechanic
Aircraft Instrument Technician
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Ame) - Avionics
Apprentice Avionics Technician
Aviation Electrical Components Technician
Aviation Electronic Components Technician
Aviation Instrument Technician
Avionics And Electronics Calibration Specialist
Avionics Inspector
Avionics Maintenance Technician
Avionics Mechanic
Avionics Systems Installer
Avionics Technician
Certified Avionics Technician
Communications Equipment Repairer - Avionics
Electrical Accessories Shop Inspector - Avionics
Electrical And Electronics Technician - Avionics
Electronic Accessories Repair And Overhaul Mechanic - Avionics
Electronics Mechanic - Avionics
Electrotechnician - Avionics
Instrument Inspector And Tester - Avionics
Instrument Mechanic - Avionics
Instrument Overhaul And Repair Mechanic - Avionics
Instrument Overhaul Technician - Avionics
Instrument Shop Inspector - Avionics
Instruments And Accessories Inspector - Avionics
Missile Electronics Inspector
Missile Electrotechnician - Avionics
Precision Instrument Technician - Avionics
Radio And Electronic Overhaul And Repair Mechanic - Avionics
Radio And Radar Equipment Inspector - Avionics
Radio And Radar Equipment Installer - Avionics
Radio Communication Equipment Repairer - Avionics
Radio Communication Equipment Repairman/Woman - Avionics
Rocket Components Mechanic - Avionics
Shop Inspector - Avionics
2251 Architectural Technologists And Technicians Architectural Assistant
Architectural Design Technician
Architectural Design Technologist
Architectural Technician
Architectural Technologist
Registered Building Technician
Registered Building Technologist
Residential Buildings Technologist
2252 Industrial Designers Business Products Designer
Consumer Products Designer
Container Designer
Ergonomic Products Designer
Fixture Designer
Furniture Designer
Industrial Design Consultant
Industrial Designer
Industrial Products Designer
Product Designer
Toy Designer - Industrial Design
2253 Drafting Technologists And Technicians Aeronautical Draftsperson
Air Conditioning Systems Draftsperson
Architectural Draftsperson
Cad (Computer-Assisted Drafting)
Cad (Computer-Assisted Drafting) Draftsperson - Printed Circuit Boards
Cad Operator
Chief Draftsperson
Civil Draftsperson
Commercial Draftsperson
Computer-Aided Design (Cad) Specialist - Drafting
Computer-Aided Design (Cad) Technologist
Computer-Aided Drafting (Cad) Technician
Computer-Assisted Design And Drafting Technologist
Computer-Assisted Drafting (Cad) Technician
Computer-Assisted Electromechanical Design Draftsperson
Design And Drafting Technologist
Design Draftsperson
Design Technician - Drafting
Design Technologist - Drafting
Detail Draftsperson
Detailer - Structural Steel Drafter
Drafting Checker
Drafting Clerk
Drafting Design Checker
Drafting Group Leader
Drafting Office Supervisor
Drafting Supervisor
Drafting Technician
Drafting Technologist
Drafting Tracer
Draftsperson - Computer-Assisted Design
Draftspersons Supervisor
Electrical Drafting Supervisor
Electrical Draftsperson
Electrical Marine Draftsperson
Electromechanical Draftsperson
Electronic Draftsperson
Engineering Design And Drafting Technologist
Engineering Draftsperson
General Draftsperson
Geological Draftsperson
Geophysical Draftsperson
Heating And Ventilation Systems Draftsperson
Heating Systems Draftsperson
Hull Draftsperson - Shipbuilding And Repair
Hydraulic Machinery Draftsperson
Marine Drafting Supervisor
Mechanical Building Draftsperson
Mechanical Design Draftsperson
Mechanical Draftsperson
Mine Draftsperson
Municipal Draftsperson
Optical Draftsperson
Petroleum Exploration Draftsperson
Piping Draftsperson
Process Piping Draftsperson
Refrigeration Systems Draftsperson
Ship Detail Draftsperson
Shipbuilding Draftsperson
Steel Detailer - Drafting
Steel Frame Draftsman/Woman
Steel Frame Draftsperson
Structural Draftsperson
Structural Steel Detailer
Structural Steel Drafter-Detailer
Structural Steel Draftsperson
Survey Draftsperson
Technical Illustrator - Drafting
Tool Checker - Drafting
Tool Design Draftsperson
2254 Land Survey Technologists And Technicians Engineering Survey Technician
Engineering Survey Technologist
Geodetic Survey Technician
Geodetic Survey Technologist
Geomatics Technician - Land Surveying
Geomatics Technologist - Land Surveying
Instrument Man/Woman - Surveying
Land Survey Technician
Land Survey Technologist
Legal Survey Assistant
Legal Survey Technician
Legal Survey Technologist
Plane Table Operator - Surveying
Topographic Survey Technician
Topographic Survey Technologist
Transit Man/Woman - Surveying
Transit Operator - Surveying
2255 Technical Occupations In Geomatics And Meteorology Aerial Photograph Analyst
Aerial Photograph Interpreter
Aerial Photograph Technician
Aerial Survey Technician
Aerial Survey Technologist
Aerological Observer
Aerological Technician
Airborne Data Acquisition Specialist
Avalanche Controller
Avalanche Observer
Cartographic Compiler
Cartographic Draftsman/Woman
Cartographic Technician
Cartographic Technologist
Climate Data Processor
Climate Service Technician
Climatological Technician
Geographic Information Systems (Gis) Technician
Geographic Information Systems (Gis) Technologist
Geological Information System Technician
Geological Information System Technologist
Geological Mapping Technician
Geomatics Technician - Aerial Surveys
Geomatics Technician - Cartography
Geomatics Technician - Geographical Information Systems (Gis)
Geomatics Technician - Photogrammetry
Geomatics Technician - Remote Sensing
Geomatics Technologist - Aerial Surveys
Geomatics Technologist - Cartography
Geomatics Technologist - Geographical Information Systems
Geomatics Technologist - Photogrammetry
Geomatics Technologist - Remote Sensing
Ice Conditions Service Specialist - Meteorology
Ice Observer
Land Information System (Lis) Technician
Land Information System (Lis) Technologist
Map Draftsman/Woman
Map Editor
Mapping Technician
Meteorological Aide
Meteorological Inspector
Meteorological Technician
Photo Cartographer
Photogrammetric Technician
Photogrammetric Technologist
Remote Sensing (Rs) Application Specialist
Remote Sensing (Rs) Technician
Remote Sensing (Rs) Technologist
Snow Controller
Softcopy Photogrammetrist
Surface Weather Observer
Weather Briefer
Weather Chart Plotter
Weather Forecast Presentation Technician
Weather Station Officer-In-Charge
Weather Station Operations Technician
2261 Non-Destructive Testers And Inspection Technicians Acoustic Emission Technician
Acoustic Emission Tester
Aircraft Non-Destructive Inspection Technician
Black Light Technician - Non-Destructive Testing
Boiler Tester
Dye Penetrant Technician
Dye Penetrant Tester
Eddy Current Technician
Eddy Current Tester
Fluorescent Penetrant Testing Technician
Fluoroscope Tester
Forging Tester
Hydrostatic Tester
Industrial Radiographer
Industrial Radiographer - Radiotelephony
Infrared Technician
Infrared Tester
Infrared Thermographer
Infrared Thermography Technician
Liquid Penetrant Technician - Non-Destructive Testing
Liquid Penetrant Testing Technician
Magnetic Particle Technician
Magnetic Particle Tester
Magnetic Particle Testing Technician
Maintenance Technician - Non-Destructive Testing (Ndt)
Non-Destructive Examination Technician
Non-Destructive Examiner
Non-Destructive Inspection Technician
Non-Destructive Inspection Tester
Non-Destructive Inspector
Non-Destructive Test Technician
Non-Destructive Tester
Non-Destructive Testing Maintenance (Ndt) Technician
Non-Destructive Testing Trainee
Pipe Tester - Non-Destructive Testing
Pipeline Testing Technician - Non-Destructive Testing
Pressure Tank Tester
Pressure Vessel Tester
Qualified Operator - Non-Destructive Testing
Radiographic Technician - Non-Destructive Testing
Radiographic Tester
Reflectoscope Tester
Ultrasonic Immersion Tester
Ultrasonic Technician - Non-Destructive Testing
Ultrasonic Tester
Ultrasonic Testing Technician
Ultraviolet Light Testing Technician
Vibration Analysis Technician - Non-Destructive Testing
Visual Inspection Technician - Welding
Weld Tester
2262 Engineering Inspectors And Regulatory Officers Air Carrier Maintenance Inspector
Air Transport Inspector
Airworthiness Inspector
Ammunition Safety Inspector
Boiler And Machinery Inspector
Boiler Inspector
Broadcast Interference Inspector
Cargo Surveyor
Consumer Affairs Inspector
Crane Inspector
Electricity And Gas Meter Inspector
Elevator Inspector
Engineering Department Inspector
Engineering Department Inspector - Local Government
Engineering Inspector
Engineering Regulatory Officer
Escalator Inspector
Flight Operations Inspector
Freight Car Inspector
Insurance Loss Prevention Inspector
Lifting Gear Inspector
Loss Prevention Inspector - Insurance
Marine Cargo Surveyor
Marine Damage Surveyor
Marine Surveyor
Measurement Specialist - Oil And Gas
Measurement Technician - Oil And Gas Inspection
Motor Transportation Inspector
Motor Transportation Regulations Officer
Motor Vehicle Defects Investigator
Motor Vehicle Inspector
Pipeline Equipment Inspector
Pipeline Inspector
Quality Assurance Officer
Radio Interference Investigator
Railway Accident Investigation Officer
Railway Inspector
Road Safety Inspector
Ship Inspector
Tensile Strength Inspector
Weights And Measures Inspector
2263 Inspectors In Public And Environmental Health And Occupational Health And Safety Beauty Salon Inspector
Dangerous Goods Inspector - Railway Transport
Dangerous Waste Inspector
Enforcement Officer - Environmental Health
Environmental Health And Safety Technician
Environmental Health And Safety Technologist
Environmental Health Inspector
Environmental Health Inspectors Supervisor
Environmental Health Officer
Environmental Health Officers Supervisor
Environmental Officer
Field Supervisor - Occupational Health And Safety
Flood Damage Inspector
Food Inspector
Hazardous Waste Inspector
Hazardous Waste Inspector - Environmental Health
Hazardous Waste Management Technologist
Health And Safety Advisor
Health And Safety Inspector
Health And Safety Officer
Health And Safety Technician
Health And Safety Technologist
Health Officers Supervisor
Health Standards Inspector
Hotel And Restaurant Inspector - Public Health
Industrial Health Officer
Industrial Hygiene Inspector
Industrial Safety Officer - Occupational Health And Safety
Industrial Waste Control Inspector
Labour Affairs Officer - Occupational Health And Safety
Labour Standards Officer
Labour Standards Officer - Occupational Health And Safety
Mine Examiner
Mine Safety Inspector
Nursing Home Inspector
Occupational Health And Safety Consultant (Ohs)
Occupational Health And Safety Inspector
Occupational Health And Safety Officer
Occupational Health Inspector
Occupational Health Officer
Occupational Health Supervisor
Occupational Hygiene Inspector
Occupational Hygiene Technician
Occupational Hygienist Technologist
Occupational Safety Inspector
Occupational Safety Officer
Pollution Control Inspector
Prevention Officer - Occupational Health And Safety
Public Health Inspector
Public Health Inspectors Supervisor
Public Health Safety Inspector
Public Health Unit Supervisor
Quarantine Officer - Public Health
Radiation Monitor
Radiation Surveyor
Restaurant Inspector
Restaurant Inspector - Public Health
Rodent Control Inspector
Rodent Control Officer
Safety And Sanitary Inspector - Public And Environmental Health
Safety Officer
Safety Practitioner
Safety Supervisor - Occupational Health And Safety
Sanitary Department Inspector - Environmental Health
Sanitary Standards Inspector
Sewage Disposal Inspector - Environmental Health
Waste Water Treatment Plant Inspector
Water Inspector
Welfare Institute Inspector - Public Health
2264 Construction Inspectors Boiler Installation Inspector
Bridge And Building Inspector
Bridge Inspector
Bridge Inspector - Construction And Maintenance
Building Construction Inspector
Building Construction Inspector Foreman/Woman
Building Inspector
Building Inspector - Electrical Wiring
Building Inspector - Structure
Building Safety Inspector
Canada Mortgage And Housing Corporation (Cmhc) Inspector
Carpentry Inspector
Closed Circuit Tv Sewer Inspector
Cmhc (Canada Mortgage And Housing Corporation) Inspector
Compliance Inspector - Buildings
Construction Field Inspector
Construction Inspector
Construction Inspector And Tester
Construction Inspector Supervisor
Construction Safety Officer
Dam Construction Inspector
Ditch Construction Inspector
Electrical Energy Installation Inspector
Electrical Inspector - Construction
Electrical Installation Inspector
Electrical Safety Inspector
Electrical Wiring Inspector - Construction
Flood Damage Inspector - Construction Sites
Highway Construction Inspector
Highway Construction Inspector Foreman/Woman
Home Construction Inspector
Home Inspector
Housing Construction Inspector
Housing Rehabilitation Inspector
Industrial Construction Safety Inspector
Industrial Electric Installation Inspector
Irrigation Inspector - Construction
Maintenance Inspector - Construction
Masonry Inspector
Mine Construction Inspector
Mine Inspector, Construction
Pipeline Construction Inspector
Pipeline Construction Inspector Foreman/Woman
Pipeline Inspector Foreman/Woman
Plumbing Inspector
Pre-Stressed Concrete Inspector
Public Works Inspector - Construction
Refinery Equipment Inspector
Reinforced Concrete Inspector
Road Construction Inspector
Road Grading Inspector
Road Paving Inspector
Safety Officer - Construction
Sand And Gravel Inspector - Construction
Sewer Construction Inspector
Soil Inspector - Construction
Structural Ironwork Inspector
Structural Steel Inspector
Tunnel Construction Inspector
Waterworks Construction Inspector
Wiring Inspector - Domestic Installation
Wiring Inspector - Industrial Installation
2271 Air Pilots, Flight Engineers And Flying Instructors Aerial Crop Duster
Aerial Sprayer
Aerial Survey Flight Supervisor
Aerial Survey Pilot
Air Navigator
Air Patrol Pilot
Air Pilot
Air Pilot And Flight Engineer Supervisor
Air Pilots And Navigators Supervisor
Airline Pilot
Airline Pilot Instructor
Airline Test Pilot
Airplane Pilot
Bush Pilot
Business Aircraft Pilot
Captain - Air Transport
Charter Pilot
Check Pilot
Chief Flying Instructor
Chief Pilot
Chief Pilot - Air Transport
Commercial Airline Pilot
Commercial Pilot
Co-Pilot - Air Transport
Corporate Pilot
Crop Duster
Engineering Test Pilot
Executive Pilot
Experimental Test Pilot
Fire Patrol Pilot
First Officer - Air Transport
Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer - Air Transport
Flight Instructor
Flight Simulator Instructor
Flying Instructor
Forest Spray Pilot
Forestry Patrol Pilot
Helicopter Chief Pilot
Helicopter Flight Instructor
Helicopter Pilot
Mapping Pilot
Navigator - Air Transport
Pilot - Air Transport
Pilot Instructor
Pipeline Air Patrol Pilot
Power Line Air Patrol Pilot
Relief Pilot
Remote Sensing Pilot
Second Officer - Air Transport
Spray Pilot
Survey Pilot
Test Pilot
Topographic Survey Pilot
Water Bomber Pilot
2272 Air Traffic Controllers And Related Occupations Air Traffic Control Assistant
Air Traffic Control Chief
Air Traffic Control Officer
Air Traffic Controller (Atc)
Air Traffic Co-Ordinator
Airline Dispatcher
Airport Air Traffic Controller
Atc (Air Traffic Controller)
Chief Air Traffic Controller
Enroute Air Traffic Controller
Flight Dispatch Assistant
Flight Dispatcher
Flight Operations Officer
Flight Service Specialist (Fss)
Head Air Traffic Controller
Instrument Flight Rules Air Traffic Controller
Terminal Air Traffic Controller
Tower Controller - Air Traffic
Visual Flight Rules Air Traffic Controller
2273 Deck Officers, Water Transport Apprentice Master - Minor Waters
Captain - Water Transport
Coast Guard Vessel Chief Officer
Coast Guard Vessel Commanding Officer
Coast Guard Vessel First Watchkeeping Officer
Coast Guard Vessel Navigation Officer
Coast Guard Vessel Second Officer
Coast Guard Vessel Second Watchkeeping Officer
Coast Guard Vessel Third Officer
Coast Guard Vessel Third Watchkeeping Officer
Coast Guard Vessel Watchkeeping Officer
Commanding Officer - Water Transport
Deck Officer - Cadet
Deck Officer - Water Transport
Dredge Captain
Dredge Commanding Officer
Dredge Mate
Ferryboat Captain
Ferryboat First Mate
Ferryboat Master
Ferryboat Operator
First Mate - Inland Waters
Foreign-Going First Mate
Foreign-Going Second Mate
Harbour Pilot
Home Trade First Mate
Home Trade Master
Home Trade Mate
Home Trade Second Mate
Hovercraft Master
Inland Navigation Mate
Master - Inland Waters
Master - Minor Waters
Master - Water Transport
Master Mariner
Master, Self-Propelled Drilling Rig
Mate - Water Transport
Merchant Navy Mate
Navigation Officer - Water Transport
Offshore Drilling Rig First Mate
Offshore Rig Captain
Offshore Rig Commanding Officer
Passenger Ship Captain
Pilot - Water Transport
River Pilot
Riverboat Captain
Second Deck Officer
Second Mate
Second Mate - Inland Waters
Self-Propelled Barge Captain
Self-Propelled Barge Deck Officer
Self-Propelled Drilling Rig Captain
Self-Propelled Drilling Rig First Mate
Self-Propelled Drilling Rig Mate
Self-Propelled Oil Rig Deck Officer
Ship Chief Officer
Ship First Mate
Ship Junior Mate
Ship Master
Ship Operation Chief Officer
Ship Pilot
Ship Second Mate
Ship Third Mate
Ship Watchkeeping Mate
Ship'S Captain
Ship'S Mate
Tugboat Captain
Tugboat Master
Tugboat Skipper
Watchkeeping Officer - Water Transport
2274 Engineer Officers, Water Transport Apprentice Marine Engineer Officer
Assistant Engineer - Water Transport
Chief Engineer - Water Transport
Chief Marine Engineer - Water Transport
Coast Guard Vessel Chief Engineer
Coast Guard Vessel First Watchkeeping Engineer
Coast Guard Vessel Marine Engineer Officer
Coast Guard Vessel Second Engineer
Coast Guard Vessel Second Watchkeeping Engineer
Coast Guard Vessel Senior Engineer
Coast Guard Vessel Third Engineer
Coast Guard Vessel Third Watchkeeping Engineer
Engineer Officer - Water Transport
Factory Freezer Trawler Chief Marine Engineer
Factory Freezer Trawler First Engineer
Factory Freezer Trawler Second Engineer
Fishing Vessel Chief Engineer
Fishing Vessel Engineer Officer
Fourth Engineer - Water Transport
Junior Engineer - Water Transport
Marine Engineer Officer
Marine Engineer Officer - Water Transport
Marine Engineer Officer-Cadet (Except Armed Forces)
Marine Second Engineer - Water Transport
Marine Senior Engineer - Water Transport
Mobile Platform Chief Engineer - Offshore Drilling
Offshore Drilling Rig Marine Engineer Officer
Second Engineer
Second Engineer - Water Transport
Self-Propelled Barge Marine Engineer Officer
Self-Propelled Drilling Rig Chief Engineer
Self-Propelled Drilling Rig First Engineer
Self-Propelled Drilling Rig Marine Engineer Officer
Self-Propelled Drilling Rig Second Engineer
Ship Engineer Officer
Third Engineer - Water Transport
Tugboat Engineer
2275 Railway Traffic Controllers And Marine Traffic Regulators Centralized Traffic Control (Ctc) Operator - Railway Traffic
Centralized Traffic Controller - Railway Traffic
Chief Rail Traffic Controller
Chief Train Dispatcher
Ctc (Centralized Traffic Control) Operator - Railway Traffic
Head Train Dispatcher
Locomotive Dispatcher
Marine Traffic Controller
Marine Traffic Regulator
Rail Traffic Controller
Train Dispatcher
Train Dispatchers Supervisor
Train Operator
Waterway Traffic Checker
2281 Computer Network Technicians Computer Master Console Operator
Computer Network Technician
Computer Network Technicians' Supervisor
Computer Operations Supervisor
Computer Tape Librarian
Data Centre Operator
Digital Computer Operator
Internet Web Site Technician
Lan (Local Area Network) Administrator
Lan (Local Area Network) Manager
Lan (Local Area Network) Operator
Lan (Local Area Network) Technician
Local Area Network (Lan) Administrator
Local Area Network (Lan) Manager
Local Area Network (Lan) Operator
Local Area Network (Lan) Technician
Network Administrator
Network Controller
Network Operator
Network Support Analyst
Network Support Technician
Server Administrator
System Administrator
Wan (Wide Area Network) Administrator
Wan (Wide Area Network) Technician
Web Site Administrator
Web Technician
Wide Area Network (Wan) Administrator
Wide Area Network (Wan) Technician
2282 User Support Technicians Call Centre Agent - Technical Support
Client Support Representative - Systems
Computer Help Desk Representative - Systems
Computer Help Desk Supervisor
Deskside Support Technician
Hardware Installation Technician
Hardware Technical Support Analyst
Help Desk Analyst - Systems
Help Desk Technical Agent
Help Desk Technician
Pc (Personal Computer) Support Analyst
Software Installation Technician
Software Technical Support Analyst
Systems Support Representative
Systems Technical Support Analyst
Technical Help Desk Agent
Technical Support Analyst - Systems
Technical Support Supervisor
User Support Technician
2283 Information Systems Testing Technicians Application Tester
Application Testing Technician
Software Test Co-Ordinator
Software Tester
Software Testing Technician
Systems Tester
Systems Testing Technician
Test Coordination Analyst
User Acceptance Tester
Video Game Tester
3011 Nursing Co-Ordinators And Supervisors Acute Care Co-Ordinator - Nursing
Assistant Head Nurse
Birthing Room Nursing Supervisor
Burn Unit Nursing Co-Ordinator
Burn Unit Nursing Supervisor
Co-Ordinator Of Nursing Services
Critical Care Nursing Supervisor
Delivery Room Nursing Supervisor
Geriatric Nursing Supervisor
Head Nurse
Nurse - Team Leader
Nursing Care Co-Ordinator
Nursing Co-Ordinator
Nursing Services Co-Ordinator
Nursing Supervisor
Nursing Unit Co-Ordinator
Nursing Unit Supervisor
Nursing Ward Supervisor
Obstetrical Nursing Supervisor
Operating Room Nursing Supervisor
Patient Care Co-Ordinator - Nursing
Psychiatric Nursing Supervisor
Public Health Nursing Supervisor
Rehabilitation Nursing Supervisor
Surgical Co-Ordinator - Nursing
Surgical Ward Supervisor - Nursing
Ward Supervisor - Nursing
3012 Registered Nurses And Registered Psychiatric Nurses Ambulatory Care Nurse
Bedside Nurse
Burn Patient Care Nurse
Burn Victim Care Nurse
Cardiac Surgery Nurse
Cardiology Nurse
Cardiology Nurse Technician
Casual Duty Nurse
Circulating Nurse
Clinic Nurse
Clinical Nurse
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Community Health Nurse
Consultant Nurse
Contagious Disease Transmission Prevention Nurse
Coronary Intensive Care Nurse
Coronary Unit Nurse
Critical Care Nurse
Dialysis Nurse
Doctor'S Office Nurse
Emergency Care Nurse
Emergency Nurse
First Aid Nurse
Float Nurse
General Duty Nurse
General Duty Nurse - Psychiatry
Geriatric Care Nurse
Geriatric Nurse
Gerontology Nurse
Graduate Nurse
Graduate Nurse - Doctor'S Office
Graduate Nurse - Occupational Health
Graduate Nurse - Physician'S Office
Graduate Private Duty Nurse
Hemodialysis Nurse
Home Care Neuroscience Nurse
Home Care Nurse
Hospital Hygiene Nurse
Hospital Hygienist - Nursing
Hospital Nurse
Icu (Intensive Care Unit) Nurse
Independent Practice - Registered Nurse
Industrial Nurse
Infection Control Co-Ordinator - Hospital
Infection Control Nurse
Infection Control Officer - Hospital
Infection Control Officer - Medical
Infection Surveillance Nurse
Intensive Care Nurse
Intensive Care Unit (Icu) Nurse
Liaison Nurse
Medical Intensive Care Nurse
Mental Health Nurse
Nephrology And Kidney Transplantation Nurse
Nephrology And Renal Transplantation Nurse
Nephrology Nurse
Neuroscience Nurse
Nurse - Birthing Room
Nurse Consultant
Nurse Counsellor
Nurse Researcher
Nurse Technician
Nursing Adviser
Nursing Consultant
Nursing Counsellor
Nursing Evaluator
Nursing Researcher
Nursing Researcher - Nurse
Nursing Technician
Obstetrics Nurse
Occupational Health Nurse
Occupational Health Nurse Consultant
Occupational Medicine Nurse
Office Nurse
On-Call Nurse
Oncology Nurse
Operating Room (Or) Nurse
Or (Operating Room) Nurse
Out-Patient Clinic Nurse
Outpost Nurse
Outreach Nurse
Palliative Care Nurse
Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse
Pediatric Nurse
Perinatal Care Nurse
Physician'S Office Nurse
Primary Care Nurse
Primary Nurse
Private Care Nurse
Private Duty Nurse
Psychiatric And Mental Health Nurse
Psychiatric Nurse
Public And Community Health Nurse
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nurse Consultant
Recovery Room Nurse
Red Cross Nurse
Registered Community Health Nurse
Registered Industrial Nurse
Registered Nurse - Call Centre
Registered Nurse - Contact Centre
Registered Nurse - Independent Practice
Registered Nurse - Public And Community Health
Registered Nurse - Telehealth
Registered Nurse (R.N.)
Registered Psychiatric Nurse (R.P.N.)
Registered Public Health Nurse
Respiratory Care Nurse
Respiratory Nurse Specialist
Rn (Registered Nurse)
Rpn (Registered Psychiatric Nurse)
School Health Nurse
School Nurse
Scrub Nurse
Staff Nurse
Surgical Intensive Care Nurse
Telehealth Registered Nurse
Triage Nurse
Victoria Order Nurse
Victorian Order Of Nurses (Von) Nurse
Visiting Nurse
Von (Victorian Order Of Nurses) Nurse
Ward Nurse
Youth Centre Nurse
3113 Dentists Dental Surgeon
Doctor Of Dental Surgery
General Practice Dentist
Implantologist - Dentistry
Oral And Dental Surgeon
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon
Oral Medicine Specialist
Oral Pathologist
Oral Pathology And Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist
Oral Radiologist
Oral Surgeon
Pediatric Dentist
Public Health Dentist
3114 Veterinarians Animal Pathologist
Avian Veterinarian
Companion Animal Veterinarian
Equine Veterinarian
Farm Veterinarian
Food Animal Veterinarian
Laboratory Animal Veterinarian
Poultry Veterinarian
Preventive Medicine Veterinarian
Small Animal Veterinarian
Small Animal Veterinary Specialist
Veterinarian Practitioner
Veterinary Anatomist
Veterinary Bacteriologist
Veterinary Dentist
Veterinary Epidemiologist
Veterinary Inspector
Veterinary Internist
Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostician
Veterinary Microbiologist
Veterinary Parasitologist
Veterinary Pathologist
Veterinary Pharmacologist
Veterinary Physiologist
Veterinary Radiologist
Veterinary Surgeon
Veterinary Virologist
Zoo Veterinarian
3121 Optometrists Doctor Of Optometry (Od)
Od (Doctor Of Optometry)
3122 Chiropractors Chiropractic Doctor
Dc (Doctor Of Chiropractic)
Doctor Of Chiropractic
Doctor Of Chiropractic (Dc)
3124 Allied Primary Health Practitioners Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Advanced Practice Nurse
Anesthesia Assistant
Extended Class Registered Nurse - Nurse Practitioner
Licensed Midwife
Nurse Practioner - Adult Care
Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Practitioner - Anesthesia
Nurse Practitioner - Cardiology
Nurse Practitioner - Extended Class
Nurse Practitioner - Pediatrics
Nurse Practitioner - Primary Health Care
Physician Assistant
Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner
Registered Midwife (Rm)
Registered Nurse - Extended Class (Rn-Ec)
Rm (Registered Midwife)
3125 Other Professional Occupations In Health Diagnosing And Treating Chief Orthoptist
Clinical Orthoptist
D.P.M. (Doctor Of Podiatric Medicine)
Doctor Of Naturopathic Medicine
Doctor Of Naturopathy
Doctor Of Osteopathic Medicine
Doctor Of Osteopathy
Doctor Of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.)
Foot Specialist
Naturopathic Doctor (Nd)
Naturopathic Physician
Nd (Naturopathic Doctor)
Osteopath - Physician
Osteopathic Doctor
Osteopathic Physician
Teaching Orthoptist
3132 Dietitians And Nutritionists Administrative Dietitian
Administrative Nutritionist
Clinical Dietitian
Clinical Nutritionist
Community Dietitian
Community Nutritionist
Consultant Dietitian
Consultant Nutritionist
Dietetic Consultant
Nutrition And Dietetics Researcher
Nutrition Consultant
Nutrition Researcher
Nutrition Specialist
P.Dt. (Professional Dietitian)
Private Practice Dietitian
Professional Dietitian (P.Dt.)
Professional Nutritionist
Public Health Dietitian
Public Health Nutritionist
Rd (Registered Dietitian)
Rdn (Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist)
Registered Dietitian (Rd)
Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (Rdn)
Registered Nutritionist
Registered Professional Dietitian
Registered Professional Nutritionist
Research Dietitian
Research Nutritionist
Therapeutic Dietitian
Therapeutic Nutritionist
3141 Audiologists And Speech-Language Pathologists Amplification Audiologist
Audiology Clinician
Audiology Specialist
Certified Audiologist
Certified Hearing Aid Audiologist
Clinical Audiologist
Community Audiologist
Community Speech-Language Pathologist
Diagnostic Audiologist
Dispensing Audiologist
Educational Audiologist
Educational Speech-Language Pathologist
Human Communication Disorders Specialist
Industrial Audiologist
Pediatric Audiologist
Research Audiologist
Speech And Hearing Therapist
Speech Pathologist
Speech Therapist
Speech-Language Clinician
Speech-Language Pathologist
Speech-Language Pathologist Clinician
Speech-Language Pathologist Researcher
3142 Physiotherapists Clinical Physical Therapist
Clinical Physiotherapist
Consultant Physical Therapist
Consultant Physiotherapist
Physical Rehabilitation Therapist
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Clinical Co-Ordinator
Physical Therapy Clinical Specialist
Physical Therapy Supervisor
Physiotherapy Clinical Co-Ordinator
Physiotherapy Supervisor
Registered Physical Therapist
Registered Physiotherapist
Research Physical Therapist
Research Physiotherapist
3143 Occupational Therapists Case Manager Occupational Therapist
Clinical Occupational Therapist
Clinical Occupational Therapy Specialist
Community Occupational Therapist
Community Practice Occupational Therapist
Home Care Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist (Ot)
Occupational Therapist Vocational Evaluator
Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation Consultant
Ot (Occupational Therapist)
Research And Development Occupational Therapist
Research Occupational Therapist
Vocational Evaluator Occupational Therapist
3144 Other Professional Occupations In Therapy And Assessment Art Therapist
Art Therapists' Supervisor
Art Therapy Consultant
Art Therapy Teacher (Except Education)
Athletic Therapist
Athletic Trainer - Therapy
Cat (Certified Athletic Therapist)
Certified Athletic Therapist (Cat)
Certified Kinesiologist
Dance Therapist
Dance Therapists' Supervisor
Dance Therapy Researcher
Dance-Movement Therapist
Dance-Movement Therapy Researcher
Drama Therapist
Drama Therapists' Supervisor
Dtr (Registered Dance Therapist)
Exercise Physiologist
Exercise Therapist
Human Kineticist
Movement Analyst - Medical
Movement Therapist
Music Therapist
Music Therapists' Supervisor
Music Therapy Researcher
Recreational Therapist
Registered Dance Therapist (Dtr)
Registered Kinesiologist
Remedial Gymnast
Remedial Gymnastics Teacher (Except Education)
Remedial Gymnasts' Supervisor
Remedial Therapist
Spontaneous Art Teacher - Therapy
Therapeutic Recreationist
3211 Medical Laboratory Technologists Advanced Registered Technologist - Medical Laboratory
Anatomical Pathology Technologist
Autopsy Technologist - Medical Laboratory
Biochemistry Technologist - Medical Laboratory
Blood Bank Technologist
Charge Technologist - Medical Laboratory
Clinical Immunology Technologist
Clinical Laboratory Technologist
Combined Laboratory And X-Ray Technologist
Cytogenetics Technologist - Medical Laboratory
Cytology Technologist
Cytotechnologist - Medical Laboratory
Electron Microscopy Technologist - Medical Laboratory
Hematology Technologist - Medical Laboratory
Histology Technologist
Histology Technologist - Medical Laboratory
Histopathology Technologist
Histotechnologist - Medical Laboratory
Immunohematology Technologist
Immunohematology Technologist - Medical Laboratory
Immunology Technologist - Medical Laboratory
In-Charge Technologist - Autopsy Services
Medical Laboratory Supervisor
Medical Laboratory Technical Supervisor
Medical Laboratory Technologist
Medical Technologist
Medical Technologist - Medical Laboratory
Medical Technologists Supervisor
Microbiology Technologist - Medical Laboratory
Registered Medical Technologist
Registered Technologist - Medical
Serology Technologist
Tissue Technologist - Medical Laboratory
3212 Medical Laboratory Technicians And Pathologists' Assistants Biochemical Technician - Medical Laboratory
Biological Technician - Medical Laboratory
Blood Bank Technician
Cancer Research Technician
Clinical Laboratory Technician
Combined Laboratory And X-Ray Technician
Community Health Technician - Medical Laboratory
Cytology Technician
Epidemiology Worker - Medical Laboratory
Hematology Technician - Medical Laboratory
Histology Technician
Laboratory Assistant - Medical
Laboratory Technician - Medical
Medical Laboratory Aide
Medical Laboratory Assistant
Medical Laboratory Helper
Medical Laboratory Technical Assistant
Medical Laboratory Technician
Morgue Attendant Supervisor
Pathology Assistant
Phlebotomy Aide
Renal Technician
Technical Assistant - Medical Laboratory
Technical Assistant - Pathology
3213 Animal Health Technologists And Veterinary Technicians (Raht) Registered Animal Health Technologist
Animal Care Technician
Animal Care Technologist
Animal Health Technician
Animal Health Technician - Agriculture
Animal Health Technologist
Animal Health Technologist Supervisor
Animal Operating Room Attendant
Laboratory Animal Technician
Laboratory Animal Technologist
Registered Animal Health Technologist
Registered Animal Health Technologist (Raht)
Registered Veterinary Technician
Registered Veterinary Technician (Rvt)
Veterinarian Assistant
Veterinary Laboratory Technician
Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Technician Supervisor
Veterinary Technologist
3214 Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Perfusionists And Cardiopulmonary Technologists Anesthesia Technologist
Cardiopulmonary Technician
Cardiopulmonary Technologist
Cardiopulmonary Technology Instructor
Cardiopulmonary Technology Supervisor
Cardiovascular Perfusion Clinical Instructor
Cardiovascular Perfusion Instructor
Cardiovascular Perfusion Supervisor
Cardiovascular Perfusion Technologist
Cardiovascular Perfusionist
Ccp (Certified Clinical Perfusionist)
Certified Clinical Perfusionist (Ccp)
Chief Perfusionist
Chief Respiratory Technologist
Clinical Perfusion Clinical Instructor
Clinical Perfusion Supervisor
Clinical Perfusionist
Extracorporal Circulation Technologist
Extracorporal Technician
Extracorporal Technologist
Inhalation Technologist
Oxygen Therapy Technician
Perfusion Technologist
Polysomnographic Technologist
Pulmonary Function Technologist
Registered Respiratory Care Practitioner
Registered Respiratory Therapist (Rrt)
Respiratory Care Practitioner
Respiratory Technician
Respiratory Technologist
Respiratory Therapist
Respiratory Therapy Chief
Respiratory Therapy Clinical Instructor
Respiratory Therapy Supervisor
Rrt (Registered Respiratory Therapist)
3215 Medical Radiation Technologists Brachytherapy Technologist
Chief Radiographer
Chief Radiotherapy Technologist
Diagnostic Imaging Technologist
Diagnostic Medical Radiation Technologist
Diagnostic Radiography Technologist
Diagnostic Radiological Technician
Diagnostic Radiological Technologist
Diagnostic Radiology Technologist
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) Technologist
Magnetic Resonance Technologist
Mammography Technician
Mammography Technologist
Medical Radiation Technologist
Medical Radiation Technologists Supervisor
Medical Radiographer
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Nmri) Technologist
Nuclear Medicine Chief Technologist
Nuclear Medicine Clinical Co-Ordinator
Nuclear Medicine Clinical Instructor
Nuclear Medicine Supervisor
Nuclear Medicine Technical Co-Ordinator
Nuclear Medicine Technical Director
Nuclear Medicine Technician
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Nuclear Medicine Technologists Supervisor
Oncology Technologist
Positron-Emission Tomography (Pet) Technologist
Radiation Oncology Simulator Technologist
Radiation Oncology Technician
Radiation Oncology Technologist
Radiation Technologist - Cancer Therapy
Radiation Technologist - Oncology
Radiation Therapist
Radiation Therapists Supervisor
Radiation Therapy Chief Technologist
Radiation Therapy Clinical Co-Ordinator
Radiation Therapy Clinical Instructor
Radiation Therapy Technical Co-Ordinator
Radiation Therapy Technologist (Rtt)
Radiographic Technologist
Radiography Chief Technologist
Radiography Clinical Co-Ordinator
Radiography Clinical Instructor
Radiography Supervisor
Radiography Technical Co-Ordinator
Radiography Technical Director
Radiography Technologist
Radiography Technologists Supervisor
Radioisotope Technician
Radioisotope Technologist
Radiological Technician
Radiological Technologist
Radiology Technologist
Radiotherapy Technician
Radiotherapy Technologist
Registered Radiology Technologist
Registered Technologist In Nuclear Medicine (Rtnm)
Registered Technologist In Radiation Therapy
Registered Technologist In Radiography (Rtr)
Rtnm (Registered Technologist In Nuclear Medicine)
Rtr (Registered Technologist In Radiography)
Rtt (Radiation Therapy Technologist)
Senior Radiation Therapy Technologist
Therapeutic Radiological Technician
X-Ray (Radiology) Technician
X-Ray Machine Operator - Medical
X-Ray Technician
3216 Medical Sonographers Adult Echocardiographer
Cardiac Sonographer
Cardiac Ultrasound Technician
Cardiac Ultrasound Technologist
Chief Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer
Diagnostic Echography Technician
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Instructor
Diagnostic Ultrasonography Technician
Diagnostic Ultrasound Supervisor
Diagnostic Ultrasound Technician
Diagnostic Ultrasound Technologist - Medical
Echocardiography Technician
Echocardiography Technologist
Echocardiography Technologist Sonographer
Echography Technician
Echography Technologist
Medical Sonographer
Medical Sonographers Supervisor
Pediatric Echocardiographer
Rdms (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer)
Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer
Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (Rdms)
Registered Ultrasound Technologist
Sonographer - Medical
Sonography Technologist
Student Medical Sonographer
Student Sonographer - Medical
Ultrasonographer - Medical
Ultrasonography Technician
Ultrasonography Technologist
Ultrasound Supervisor
Ultrasound Technician
Ultrasound Technologist
Vascular Sonographer
3217 Cardiology Technologists And Electrophysiological Diagnostic Technologists, N.E.C. Assistant Cardiology Supervisor
Cardiac Catheterization Technician
Cardiac Catheterization Technologist
Cardiac Stress Technologist
Cardiac Technician
Cardiology Instructor
Cardiology Supervisor
Cardiology Technician
Cardiology Technologist
Cardiovascular Technician
Cardiovascular Technologist
Charge Technologist - Electrocardiography
Chief Electroencephalograph Technologist
Chief Electromyography (Emg) Technologist
Echoencephalographic Technologist
Echoencephalography Technician
Electrocardiographic (Ecg) Technician
Electrocardiographic (Ecg) Technologist
Electrocardiography Technician
Electrocardiography Technologist
Electrocardiology Technician
Electrocardiology Technologist
Electroencephalograph (Eeg) Chief Technologist
Electroencephalograph (Eeg) Technician
Electroencephalograph (Eeg) Technologist
Electroencephalograph Technologist
Electroencephalographic Instructor
Electromyography (Emg) Chief Technologist
Electromyography (Emg) Technician
Electromyography (Emg) Technologist
Electroneurodiagnostic (End) Technologist
Electroneurophysiology (Enp) Technologist
Evoked Potential (Ep) Technologist
Holter Monitor Technologist
Holter Scanning Technologist
Neuroelectrophysiology Technologist
Non-Registered Electrocardiography Technician
Registered Cardiology Technologist
Registered Electrocardiography Technician
Student Cardiology Technologist
Vascular Technologist
3219 Other Medical Technologists And Technicians (Except Dental Health) Aeromedical Instructor
Aeromedical Technician
Aeromedicine Technician
Apprentice Ocularist
Artificial Eye Maker
Artificial Limb Assembler
Artificial Limb Finisher
Artificial Limb Maker
Aviation Medicine Technician
Brace Maker
C Ped (Certified Pedorthist)
Certified Orthotist (Co)
Certified Pedorthist (C Ped)
Certified Prosthetist
Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist (Cpo)
Co (Certified Orthotist)
Cpo (Certified Prosthetist And Orthotist)
Dialysis Technician
Dialysis Technologist
Dietary Technician
Dietary Technologist
Food And Nutrition Technician - Dietetics
Hemodialysis Technician
Hemodialysis Technologist
Kidney Dialysis Technician
Kidney Dialysis Technologist
Ocular Prosthetist
Ocularist Apprentice
Ocularist Technician
Orthopedic Appliance Assembler
Orthopedic Mechanic
Orthotic Corset Maker
Orthotic Technician
Pharmacy Technical Assistant
Pharmacy Technician
Prosthetic Aide
Prosthetic Assistant
Prosthetic Technician
Prosthetic-Orthotic Technician
Prosthetist Assistant
R.T.O. (Registered Orthotic Technician)
R.T.P. (Registered Prosthetic Technician)
R.T.P.O. (Registered Prosthetic And Orthotic Technician)
Registered Orthotic Technician (R.T.O.)
Registered Prosthetic And Orthotic Technician (R.T.P.O.)
Registered Prosthetic Technician (R.T.P.)
Surgical Appliance Fitter
Surgical Fitter
3221 Denturists Apprentice Dental Mechanic
Dental Mechanic
Dental Mechanic Apprentice
Denture Mechanic
Denture Technician
Denture Therapist
Student Dental Mechanic
Student Denturist
3222 Dental Hygienists And Dental Therapists Community Dental Hygienist
Dental Hygiene Technician
Dental Hygienist
Dental Hygienist Technician
Dental Nurse
Dental Therapist
Expanded Duty Dental Hygienist
Expanded Duty Dental Nurse
Licensed Dental Therapist
Orthodontic Hygienist
Periodontal Hygienist
Registered Dental Hygienist
Registered Dental Therapist
3223 Dental Technologists, Technicians And Laboratory Assistants Apprentice Dental Prosthesis Maker
Apprentice Dental Technician
Cdt (Certified Dental Technician)
Ceramic Denture Caster
Ceramic Denture Mechanic
Ceramic Denture Mechanic-Moulder
Ceramic Denture Moulder
Certified Dental Technician
Crown And Bridge Dental Technician
Dental Ceramic Caster
Dental Ceramic Moulder
Dental Ceramist
Dental Laboratory Assistant
Dental Laboratory Bench Worker
Dental Laboratory Technician
Dental Laboratory Technician Assistant
Dental Prosthesis Maker
Dental Technician
Dental Technician Apprentice
Dental Technician Supervisor
Dental Technologist
Denture Bench Moulder
Denture Finisher
Denture Framework Finisher
Denture Packer
Denture Setter
Denture Set-Up Man/Woman
Denture Trimmer-Polisher
Denture Wax Pattern Former
Denture Wax Pattern Former - Metal Framework
Metal Dental Technician
Occlusion Rim Former - Dentures
Orthodontic Band Maker
Orthodontic Dental Technician
Orthodontic Prosthesis Maker
Orthodontic Technician
Plaster Moulder - Dentures
Rdt (Registered Dental Technician)
Rdt (Registered Dental Technologist)
Registered Dental Technician
Registered Dental Technologist
3231 Opticians Apprentice Optician
Contact Lens Dispenser
Contact Lens Fitter
Contact Lens Practitioner
Contact Lens Technician
Dispensing Optician
Dispensing Optician Student
Eyeglasses Fitter
Eyeglasses Frame Fitter
Intern Optician
Licensed Contact Lens Practitioner
Licensed Dispensing Optician
Licensed Optician
Managing Optician
Ophthalmic Device Dispenser
Ophthalmic Dispenser
Optical Device Dispenser
Optical Dispensing Manager
Optical Frame Fitter
Optometric Dispenser
Spectacle Frame Fitter
Student Optician
Visual Orthesis Technician
Visual Orthotic Device Technician
3232 Practitioners Of Natural Healing Acupressure Therapist
Ayurvedic Practitioner
Certified Iridologist
Certified Reflexologist
Certified Rolfer
Certified Rolfing Movement Teacher
Chartered Herbalist
Chinese Medicine Doctor (Cmd)
Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Doctor Of Acupuncture
Doctor Of Chinese Medicine
Doctor Of Homeopathic Therapeutics
Doctor Of Homeopathy
Doctor Of Oriental Medicine
Herb Practitioner
Herbal Practitioner
Herbal Specialist
Herbology Practitioner
Holistic Practitioner
Homeopathic Physician
Homeopathic Practitioner
Medical Qi Gong Pactitioner
Naturopathy Practitioner
Oriental Medical Practitioner
Osteopath - Manual Therapy
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
Osteopathic Manual Therapist
Registered Acupuncture Practitioner
Remedial Herbalist
Remedial Herbologist
Rolfing Movement Teacher
Shiatsu Therapist
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
3233 Licensed Practical Nurses Certified Nursing Assistant (Cna)
Cna (Certified Nursing Assistant)
Graduate Nursing Assistant
L.P.N. (Licensed Practical Nurse)
Licensed Nursing Assistant
Licensed Practical Nurse (L.P.N.)
Nursing Assistant (Registered - Quebec)
Operating Room Technician
Operating Room Technician - Nursing
R.N.A. (Registered Nursing Assistant)
R.P.N. (Registered Practical Nurse)
Registered Nursing Assistant (R.N.A.)
Registered Practical Nurse (R.P.N.)
Surgical Nursing Assistant
Surgical Technician - Nursing
3234 Paramedical Occupations Advanced Care Paramedic
Advanced Emergency Medical Assistant
Advanced Life Support Attendant
Advanced Life Support Co-Ordinator
Advanced Life Support Paramedic
Ambulance Attendant
Ambulance Attendant Trainee
Ambulance Attendants Supervisor
Ambulance Driver
Ambulance Driver-Attendant
Ambulance Services Field Supervisor
Ambulance Services Supervisor
Ambulance Services Unit Chief
Ambulance Technician
Assistant Paramedic
Chief Ambulance Attendant
Critical Care Paramedic
Drilling Rig Medic
Drilling Rig Medical Technician
Drilling Rig Medical Warden
Drilling Rig Medical Worker
Emergency Medical Assistant
Emergency Medical Attendant (Ema)
Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic/Advanced Care Paramedic (Emt - P/Acp)
Emergency Medical Technician - Primary Care Paramedic (Emt - Pcp)
Emergency Medical Technician (Emt)
Emergency Medical Technologist - Paramedic (Emt-P)
Emergency Paramedic
Emt (Emergency Medical Technician)
Emt-P (Emergency Medical Technologist - Paramedic)
Infant Transport Attendant
Intermediate Care Paramedic
Medical Assistant (Paramedic)
Medical Technician
Newborn Emergency Medical Care Technician
Newborn Medical Care Technician
Paramedic Emergency Medical Technician
Paramedic Worker
Primary Care Paramedic
Registered Emergency Paramedic
Supervisor Ambulance Attendants
3236 Massage Therapists Massage Therapist (Mt)
Masso Kinesitherapist
Mt (Massage Therapist)
Registered Massage Practitioner
Registered Massage Therapist (Rmt)
Rmt (Registered Massage Therapist)
Thai Massage Therapist
3237 Other Technical Occupations In Therapy And Assessment Assistive Listening Device Technician
Audiological Technician
Audiology Technician
Audiometric Aide
Audiometric Assistant
Audiometric Technician
Audiometric Technician - Public Health
Audiometrist Aide
Communication Aide - Medical
Communication Assistant - Medical
Communication Disorders Assistant
Communication Disorders Instructor
Communicative Disorders Assistant
Communicative Disorders Instructor
Hearing Aid Assistant
Hearing Aid Consultant
Hearing Aid Dealer
Hearing Aid Dealer And Consultant
Hearing Aid Practitioner
Hearing Aid Specialist
Hearing Aid Technician
Hearing Assessment Technician
Hearing Disorder Technician
Hearing Instrument Dispenser
Hearing Instrument Practitioner
Hearing Instrument Practitioner Assistant
Hearing Instrument Specialist
Industrial Audiometric Technician
Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist
Manual Arts Therapist
Occupational Therapist Assistant
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Occupational Therapy Technician
Ophthalmic Assistant
Ophthalmic Medical Assistant
Ophthalmic Medical Technician
Ophthalmic Medical Technologist
Ophthalmic Technician
Ophthalmic Technician (Except Retail)
Ophthalmic Technologist
Ophthalmologist Assistant
Physical Rehabilitation Technician
Physical Therapist Assistant (Pta)
Physical Therapy Aide
Physical Therapy Technician
Physiotherapist Assistant (Pta)
Physiotherapy Aide
Physiotherapy Assistant
Physiotherapy Technician
Speech Aide
Speech Correctionist - Medical
Speech Language Assistant
Speech Technician
Speech Therapist Aide
Speech Therapist Assistant
Speech Therapy Aide
Speech Therapy Assistant
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
4011 University Professors And Lecturers Agriculture Professor - University
Anatomy Professor - University
Anthropology Professor - University
Archaeology Professor - University
Asian Studies Professor - University
Assistant Professor - University
Associate Professor - University
Astronomy Professor - University
Bacteriology Professor - University
Biochemistry Professor - University
Biology Professor - University
Biomechanics Professor - University
Botany Assistant Professor
Botany Assistant Professor - University
Botany Professor - University
Business Administration Professor - University
Chemical Engineering Professor - University
Chemistry Professor - University
Civil Engineering Professor - University
Classics Professor - University
Computer Science Professor - University
Criminology Professor - University
Dentistry Professor - University
Department Chairman/Woman - University
Department Chairperson - University
Department Head - University
Drama Professor - University
Economics Professor - University
Education Professor - University
Electrical Engineering Professor - University
Engineering And Architecture Professor - University
Engineering Instructor - University
Engineering Professor - University
English Professor - University
Fine Arts Professor - University
Food Science Professor - University
Food Sciences Department Chairman/Woman - University
Food Sciences Department Chairperson - University
Food Sciences Department Head - University
Forestry Professor - University
French Language Professor - University
Full Professor - University
Geography Department Chairman/Woman - University
Geography Department Chairperson - University
Geography Department Head - University
Geography Professor - University
Geology Professor - University
Geophysics Professor - University
History Assistant Professor - University
History Professor - University
Humanities Professor - University
Hygiene Professor - University
Industrial Engineering Professor - University
Journalism Professor - University
Laboratory Technology Professor - University
Language Professor - University
Law Professor - University
Lecturer - University
Library Science Professor - University
Life Sciences Professor - University
Linguistics Associate Professor
Linguistics Department Chairman - University
Linguistics Department Chairman/Woman - University
Linguistics Department Chairperson - University
Linguistics Professor - University
Literature Professor - University
Mathematics Professor - University
Mechanical Engineering Professor - University
Medical Sciences Professor - University
Medicine Professor - University
Metallurgical Engineering Professor - University
Metallurgy Professor - University
Meteorology Professor - University
Music Professor - University
Natural Sciences Professor - University
Nursing Professor - University
Oceanography Professor - University
Pharmacy Professor - University
Philosophy Professor - University
Physical Sciences Professor - University
Physics Department Chairman/Woman - University
Physics Department Chairperson
Physics Department Chairperson - University
Physics Department Head - University
Physics Professor - University
Physiology Professor - University
Political Science Professor - University
Postdoctoral Fellow
Professor Emeritus - University
Professor Of Computer Science - University
Professor Of Medicine - University
Psychiatry Professor - University
Psychology Professor - University
Public Administration Professor - University
Public Health Professor - University
Recreology Professor - University
Religion Professor - University
Research Professor - University
Sculpture Professor - University
Social Sciences Professor - University
Social Work Professor - University
Sociology Professor - University
Surgery Professor - University
Teacher - Teacher'S College
Theology Department Chairman/Woman - University
Theology Department Chairperson - University
Theology Department Head - University
University Department Head
University Lecturer
University Professor
Urban Planning Professor - University
Veterinary Medicine Professor - University
Visiting Professor - University
Visiting Scholar - University
Visual Arts Department Chairman/Woman - University
Visual Arts Department Chairperson - University
Visual Arts Department Head - University
Zoology Professor - University
4012 Post-Secondary Teaching And Research Assistants College Laboratory Assistant
College Teaching Assistant
Discussion Group Leader - Post-Secondary Teaching Assistant
Graduate Assistant - University
Laboratory Demonstrator - Post-Secondary Teaching Assistance
Laboratory Supervisor - Post-Secondary Teaching Assistant
Marker - Post-Secondary Teaching Assistance
Post-Secondary Research Assistant
Post-Secondary Teaching Assistant
Tutor - Post-Secondary Teaching Assistant
University Laboratory Assistant
University Research Assistant
University Teaching Assistant
4021 College And Other Vocational Instructors Academic Subjects Teacher - College Level
Accounting Teacher - College Level
Administration Teacher
Advertising Art Teacher
Agricultural College Teacher
Agricultural School Teacher
Airline Customer-Service Instructor
Apparel Design Teacher
Appliance Servicing Teacher - Vocational Institute
Applied Arts Teacher - College Level
Architectural Technology Instructor
Automotive Repair Instructor - Community College
Bible College Teacher
Bible School Teacher
Bookkeeping Teacher
Business Administration Teacher
Business Administration Teacher - College Level
Business College Instructor
Business College Teacher
Business Law Teacher
Business Subjects Teacher - Vocational Institute
Cegep (General And Vocational College) Teacher
Cegep Teacher
Chemical Technology Teacher
Chemistry Teacher - Agricultural School
Child-Care Service Teacher
Child-Care Service Teacher - College Level
Clothing Design Teacher
College Instructor
College Lecturer
College Of Applied Arts And Technology Instructor
College Of Applied Arts And Technology Teacher
College Teacher
Commercial Art Instructor
Commercial Art Teacher
Commercial Subjects Teacher - Vocational Institute
Commercial Vehicle Driver Instructor
Commercial Vehicle Driving Instructor
Communications Teacher - College Level
Community College Instructor
Community College Teacher
Community Planning Teacher - College Level
Community-Based Trainer
Company Trainer
Computer Programming Instructor - College Level
Computer Science Teacher - College Level
Computer Trainer
Computer Training Instructor
Computer Training Representative
Computer-Assisted Drafting (Cad) Instructor
Computer-Based Trainer
Correspondence School Instructor
Correspondence School Tutor
Correspondence Teacher - College Level
Court Reporting Instructor
Data-Processing Teacher - College Level
Denominational Institute Teacher
Dental Assistant Program Teacher - Community College
Dental Hygienist Program Teacher
Department Chairman/Woman - College
Department Chairman/Woman - Community College
Department Chairperson - College
Department Chairperson - Community College
Department Head - Cegep
Department Head - College
Department Head - Community College
Department Head - Institute Of Technology
Department Head - Private Training Institute
Department Head - Technical Institute
Department Head - Vocational Institute
Direct Sales Instructor
Drafting Instructor
Drafting Instructor - College Level
Drafting Teacher
Drafting Teacher - College Level
Early Childhood Education Instructor - College Level
Early Childhood Education Teacher - College Level
Economics Teacher - College Level
Electrolysis Instructor - Vocational Institute
Electromechanical Technology Teacher - College Level
Electronic Technology Teacher - College Level
Elocution Teacher - Non-Medical
Embalming Teacher
English As A Second Language Teacher (Esl) - College Level
English As A Second Language Teacher (Except Elementary, High School Or University)
English Teacher - Business College
English Teacher - College Level
Esl (English As A Second Language) Teacher - College Level
Fashion Design Teacher - Cegep
Fashion Teacher - College Level
Fine Arts Teacher - College Level
Firefighters Instructor
Firefighting Instructor
Flight Attendants Instructor
French As A Second Language Teacher (Except Elementary, High School Or University)
Gliding Instructor
Graphic Arts Teacher
Graphic Design Instructor
Ground School Instructor
Hairdressing Instructor - Vocational Institute
Hairdressing Teacher - Community College
Health And Safety Instructor
Health Technology Teacher
Heavy Equipment Operators Instructor - Community College
History Teacher - Cegep
Horticulture And Landscaping Instructor - School Of Horticulture
Hotel Management Teacher - College
Industrial Instrumentation Teacher
Industrial Safety Instructor
Industry-Based Instructor
Industry-Based Trainer
Institute Of Technology Teacher
Instructor - Business College
Instructor - Commercial College
Instructor - Company
Instructor - Industry
Instructor - Language School
Instructor - Private Training Institute
Instructor - Technical School
Instructor - Technology Institute
Instructor - Vocational School
Interior Design Teacher
Journalism Teacher - College Level
Landscaping Instructor
Language Instructor - Language School
Language Laboratory Teacher - College Level
Language School Instructor
Law Enforcement Teacher
Law Teacher - Police College
Lecturer - College
Legal Assistant Program Teacher
Legal Secretarial Program Teacher - Community College
Management Seminar Leader
Marketing Teacher - College Level
Mathematics Teacher - College Level
Mechanical Technology Teacher - College Level
Medical Records Management Program Teacher
Medical Technology Teacher
Mineral Technology Teacher - College Of Applied Arts And Technology
Mining Rescue Instructor
Modern Languages Teacher - College Level
Modern Languages Tutor - Language School
Music Teacher - Conservatory Of Music
Nursing Educator (Except College)
Nursing Instructor - College
Police College Teacher
Police Instructor
Printing Technology Teacher - Cegep
Professional Training Instructor
Public-Speaking Instructor
Public-Speaking Teacher
Pursers Instructor
Recreational Leadership Teacher
Remedial Teacher - College Level
Retail Management Teacher
Second-Language Instructor - Language School
Social Services Teacher - College Level
Staff Training Officer - Industry
Teacher - Business College
Teacher - Commercial College
Teacher - Institute Of Technology
Teacher - Seminary
Technical Subjects Instructor - Vocational Institute
Technological Institute Instructor
Technological Institute Teacher
Technological Subjects Instructor - Vocational Institute
Technology Teacher - College Level
Tool And Die Making Teacher - Community College
Tourism Trainer
Trade Instructor - Community College
Trainee Instructor
Training Consultant - Industry
Training Instructor - College Level
Training Officer - Company
Truck Driver Trainer - Community College
Vocational Institute Teacher
Vocational Trainer
Welding Teacher - Technical Institute
Workplace Trainer
4031 Secondary School Teachers Aboriginal School Community Teacher - Secondary School
Academic Subjects High School Teacher
Academic Subjects Secondary School Teacher
Accounting Teacher - Secondary School
Adult Education Teacher - Secondary School
Algebra Teacher - Secondary School
Art Teacher - Secondary School
Arts And Crafts Teacher - Secondary School
Biology Teacher - Secondary School
Business And Commerce Teacher - Secondary School
Business Education Teacher
Business Teacher - Secondary School
Calculus Teacher - Secondary School
Career And Life Management Teacher
Career And Technology Studies Teacher
Career Education Teacher
Career Exploration Teacher
Chemistry Teacher - Secondary School
Classical Languages Secondary School Teacher
Commerce Teacher - Secondary School
Computer Technology Teacher - Secondary School
Cooking Teacher - Secondary School
Cooperative Education Teacher
Cooperative Learning Teacher
Correspondence Teacher - Secondary School
Data Processing Teacher - Secondary School
Distance Education Teacher - Secondary School
Drama Teacher - Secondary School
Economics Teacher - Secondary School
English As A Second Language (Esl) High School Teacher
English Literature High School Teacher
English Teacher - Secondary School
Esl (English As A Second Language) High School Teacher
Ethics Teacher - Secondary School
Fine Arts Teacher - Secondary School
French As A Second Language Teacher - Secondary School
French Teacher - Secondary School
Geography Teacher - Secondary School
Geometry Teacher - Secondary School
German Teacher - Secondary School
Greek Teacher - Secondary School
Guest Teacher - Secondary School
Health Education Teacher - Secondary School
High School Teacher
High School Teacher - Outdoor Activities
History Teacher - Secondary School
Home Economics Teacher - Secondary School
Humanities Teacher - High School
Industrial And Vocational Education Teacher - Secondary School
Industrial Arts Teacher - Secondary School
Information Technology Teacher - Secondary School
Italian Teacher - Secondary School
Latin Teacher - Secondary School
Librarian-Teacher - High School
Mathematics Teacher - Secondary School
Modern Languages Teacher - Secondary School
Music Teacher - Secondary School
Native School Community Teacher - Secondary School
Outdoor Physical Education Teacher - Secondary School
Physical And Health Education Teacher - Secondary School
Physical Education Teacher - Secondary School
Physical Science Teacher - Secondary School
Physics Teacher - Secondary School
Practical And Applied Arts Teacher
Private Teacher - Secondary School
Reading Clinician - Secondary School
Religious Education High School Teacher
Remedial Teacher - Secondary School
School Teacher - Secondary School
Science High School Teacher
Science Teacher - Secondary School
Secondary School Department Head
Secondary School Reading Clinician
Secondary School Teacher
Secondary School Vocational Teacher
Sewing Teacher - Secondary School
Sheet Metal Instructor - Secondary School
Social Sciences Teacher - Secondary School
Spanish Teacher - Secondary School
Special Education Teacher - Secondary School
Special Needs Teacher - Secondary School
Special Programs Teacher - Secondary School
Substitute High School Teacher
Substitute Teacher - Secondary School
Supply High School Teacher
Technical And Vocational Teacher - Secondary School
Trades Instructor - Secondary School
Vocational High School Teacher
Vocational Secondary School Teacher
Vocational Teacher - Secondary School
4032 Elementary School And Kindergarten Teachers Aboriginal School Teacher - Elementary School
Art Teacher - Elementary School
Cooking Teacher - Elementary School
Correspondence Teacher - Elementary School
Crafts Teacher - Elementary School
Early Childhood Services Teacher - Elementary School
Elementary School Reading Clinician
Elementary School Substitute Teacher
Elementary School Supply Teacher
Elementary School Teacher
English As A Second Language Elementary School Teacher
English As A Second Language Teacher - Elementary School
English Teacher - Elementary School
French As A Second Language Elementary School Teacher
French As A Second Language Teacher - Elementary School
French Immersion Teacher - Elementary School
French Teacher - Elementary School
Grade School Teacher
Home Economics Teacher - Elementary School
Industrial Arts Teacher - Elementary School
Junior High School Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
Language Teacher - Elementary School
Music Teacher - Elementary School
Nature Study Teacher - Elementary School
Physical Education Teacher - Elementary School
Primary School Teacher
Reading Clinician - Elementary School
Remedial Teacher - Elementary School
Sewing Teacher - Elementary School
Special Education Teacher - Elementary School
Special Education Teacher - Primary School
Special Needs Teacher - Elementary School
Substitute Teacher - Elementary School
Supply Teacher - Elementary School
Teacher - Junior Kindergarten
Teacher-Librarian - Elementary School
Visiting Teacher - Elementary School
4033 Educational Counsellors Academic Adviser
Academic Counsellor
Academic Skills Counsellor
Career Counsellor - Education
College Counsellor
Co-Op Officer - Schools
Co-Op Placement Officer - School
Co-Op Program Co-Ordinator - School
Counselling Intern
Counsellor For Aboriginal Students
Education Officer
Educational Counsellor
Educational Guidance Director
First Nations Counsellor - Education
First Nations Studies Program Academic Adviser
Guidance Counsellor
Guidance Service Head
Independent Or Applied Studies Officer
International Student Adviser
Learning And Study Skills Specialist
Personal Academic Counsellor
Personal Counsellor - Education
School Adjustment Officer
School Counsellor
School Guidance Department Head
Student Affairs And Employment Officer
Student Counsellor
Student Employment Services Co-Ordinator
Student Services Counsellor
University Counsellor
Vocational Counsellor - Education
4111 Judges Administrative Judge
Appellate Court Judge
Associate Chief Justice
Chief Justice
County Court Judge
County Judge
Court Of Queen'S Bench Justice
Deputy Justice
District And Surrogate Court Judge
District Court Judge
Family Court Judge
Federal Court Justice
Federal Court Justice - Trial Division
Federal Court Of Appeal Justice
Federal Trial Court Justice
Judge - Law
Juvenile Court Judge
Magistrate Court Judge
Probate Court Judge
Provincial Court Judge
Provincial Court Of Appeal Justice
Provincial Supreme Court Justice
Puisne Judge
Small Claims Court Judge
Superior Court Justice
Supreme Court Justice
Supreme Court Of Canada Justice
Tax Court Judge
Trial Court Judge
Youth Court Judge
4112 Lawyers And Quebec Notaries Administrative Lawyer
Advisory Counsel
Articling Law Student
Assistant Corporate Counsel
Assistant Crown Attorney
Assistant General Solicitor
Assistant Legal Advisor
Assistant Regional Counsel
Associate Counsel
Associate Lawyer
Associate Legal Advisor
Associate Legal Counsel
Attorney'S Assistant Chief Agent
Barrister And Solicitor
City Attorney
City Solicitor
Civil Lawyer
Claim Attorney
Commercial Law Notary
Commercial Lawyer
Contract Counsel
Corporate Counsel
Corporate Notary (Quebec)
Corporation Lawyer
County Attorney
Criminal Lawyer
Crown Attorney
Crown Corporation Counsel
Crown Counsel
Crown Prosecutor
Defence Counsel
Departmental Solicitor
Deputy City Solicitor
Family And Estates Lawyer
General Counsel
General Solicitor
Immigration Lawyer
Industrial Lawyer
In-House Legal Counsel
Insurance Lawyer
Intellectual-Property Lawyer
Judicial Assistant - Supreme Court
Labour Lawyer
Law And Corporate Affairs Adviser
Law Partner
Legal Advisor
Legal Advocate
Legal Aid Lawyer
Legal Attache
Legal Counsel
Legal Officer
Legislative Adviser
Legislative Counsel
Municipal Solicitor
Notary (Quebec)
Patent Counsel
Patent Lawyer
Patent Solicitor
Prosecuting Attorney
Quebec Notary
Queen'S Counsel
Real Estate Lawyer
Regional Attorney
Regional Crown Prosecutor
Review Lawyer
Special Prosecutor
Staff Counsel
Staff Lawyer
Staff Solicitor
Tariff Counsel
Tax Attorney
Tax Lawyer
Title Lawyer
Trademark Lawyer
4151 Psychologists Behavioural Modification Psychologist
Behavioural Psychologist
Behavioural Therapist
Chartered Psychologist
Child Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist
Cognitive Psychologist
Community Psychologist
Counselling Psychologist
Developmental Psychologist
Educational Psychologist
Experimental Psychologist
Forensic Psychologist
Human Development Psychologist
Industrial Psychologist
Intern Psychologist
Organizational Psychologist
Physiological Psychologist
Psychological Associate
Psychologist - Counselling
Registered Psychologist
Research Psychologist
School Psychologist
Social Psychologist
Sports Psychologist
Vocational Psychologist
4152 Social Workers Addiction Social Worker
Case Management Consultant - Social Work
Case Management Social Worker
Case Work Consultant - Social Work
Casework Supervisor - Social Work
Caseworker - Social Work
Certified Social Worker
Child Welfare Social Worker
Children'S Aid Investigator
Co-Ordinator Of Social Work
Family Social Worker
Geriatric Social Worker
Group Social Worker
Human Relations Officer - Social Work
Intake Worker - Social Services
Medical Social Worker
Psychiatric Social Worker
Registered Social Worker
School Social Worker
Social Casework Consultant
Social Work Co-Ordinator
Social Work Officer
Social Work Supervisor
Social Worker
Social Workers Supervisor
4153 Family, Marriage And Other Related Counsellors Addictions Counsellor
Alcohol Addiction Counsellor
Behavioural Consultant
Bereavement Counsellor
Child And Family Counsellor
Child And Youth Counsellor
Children'S Counsellor
Clinical Counsellor
Community Mental Health Counsellor
Counselling Program Supervisor
Counsellor For Persons Who Are Intellectually Impaired
Couples Therapist
Crisis Counsellor
Disability Consultant
Drug Addiction Counsellor
Eating Disorder Therapist
Family Counsellor
Family Planning Counsellor
Family Therapist
Family Therapist (Ft)
Gambling Addictions Counsellor
Gambling Addictions Therapist
Genetic Counsellor
Grief Counsellor
Group Home Counsellor
Human Relations Officer - Family And Children'S Services
Human Relations Officer - Family Therapy
Marital Counsellor
Marriage And Family Therapist
Marriage And Family Therapist (Mft)
Marriage Consultant
Marriage Counsellor
Marriage Therapist
Marriage Therapist (Mt)
Mental Health Counsellor
Play Therapist
Preretirement Counsellor
Psychoeducational Consultant
Registered Clinical Counsellor
Registered Family Therapist
Registered Marriage And Family Therapist
Registered Marriage Therapist
Rehabilitation Counsellor
Sex Therapist
Special Needs Counsellor
Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant
Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor
Welfare Organization Counsellor
4154 Professional Occupations In Religion Archbishop
Assistant Minister - Religion
Chancellor - Religion
Minister - Religion
Moderator - Religion
Officiating Clergyman/Woman
Parish Priest
Salvation Army Commissioned Officer
Television Evangelist
4155 Probation And Parole Officers And Related Occupations Case Management Worker - Corrections
Case Manager - Corrections
Classification Counsellor - Corrections
Classification Officer - Correctional Institution
Clemency Officer - Corrections
Community Case Manager Officer - Corrections
Correctional Centre Caseworker
Parole Officer
Parole Supervisor
Probation And Parole Officer
Probation Officer
Social Assistance Program Officer - Corrections
Welfare Program Officer - Corrections
Youth Worker - Corrections
4156 Employment Counsellors Aboriginal Employment Developer
Aboriginal Employment Officer
Aboriginal Employment Worker
Career Coach
Career Counsellor (Except Education)
Career Development Counsellor
Career Development Facilitator
Career Development Practitioner
Career Group Facilitator
Career Resource Centre Co-Ordinator
Employment Assistance Officer
Employment Consultant
Employment Counsellor
Employment Counsellor - Government Services
Employment Group Counsellor
Employment Outreach Counsellor
Employment Outreach Program Co-Ordinator
Employment Outreach Program Counsellor
Employment Services Assessment Officer
Employment Services Group Counsellor
Employment Services Officer
Job Counsellor
Job Counsellor - Government Services
Job Search Trainer
Labour Market Information Consultant
Outplacement Consultant
Outplacement Counsellor
Relocation Consultant
Relocation Counsellor
Workforce Adjustment Officer
Workforce Development Officer
4161 Natural And Applied Science Policy Researchers, Consultants And Program Officers Agricultural Association Analyst
Agricultural Issues Lobbyist
Certified Ergonomist
Certified Industrial Hygienist
Communications Policy Researcher
Disaster Emergency Response Planner
Emergency Management Analyst
Emergency Preparedness Planner
Energy Policy Analyst
Energy Program Officer
Environmental Advisor (Except Engineer)
Environmental Consultant (Except Engineer)
Environmental Education Consultant
Environmental Impact Analyst
Environmental Issues Lobbyist
Environmental Lobbyist
Environmental Program Co-Ordinator
Environmental Program Development Supervisor
Environmental Program Manager
Ergonomics Consultant
Ergonomics Specialist
Fisheries Analyst
Fisheries Program Officer
Human Factors Engineer
Human Factors Specialist (Except Engineer)
Industrial Hygienist
Industrial Waste Reduction Program Co-Ordinator
Interface Ergonomist
Multimedia Ergonomist
Municipal Recycling Program Co-Ordinator
Natural And Applied Sciences Consultant
Natural And Applied Sciences Policy Advisor
Natural And Applied Sciences Policy Analyst
Natural And Applied Sciences Program Officer
Natural And Applied Sciences Researcher
Natural Resources Planner
Natural Resources Policy Analyst
Occupational Hygiene Officer
Occupational Hygienist
Patent Agent
Patent Searcher
Program Co-Ordinator - Environmental Organization
Recycling Co-Ordinator - Residuals Management
Recycling Program Co-Ordinator
Regional Recycling And Waste Reduction Program Co-Ordinator
Registered Occupational Hygienist
Registered Patent Agent
Scientific Consultant
Solid Waste Program Co-Ordinator
Solid Waste Program Manager
Technology Transfer Officer
Transportation Program Analyst
Transportation Safety Analyst
Waste Diversion Consultant
Waste Diversion Program Co-Ordinator
Waste Diversion Program Manager
Waste Management Program Co-Ordinator
Waste Reduction And Recycling Officer
Waste Reduction Education Program Officer
Waste Reduction Program Co-Ordinator
Wind Energy Analyst
Work Site Analyst
Work Site Auditor
4162 Economists And Economic Policy Researchers And Analysts Agricultural Economist
Business Analyst - Economics
Business Economist
Business Intelligence Analyst
Consumer Advisor - Economics
Development Economist
Economic Advisor
Economic Analyst
Economic Consultant
Economic Policy Adviser
Economic Policy Analyst
Economic Policy Researcher
Economic Research Group Supervisor
Energy Economist
Farm Economist
Financial Economist
Financial Market Economist
Fiscal Economics Analyst
Forest Economist
Forest Resources Economist
General Economist
Health Economist
Human Resources Economist
Industrial Economist
Industrial Relations Economist
Industrial Trade Economist
International Trade Economist
Investment Economist
Labour Economist
Labour Market Information Analyst
Land Use Economist
Mathematical Economist
Natural Resources Economist
Price Economist
Regional Economist
Resource Economist
Risk Management Analyst
Salary Analyst - Economic Policy
Social Economist
Tax Economist
Territorial Resources Economist
Trade Analyst
Trade Economist
Transport Economist
Wage Analyst - Economic Policy
Welfare Economist
Business Development Officers And Marketing Researchers And Consultants Aboriginal Economic Development Officer
Advertising Analyst
Agriculture And Food Sector Development Consultant
Agriculture And Food Sector Marketing Consultant
Agri-Food Sector Development Consultant
Agri-Food Sector Marketing Consultant
Analyst - Market Research
Area Development Officer - Government
Business Development Officer
Business Issues Lobbyist
Category Sales Analyst
Commerce Officer
Commercial Development Officer - Government
Commercial Research Analyst
Community Development Consultant
Community Economic Development Consultant
Community Economic Development Officer
Economic Development Consultant
Economic Development Officer
Economic Development Officer - Aboriginal Communities
Economic Forecaster
Economic Research Officer
Industrial Commissioner
Industrial Development Officer
Industrial Development Representative
International Development And Assistance Researcher
International Marketing Specialist
Manufacturers' Association Analyst
Market Analyst - Non-Financial
Market Intelligence Analyst
Market Research Analyst
Market Research Specialist
Market Researcher
Marketing Analysis Specialist
Marketing Analyst
Marketing Analyst - Non-Financial
Marketing Consultant - Market Research
Marketing Consultant - Wholesale
Marketing Project Officer - Market Research
Marketing Research Specialist
Marketing Researcher
Mining Industry Development Consultant
Program Delivery Officer - Business Development
Program Officer - International Development Agency
Regional Development Analyst
Regional Development Officer
Regional Economic Development Agency Officer
Regional Industrial Development Officer
Rural Development Officer
Sales Analyst
Small Business Counsellor
Tourism Consultant - Government
Tourism Development Officer
Tourism Development Officer - Government
Tourism Industry Consultant
Tourism Industry Specialist
Tourism Services Co-Ordinator - Government
Trade Promotion Officer
Visitor Interpretation Services Co-Ordinator - Government
4164 Social Policy Researchers, Consultants And Program Officers Aboriginal Affairs Development Officer
Aboriginal Affairs Officer
Aboriginal Employment Policy Officer
Aboriginal Employment Program Officer
Aboriginal Issues Lobbyist
Adoption Project Officer
Adviser For The Integration Of Persons With Disabilities
Affirmative Action Advisor
Child Care Licensing Officer
Child Welfare Policy Analyst
Child-Care Programs Planning Officer
Child-Care Services Liaison Officer
Citizenship Officer
Community Organizer
Community Policing Program Consultant
Community Social Development Officer
Consumer Advisor
Correction Rehabilitation Program Co-Ordinator
Correctional Service Policy Consultant
Employment Equity Adviser - Social Policy
Employment Equity Consultant
Employment Equity Policy Analyst
Employment Equity Policy Consultant
Employment Initiatives Co-Ordinator
Employment Insurance Policy Analysis Officer
Employment Insurance Policy Analyst
Employment Insurance Services Adviser
Employment Standards Specialist
Experimental Home Economist
Extension Home Economist
Family Violence Prevention Program Adviser
Field Representative - Housing
Food Consultant - Home Economics
Home Economics Consultant
Home Economist
Home Economist - Consumer Association
Housing Policy Analyst
Human Rights Commission Officer
Human Rights Commission Officers Supervisor
Human Rights Officer
Human Rights Officer - Government Services
Human Rights Specialist
Immigrant Settlement Liaison Officer
Immigration And Demographic Analysis Officer
Immigration Consultant
Immigration Policy Advisor
Immigration Policy Analyst
Immigration Policy Consultant - Non-Government
Immigration Settlement Practitioner
Income Maintenance Program Officer
International Aid And Development Project Officer
International Aid And Development Researcher
International Relations Specialist
Job Creation And Employment Services Evaluation Officer
Labour Affairs Officer - Labour Policy
Labour Market Analyst
Labour Market Information Officer
Labour Market Policy Officer
Labour Mobility Policy Consultant
Labour Policy Analyst
Labour Policy Officer
Labour Standards Analyst
Multiculturalism Project Officer
Native Affairs Officer
Native Employment Program Officer
Native Issues Lobbyist
Occupational Supply Analyst
Peace Activist
Peace Researcher
Political Organizer
Poverty Researcher
Psychology Assistant (Except University)
Public Assistance Adviser
Public Housing Officer
Public Housing Policy Analyst
Public Opinion Survey Researcher
Public Rights Co-Ordinator
Race Relations Officer
Refugee Affairs Program Officer
Research Home Economist
Settlement Counsellor
Settlement Liaison Officer
Settlement Practitioner
Social And Community Care Licensing Officer
Social Assistance Advisor
Social Assistance Policy Analyst
Social Development Officer
Social Issues Researcher
Social Policy Advisor
Social Policy Analyst
Social Policy Consultant
Social Policy Planning Consultant
Social Policy Researcher
Social Program Officer
Social Researcher
Social Science Researcher
Social Service Program Officer
Social Services Consultant
Social Services Planner
Social Services Planning Consultant
Social Services Program Officers Supervisor
Social Services Program Planner
Social Survey Researcher (Except Statistician)
Social Survey Researchers Supervisor
Social Welfare Advisor
Social Welfare Research Officer
Socio-Economic Research And Planning Officer
Status Of Women'S Directorate Policy Analyst
Textile And Clothing Consultant - Home Economics
Visible Minorities Policy Officer
Welfare Policy Analysts Supervisor
Women'S Employment Policy Consultant
Women'S Issues Lobbyist
Women'S Program Co-Ordinator
Women'S Shelter Program Co-Ordinator
Women'S Status Policy Consultant
Workers' Compensation Officer
Workers' Compensation Policy Analyst
4165 Health Policy Researchers, Consultants And Program Officers Child Health Care Programs Planning Officer
Clinical Research Associate
Clinical Research Program Manager
Clinical Trials Co-Ordinator
Decision Support Analyst - Health
Decision Support Specialist - Health
Dental Health Consultant
Drug And Alcohol Abuse Consultant
Health And Social Services Institution Accreditation Officer
Health And Social Services Liaison Officer
Health Care Association Program Officer
Health Care Consultant
Health Care Planner
Health Care Planning Consultant
Health Care Planning Officer
Health Care Program Administration Officer
Health Care Researcher
Health Educator
Health Policy Development Officer
Health Policy Research Analyst
Health Program Information Analyst
Health Promotion Program Officer
Health Research Officer
Health Services Consultant
Health Services Program Consultant
Health Services Research Officer
Health Services Researcher
Home-Care Programs Consultant
Labour Force Planning Consultant - Health Sector
Long-Term Care Program Consultant
Medical Adjudicator - Canada Pension Plan
Mental Health Programs Consultant
Nursing Home Guidelines Development Officer
Nursing Home Policy Development Officer
Planning Co-Ordinator - District Health Council Program
Policy Development Officer - Nursing Homes
Wellness Consultant
Wellness Co-Ordinator
Wellness Program Co-Ordinator
4166 Education Policy Researchers, Consultants And Program Officers Adult Education Consultant
Adult Education Program Officer
Andragogy Specialist
Art Co-Ordinator - Education
Board Of Education Inspector
Curriculum Consultant
Curriculum Developer
Curriculum Planner
Distance Education Program Co-Ordinator
Distance Education Project Officer
Education Consultant
Education Outreach Program Co-Ordinator
Education Policy Advisor
Education Policy Analyst
Education Policy Consultant
Education Policy Officer
Education Policy Supervisor
Education Program Co-Ordinator
Education Program Officer
Education Program Planner
Education Research Officer
Education Researcher
Education Science Specialist
Educational And Vocational Information Specialist
Heritage Languages Education Consultant
Inspector - Education
Language Assessor
Language Assessor - Education
Languages Co-Ordinator - Education
Literacy Coach
Mathematics Co-Ordinator - Education
Music Co-Ordinator - Education
Official Languages Education Officer
Physical Education Co-Ordinator - Education
Program Co-Ordinator - Education
Program Development Specialist - College
School Adjustment Specialist
School Inspector
School Subjects Consultant
Science Co-Ordinator - Education
Special Education Consultant
Special Education Co-Ordinator
Special Education Co-Ordinator - Education
Subject Consultant - Education
Teaching Consultant
4167 Recreation, Sports And Fitness Policy Researchers, Consultants And Program Officers Aquatic Program Co-Ordinator
Arts And Crafts Programs Co-Ordinator
Community Recreation And Leisure Consultant
Community Recreation And Leisure Counsellor
Community Recreation Co-Ordinator
Community Recreational And Leisure Programs Consultant
Community Recreational And Leisure Programs Counsellor
Employee Fitness Consultant
Employee Fitness Counsellor
Fitness Analyst
Fitness Consultant
Fitness Co-Ordinator
Fitness Policy Analyst
Fitness Program Consultant
Fitness Programs Supervisor
Geriatric Activities Co-Ordinator
Geriatric Recreational And Leisure Activities Consultant
Geriatric Recreational And Leisure Activities Co-Ordinator
Geriatric Recreational And Leisure Activities Counsellor
Leisure Activities Consultant
Leisure Activities Counsellor
Leisure Activities Program Co-Ordinator
Leisure Analyst
Leisure Consultant
Leisure Co-Ordinator
Leisure Counsellor
Leisure Policy Analyst
Leisure Program Co-Ordinator
Leisure Services Co-Ordinator
Nautical Activities Co-Ordinator
Nautical Programs Co-Ordinator
Pool Activities Co-Ordinator
Program Supervisor - Sports And Leisure
Recreation Analyst
Recreation And Leisure Programs Supervisor
Recreation And Leisure Supervisor
Recreation Consultant
Recreation Co-Ordinator
Recreation Counsellor
Recreation Policy Analyst
Recreation Programmer
Recreation Services Co-Ordinator
Recreation Supervisor
Recreation, Sports Or Fitness Policy Analyst
Recreational Activities Consultant
Recreational Activities Co-Ordinator
Recreational Activities Counsellor
Recreational Activities Program Co-Ordinator
Recreational Programs Co-Ordinator
Recreationist - Geriatrics
Sports Activities Co-Ordinator
Sports Analyst
Sports And Leisure Counsellor
Sports And Recreation Consultant
Sports And Recreation Counsellor
Sports Consultant
Sports Co-Ordinator
Sports Counsellor
Sports Policy Analyst
Sports Program Co-Ordinator - Sports And Recreation
Sports Program Supervisor
Sports Programs Co-Ordinator
Sports Projects Officer
Sports Supervisor
Sports, Recreation And Leisure Supervisor
Sports, Recreational And Leisure Programs Supervisor
Teen Club Programs Co-Ordinator
Youth Recreational And Leisure Activities Consultant
Youth Recreational And Leisure Activities Counsellor
Youth Recreational And Leisure Activities Program Co-Ordinator
4168 Program Officers Unique To Government Aboriginal Land Claims Liaison Officer
Board Member - Government Services
Deputy Returning Officer
Election Commission Officer
Elections Officer
Extraparliamentary Commission Officer
Federal And Intergovernmental Affairs Research Officer - Government Services
Federal-Provincial Relations Officer
First Secretary - Foreign Service
Foreign Service Officer
Government Official
Health Authority Board Member
House Of Commons Committee Officer
House Of Commons Officer
Intelligence Analyst - Security
Intelligence Officer - Security
Intelligence Operator - Security
Intergovernmental Affairs Officer
Labour Relations Commission Officer
Legislative Committee Officer
Legislative Council Officer
Native Land Claims Liaison Officer
Office Of The Speaker Of The House Of Commons Officer
Office Of The Speaker Officer
Official Languages Commission Officer
Official Languages Promotion Officer
Parole Board Member
Premier'S Office Officer (Provincial Government)
Prime Minister'S Office Officer (Federal Government)
Privy Council Office Officer
Protocol Officer
Protocol Officer - Government Services
Public Inquiries Officer
Refugee Board Member
Regional Committee Officer - Government Services
Regional Council Officer
Research Officer - Federal And Intergovernmental Affairs
Returning Officer
Royal Commission Officer
Second Secretary - Foreign Service
Select Committee Officer
Senate Committee Officer
Standing Committee Officer
Standing Or Select Committee Officer
Task Force Officer
Territorial Council Officer
Third Secretary - Foreign Service
Tribunal Chairperson
Tribunal Member
Tribunal Officer
Tribunal Officer - Government Services
4169 Other Professional Occupations In Social Science, N.E.C. Anthropologist
Applied Anthropologist
Applied Geographer
Applied Linguist
Archaeological Consultant
Archaeological Field Worker
Biological Anthropologist
Cultural Anthropologist
Cultural Geographer
Diplomatic Historian
Dramatic Arts Historian
Economic Geographer
Economic Historian
Educational Sociologist
Handwriting Analyst
Handwriting Expert
Historical Geographer
Industrial Geographer
Industrial Sociologist
Linguistic Anthropologist
Medical Sociologist
Military Historian
Physical Anthropologist
Physical Geographer
Political Geographer
Political Historian
Political Scientist
Quantitative Historian
Research Anthropologist
Research Archaeologist
Rural Sociologist
Scientific Handwriting Expert
Social And Cultural Anthropologist
Social Anthropologist
Social Ecologist
Social Historian
Social Scientist
Theatre Historian
Urban Geographer
Urban Sociologist
4211 Paralegal And Related Occupations Abstractor
Brief Writer - Law
British Columbia Notary Public
Collection Paralegal
Commercial Law Clerk
Commercial Law Paralegal
Contract Clerk - Law
Conveyance Clerk
Copyright Agent
Corporate Law And Litigation Clerk
Corporate Law Clerk
Corporate Paralegal
Corporate Securities Law Clerk
Corporation Paralegal
Court And Tribunal Agent
Criminal Law Clerk
Criminal Law Paralegal
Family Law Clerk
Family Law Paralegal
Foreclosure Clerk
Foreclosure Paralegal
Independent Paralegal
Insurance Law Clerk
Insurance Paralegal
Labour Law Clerk
Labour Law Paralegal
Land Titles Clerk
Land Titles Examiner
Law Clerk
Law Clerk To Judge
Lay Notary Public
Lease And Title Clerk
Legal Researcher
Legal Technician
Litigation Law Clerk
Litigation Paralegal
Mortgage And Real Estate Paralegal
Notary Public
Notary Public (British Columbia)
Notary Public (Outside Quebec)
Notary Public Clerk
Oil And Gas Property Paralegal
Oil And Gas Rights Law Clerk
Oil And Gas Rights Paralegal
Property Paralegal
Real Estate Law Clerk
Real Estate Paralegal
Registered Trademark Agent
Tax Law Clerk
Tax Paralegal
Title And Lease Clerk
Title Examiner
Title Searcher
Trademark Agent
Transfer-Of-Title Clerk
Wills And Estates Law Clerk
Wills And Estates Paralegal
4212 Social And Community Service Workers Aboriginal Centre Co-Ordinator
Aboriginal Outreach Officer - Social Services
Aboriginal Outreach Worker
Addictions Worker
Addictions Worker - Compulsive Gambling
Case Aide - Social Services
Certified Return-To-Work Co-Ordinator - Disability Management
Certified Return-To-Work Facilitator - Disability Management
Child And Youth Worker
Child Welfare Worker
Child-Care Worker (Except Day Care)
Community And Social Services Worker
Community Centre Co-Ordinator
Community Centre Worker
Community Counsellor - Social Services
Community Development Worker
Community Liaison Worker
Community Mental Health Worker
Community Organization Worker
Community Rehabilitation Worker
Community Service Worker
Community Services Officer - Social Services
Community Worker
Crisis Intervention Worker
Detention Home Worker
Development Service Worker
Developmental Service Worker
Disability Management Worker
Drop-In Centre Worker
Drug Addiction Worker
Eligibility Co-Ordinator - Social Assistance
Eligibility Co-Ordinator - Welfare
Exceptional-Child-Care Worker (Except Day Care)
Family Service Worker
Financial Assistance Officer - Social Assistance
Financial Assistance Worker - Social Services
Group Home Operator
Group Home Worker
Halfway House Supervisor
Halfway House Worker
Help Centre Supervisor - Social Services
Hostel Co-Ordinator
Hostel Outreach Worker
Income Maintenance Officer - Social Services
Independent Living Instructor
Intellectual Disabilities Worker
Itinerant Support Service Worker
Life Skills Coach
Life Skills Instructor
Meals-On-Wheels Worker
Mental Health Proctor
Mental Health Support Worker
Mental Health Worker
Native Centre Co-Ordinator
Native Community Worker
Native Outreach Officer - Social Services
Native Outreach Worker
Neighbourhood Worker - Social Services
Peer Support Worker
Personal Skills Development Instructor - Social Services
Psychological Assistant
Registered Social Service Worker
Rehabilitation Officer - Social Services
Rehabilitation Service Worker
Rehabilitation Worker - Social Services
Residence Co-Ordinator - Group Home
Residential Counsellor - Group Home
Return-To-Work Co-Ordinator - Disability Management
Return-To-Work Facilitator - Disability Management
Settlement Worker - Community Services
Shelter Supervisor - Social Services
Shelter Workshop Supervisor
Social Aid Officer
Social Animator
Social Assistance Officer
Social Rehabilitation Officer
Social Rehabilitation Technician
Social Rehabilitation Worker
Social Services Assistant
Social Services Volunteer Co-Ordinator
Social Services Worker
Social Welfare Officer
Special Education Technician - Social And Community Services
Street Outreach Worker
Streetworker - Social Services
Substance Abuse Worker
Supervised Access Worker
Transition Home Worker - Social Services
Transition House Worker - Social Services
Veteran Services Officer
Veterans' Affairs Field Officer
Welfare And Compensation Officer
Welfare Organization Supervisor
Welfare Worker
Women'S Centre Co-Ordinator - Social Services
Women'S Centre Program Supervisor - Social Services
Women'S Centre Supervisor - Social Services
Women'S Shelter Supervisor
Women'S Shelter Supervisor - Social Services
Youth Development Co-Ordinator
Youth Hostel Co-Ordinator
Youth Services Worker
Youth Worker
Youth Worker - Social Services
4214 Early Childhood Educators And Assistants Assistant Ece
Baby-Care Worker
Baby-Care Worker Assistant
Baby-Care Workers Supervisor
Child Care Worker - Daycare
Child Care Worker Assistant
Daycare Aide
Daycare Attendant
Daycare Co-Ordinator
Daycare Helper
Daycare Supervisor
Daycare Teacher
Daycare Worker
Daycare Worker Assistant
Early Childhood Assistant
Early Childhood Education Worker
Early Childhood Educator - Junior Kindergarten
Early Childhood Educator - Kindergarten
Early Childhood Educator - Preschool
Early Childhood Educator (E.C.E.)
Early Childhood Educator Assistant
Early Childhood Educator Assistant - Junior Kindergarten
Early Childhood Educator Assistant - Kindergarten
Early Childhood Program Staff Assistant
Early Childhood Program Supervisor
Early Childhood Supervisor
Ece Assistant
Educator Assistant - Junior Kindergarten
Infant Daycare Workers Supervisor
Infants' Daycare Worker
Nursery School Aide
Nursery School Helper
Nursery School Teacher
Preschool Helper
Preschool Supervisor
4215 Instructors Of Persons With Disabilities Braille Instructor
Braille Teacher
Finger-Spelling Teacher
Instructor Of Persons With A Mobility Impairment
Instructor Of Persons Who Are Blind
Instructor Of Persons Who Are Deaf
Instructor Of Persons Who Are Hard Of Hearing
Instructor Of Persons With A Learning Disability
Instructor Of Persons With A Visual Impairment
Instructor Of Persons With Developmental Disabilities
Instructor Of Persons With Disabilities
Instructor Of Persons With Intellectual Disabilities
Instructor Of Persons With Special Needs
Job Coach For Persons With Disabilities
Lip-Reading Instructor
Lip-Reading Teacher
Orientation And Mobility Instructor
Orientation And Mobility Instructor For Persons With A Visual Impairment
Orientation And Mobility Teacher For Persons Who Are Blind
Orientation And Mobility Teacher Of Persons With A Visual Impairment
Rehabilitation Instructor For Persons Who Are Blind
Rehabilitation Instructor Of Persons With A Visual Impairment
Rehabilitation Teacher
Rehabilitation Teacher For Persons Who Are Blind
Rehabilitation Teacher Of Persons With A Visual Impairment
Sign Language Instructor
Sign Language Teacher
Special Education Technician - Persons With Disabilities
Special Programs Instructor For Persons With Disabilities
Teacher For Persons With Autism
Teacher For Persons With Intellectual Disabilities
Teacher Of Braille
Teacher Of Persons Who Are Blind
Teacher Of Persons Who Are Deaf
Teacher Of Persons Who Are Hard Of Hearing
Teacher Of Persons Who Are Hearing Impaired
Teacher Of Persons With A Mobility Impairment
Teacher Of Persons With A Visual Impairment
Teacher Of Persons With Developmental Disabilities
4216 Other Instructors Auto-Driving Instructor
Beauty Culture School Instructor
Child Safety Educator
Driver'S Licence Examiner
Driving Examiner
Driving Instructor
Driving School Instructor
First Aid Instructor
Gourmet Cooking Instructor - Non-Vocational
Modelling And Finishing School Instructor
Motorcycle Driving Instructor
Sailing Instructor
Self-Improvement Course Instructor
Sewing Instructor - Non-Vocational
Sewing Teacher - Non-Vocational
Small-Boat Navigation Instructor
Truck Driving Instructor
Tutor - Elementary School Subjects
Tutor - Secondary School Subjects
4217 Other Religious Occupations Animator - Spiritual Guidance
Brother/Sister - Religion
Christian Science Nurse - Non-Medical
Christian Science Practitioner
Christian Science Worker
Church Worker
Corporate Intercessor
Faith Healer
Gospel Worker
Home Mission Worker - Religion
Mother Superior/Religious Superior
Novice - Religion
Pastoral Animator
Religious Education Worker
Religious Superior - Religious Community
Religious Superior/Mother Superior
Salvation Army Captain
Salvation Army Field Worker
Salvation Army Worker
Sister/Brother - Religion
4311 Police Officers (Except Commissioned) Bodyguard - Police
Canadian Security Intelligence Service (Csis) Investigator
Canine-Team Member - Police
Community Police Officer
Community Relations Officer - Police
Community Services Officer - Police
Counterfeit And Forgery Section Detective
Crime Prevention Constable
Crime Scene Technician - Police
Csis (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) Investigator
Desk Officer - Police
Detective - Police
Divisional Diving Supervisor - Police
Dog Master - Police
Drug Investigator - Police
Education Relations Officer - Policing
Ethnic Relations Officer - Police
Evidence Technician - Police
Harbour Police Officer
Harbour Police Sergeant
Harbour Policeman/Woman
Headquarters Duty Officer - Police
Highway Patrol Officer
Highway Patrolman/Woman
Identification Officer - Police
Investigator - Police
Morality Officer - Police
Motorcycle Patrolman/Woman - Police
Mounted Police Constable
Mounted Policeman/Woman
Narcotics Squad Detective
Patrol Officer - Police
Peace Officer
Plain-Clothes Officer
Police Cadet
Police Constable
Police Corporal
Police Diver
Police Diver - Salvage
Police Investigator
Police Officer
Police Sergeant
Railway Guard - Police
Railway Investigator - Police
Railway Police Constable
Railway Police Officer
Railway Special Agent - Police
Rcmp (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Officer
Rcmp Officer
Recruitment And Training Officer - Police
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Rcmp) Officer
Safety Patrol Officer - Police
School Liaison Officer - Police
School Safety Officer - Police
Scuba Diver - Police
Scuba-Diving Specialist - Police
Secret Service Officer
Security Constable - Police
Security Officer - Police
Staff Sergeant - Police
Station Duty Officer - Police
Station Officer - Police
Traffic Patrol Officer
Vice Squad Detective
4312 Firefighters Airport Firefighter
Communication Service Firefighter
Crash Firefighter
Fire Captain
Fire Department Platoon Chief
Fire Inspector
Fire Lieutenant
Fire Prevention Officer
Fire Safety Inspection Firefighter
Firefighter Apprentice
Firefighter Lieutenant
Industrial Complex Firefighter
Industrial Firefighter
Shipboard Firefighter
Structural Firefighter
Training Firefighter
4313 Non-Commissioned Ranks Of The Canadian Armed Forces Able Seaman - Armed Forces
Armour Defence Gunner
Armoured Soldier
Artillery Soldier
Assault Pioneer
Chief Petty Officer First Class
Chief Petty Officer Second Class
Chief Warrant Officer
Combat Engineer
Infantry Soldier
Leading Seaman
Master Corporal
Master Seaman
Master Warrant Officer
Naval Acoustics Operator
Naval Electronics Technician - Armed Forces
Ordinary Seaman - Armed Forces
Petty Officer First Class
Petty Officer Second Class
Private Recruit
Reconnaissance Patrolman
Warrant Officer
5111 Librarians Art Librarian
Associate Librarian
Automation Librarian
Bookmobile Librarian
Cataloguer - Library
Children'S Services Librarian
Classifier - Library
Computer Search Librarian
Database Librarian
Documentation Librarian
Health Librarian
Information And Reference Librarian
Information Services Librarian
Law Librarian
Liaison Librarian
Library Consultant
Library Co-Ordinator
Library Supervisor
Medical Librarian
Multimedia Librarian
Music Librarian
Music Librarian - Broadcasting
Periodicals Librarian
Reference Librarian
Resource Sharing And Processing Librarian
Scientific Librarian
Technical Services Librarian
Unit Head Librarian
5112 Conservators And Curators Archaeology Curator
Archaeology Museum Curator
Art Gallery Conservator
Art Gallery Curator
Art Object Curator
Artifact Conservator
Assistant Curator
Assistant Museum Curator
Aviation And Space Museum Curator
Ceramics And Glass Conservator
Conservator - Art Objects
Conservator - Museum
Contemporary Art Curator
Contemporary Art Museum Curator
Ethnology Curator
Ethnology Museum Curator
Fine Art And Polychrome Conservator
Fossil Conservator
Fossil Curator
Furniture And Wooden Objects Conservator
Herbarium Curator
Historical Artifact Conservator
Insectarium Conservator
Insectarium Curator
Invertebrate Zoology Curator
Invertebrate Zoology Museum Curator
Library Curator
Metals Conservator
Museum Curator
Museum Objects Conservator
Natural History Museum Curator
Natural History Specimen Conservator
Natural Sciences Curator
Natural Sciences Museum Curator
Ornithology Curator
Ornithology Museum Curator
Paintings Conservator
Paper Conservator
Photograph Conservator
Photography Museum Curator
Science And Technology Curator
Science And Technology Museum Curator
Sculpture Conservator
Textile Conservator
Vertebrate Zoology Curator
Vertebrate Zoology Museum Curator
5113 Archivists Archivist
Assistant Archivist
Collections Archivist
Corporate Archivist
Fine Arts Archivist
Historical Archivist
Multimedia Archivist
Photo Archivist
Research Archivist
Video Archivist
5121 Authors And Writers Ad Writer
Advertising Copywriter
Advertising Writer
Crossword Puzzle Maker
Designer And Script Writer
Dialogue Writer
Dubbing Dialogue Writer
Feature Writer
Fiction Writer
Game, Cd-Rom Or Web Critic
Ghost Writer
Handbook Writer
Help File Developer
Interactive Media Writer
Literary Writer
Manual Writer
Medical Writer
Multimedia Author
Multimedia Script Writer
Multimedia Writer
New Media Writer
On-Line Reference Developer
Programmed-Instruction Writer
Publicity Writer
Radio Writer
Scientific Writer
Screen Writer
Script And Dialogue Writer
Script Writer
Self-Instruction Manual Writer
Serial Story Writer
Serial Writer
Short Story Writer
Specifications Writer
Specifications Writer (Except Construction)
Speech Writer
Sports Writer - Novels And Books
Standards Writer
Support Materials Writer
Technical Writer
Technical Writer - Aeronautics
Technical Writer - Chemical Processing
Technical Writer - Electronics Equipment
Technical Writer - Pharmaceutical Industry
Teleplay Writer - Screenwriter
Television Writer
5122 Editors Advertising Editor
Art Editor
Assistant Editor
Associate Editor
Bilingual Editor
Blog Editor
Book Editor
Business Editor
Caption Editor
City Editor
Contributing Editor
Control Room Editor - Broadcasting
Copy Chief
Copy Editor
Copy Preparer
Dictionary Editor
Editorial Consultant
Editorial Page Editor
English Editor
Feature Editor
Financial Editor
Financial News Editor
Foreign News Broadcasting Editor
Foreign News Service Editor
French Editor
Information Editor
Journal Editor
Line Editor
Line-Up Editor
Literary Editor
Local News Editor
Magazine Editor
Manuscript Editor
Medical Editor
News Desk Editor
News Editor
News Editor - Broadcasting
News Service Editor
Newspaper Editor
Picture Editor
Production Editor
Publications Editor
Scientific Editor
Script Editor
Senior Editor
Society Editor
Special Features Editor
Sport Desk Editor
Sports Editor
Technical Editor
Telecommunications Editor
Web Site Editor
5123 Journalists Anchorman/Woman
Art Critic
Book Critic
Book Reviewer
Broadcast Journalist
Culinary Journalist
Drama Critic
Entertainment Columnist
Fashion Columnist
Feature Reporter
Field Reporter
Film Critic
Financial Reporter
Foreign Affairs Reporter
Foreign Correspondent
Foreign News Correspondent
Headline Writer
Investigative Reporter
Law Reporter
Literary Critic
Movie Critic
Multimedia Information Trader
Music Critic
Music Reviewer
Network Reporter
News Analyst
News Analyst - Broadcasting
News Commentator
News Commentator - Broadcasting
News Correspondent
News Reporter
News Writer - International Broadcasting
Newscast Correspondent
Newspaper Correspondent
Newspaper Critic
Newspaper Editorial Writer
Newspaper Reporter
Newspaper Writer
On-Line Chronicler
On-Line Columnist
Political Analyst - Radio Or Television
Political Columnist
Political Reporter
Press Reporter
Program Researcher - Radio Or Television
Radio Commentator
Radio Researcher
Society Columnist
Society Journalist
Society Reporter
Sports Columnist
Sports Reporter
Sports Writer - Journalism
Staff Writer - Newspaper
Stock Market Reporter
Television News Anchorperson
Television Researcher
Theatre Critic
5125 Translators, Terminologists And Interpreters American Sign Language (Asl) Interpreter
Asl (American Sign Language) Interpreter
C. Int. (Certified Interpreter)
C. Term. (Certified Terminologist)
C. Tr. (Certified Translator)
Certified Interpreter (C.Int.)
Certified Terminologist (C.Term.)
Certified Translator (C.Tr.)
Community Interpreter
Conference Interpreter
Consecutive Interpreter
Court Interpreter
Cultural Interpreter
Cultural Or International Adaptation Specialist
Deaf Interpreter
Educational Interpreter
Elbow Interpreter
Escort Interpreter
Foreign Broadcast Translator
Foreign News Translator
Interpreter For Persons Who Are Deaf
Jurilinguist Translator
Legal Terminologist
Legal Translator
Literary Translator
Lsq (Quebec Sign Language) Interpreter
Medical Terminologist
Medical Translator
Oral Interpreter
Quebec Sign Language (Lsq) Interpreter
Relay Interpreter
Reviser - Translation
Scientific Translator
Sign Language Interpreter
Sign Language Platform Interpreter
Simultaneous Interpreter
Tactile Interpreter
Technical Translator
Terminology Advisor
Translator Adaptor
Visual Language Interpreter
5131 Producers, Directors, Choreographers And Related Occupations Art Director - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Artistic Director - Motion Picture
Assistant Director
Assistant Director - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Audiovisual (Av) Producer
Broadcasting Director
Broadcasting Producer
Broadcasting Sports Director
Casting Director
Director - Motion Picture
Director - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Director Of Photography
Film Director
Film Editor
Film Producer
Floor Director - Performing Arts
Motion Picture Director
Motion Picture Producer
Motion Picture Production Director
Movie Director
Movie Producer
Multimedia Audio Producer
Performing Arts Artistic Director
Producer - Performing Arts
Production Designer - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Production Director - Motion Picture
Program Director - Broadcasting
Radio Director
Radio Producer
Record Producer
Recording Director
Stage Director - Performing Arts
Stage Producer
Technical Director - Broadcasting
Technical Director - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Technical Producer
Technical Producer - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Television Director
Television Director-Producer
Television Producer
Vfx Project Manager
Video Director
Video Game Art Director
Video Game Producer
Video Games Project Manager
Video Illustrator - Multimedia Work
Video Maker
Video Producer
Visual Effects Producer
Visual Effects Project Manager
Visual Effects Technical Director - Motion Pictures
5132 Conductors, Composers And Arrangers Arranger
Artistic Director - Music
Band Conductor
Band Director
Choir Director
Choir Leader
Choral Conductor
Choral Director
Chorus Master
Copyist - Music
Motion Picture Musical Director
Music Adapter
Music Arranger
Music Copyist
Music Director
Music Writer
Musical Director
Orchestra Artistic Director
Orchestral Conductor
Stage Musical Director
Television Musical Director
5133 Musicians And Singers Accompanist
Accordion Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Back-Up Musician
Bass Drum Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Bass Player
Bassoon Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Blues Singer
Cello Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Church Organist
Concert Singer
Folk Singer
Gospel Singer
Guitar Player
Horn Player
Horn Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Instrumental Music Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Instrumental Musician
Lied Singer
Music Teacher - Musicians
Music Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Musical Interpreter
Opera Singer
Organ Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Piano Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Pop Singer
Recital Singer
Recording Artist
Rehearsal Musician
Rock Singer
Session Musician
Street Musician
Tuba Player
Viola Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Violin Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Vocal Music Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
Vocal Soloist
Voice Teacher - Music
Voice Teacher - Private, Conservatory Or Studio Lessons
5134 Dancers Ballerina
Ballet Dancer
Ballet Master
Ballet Teacher
Ballroom Dancing Teacher
Baton Twirling Instructor
Belly Dancer
Chorus Dancer
Classical Dance Instructor
Classical Dancer
Dance Instructor
Dance Notator
Dance Teacher
Dancing Instructor
Folk Dance Teacher
Folk Dancer
Folkloric Dance Teacher
Folkloric Dancer
Group Dance Teacher
Group Dancer
Interpretative Dancer
Interpretive Dancer
Line Dance Teacher
Line Dancer
Performance Movement Teacher
Tap Dance Teacher
Tap Dancer
5135 Actors And Comedians Acting Teacher - Private Or Studio
Diction Coach
Drama Actor
Drama Coach
Drama Teacher - Private Or Studio
Dramatic Arts Teacher - Private Or Studio
Dramatic Reader
Film Dubber
Humorist - Performing Arts
Movie Actor
Performing Arts Extra
Reader - Performing Arts
Standardized Patient
Stand-Up Comedian
Story Teller
Straight Man
Voice Coach
Voice-Over Actor
5136 Painters, Sculptors And Other Visual Artists Animal Art Painter
Animal Art Sculptor
Art Instructor
Art Instructor (Except Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary Education)
Art Teacher (Except Primary, Secondary And Post-Secondary Education)
Artistic Painter
Artistic Printmaker
Charcoal Artist
Clay Modeller
Decorations Painter - Visual Arts
Etcher - Visual Arts
Ice Sculptor
Ink Sketcher
Inuit Art Sculptor
Landscape Painter
Lithographic Artist
Maritime Art Painter
Metal Sculptor
Monument Sculptor
Mural Landscape Artist
Mural Painter
Oil Painter
Painter - Visual Arts
Painting Teacher
Plastic Arts Artist
Portrait Painter
Printmaker - Visual Arts
Printmaking Teacher
Scenery Painter
Scenic Painter - Visual Arts
Sculpture Teacher (Except Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary Education)
Sculpturing Teacher (Except Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary Education)
Silhouette Artist
Silkscreen Artist
Video Artist
Visual Arts Artist
Visual Arts Teacher (Except Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary Education)
Wood Block Artist
Wood Sculptor
5211 Library And Public Archive Technicians Archival Assistant
Archival Management Technician
Archive Assistant
Archive Attendant
Archive Technician
Assistant Music Librarian
Cataloguing Technician
Elementary School Librarian
High School Librarian
Library Technician
School Librarian - Secondary School
Secondary School Librarian
Technical Indexer - Library
5212 Technical Occupations Related To Museums And Art Galleries Aircraft Restoration Technician - Museum
Aquarium Interpreter
Archaeological Technician
Art Gallery Preparator
Art Gallery Registrar
Art Objects Preparator
Art Restoration Technician
Assistant Registrar - Museum
Botanical Garden Interpreter
Cataloguer - Museum
Chief Display Officer - Museum
Chief Exhibit Officer - Museum
Chief Preparator
Chief Preparator - Museums And Art Galleries
Communications Equipment Restoration Technician - Museum
Community Museum Technician
Conservation And Restoration Technician
Conservation Area Interpreter
Conservation Technician - Museums And Art Galleries
Curatorial Assistant
Dinosaur Museum Interpreter
Diorama Maker - Museums And Art Galleries
Diorama Technician
Display Officer - Museums And Art Galleries
Document Restoration Technician
Ecological Interpreter
Exhibit Officer - Museum
Exhibit Preparator
Exhibit Technician
Fossil Recovery And Reparation Technician
Frame Fitter - Museums And Art Galleries
Framer - Museum And Art Gallery
Framing Technician
Head Preparator - Museums And Art Galleries
Heritage Interpreter
Historic Site Interpreter
Historical Interpreter
Historical Site Technician
Historical Village Supervisor
Historical Village Technician
History Museum Interpreter
Insectarium Interpreter
Interpretive Guide - Museum
Model Maker-Preparator
Museology Technician
Museum Cataloguer
Museum Exhibit Officer
Museum Extension Officer
Museum Interpreter
Museum Objects Cataloguer
Museum Objects Preparator
Museum Preparator
Museum Registrar
Museum Technician
Museum Technician - Earth'S History And Paleontology
Natural Habitat Interpreter
Nature Interpreter
Nature Site Interpreter
Ornithology Centre Interpreter
Paintings Restoration Technician
Park Interpreter
Picture Framer - Museum And Art Gallery
Planetarium Interpreter
Planetarium Technician
Railway Equipment Restoration Technician - Museum
Recording Technician - Museum
Regional Museum Technician
Restoration Technician - Museum
Road Transport Equipment Restoration Technician - Museum
Taxidermy Technician
Technical Officer - Museum
Wilderness Interpreter
Zoo Interpreter
5221 Photographers Aerial Photographer
Chief Photographer
Commercial Photographer
Evidence Photographer - Forensic
Fashion Photographer
Finish Photographer
Forensic Photographer
Industrial Photographer
Medical Photographer
Multimedia Photographer
Multimedia Picture Illustrator
News Photographer
Photography Supervisor
Police Photographer
Portrait Photographer
Racetrack Finish Photographer
Retoucher - Photography
Scientific Photographer
Still Photographer
Street Photographer
Wildlife Photographer
5222 Film And Video Camera Operators Assistant Camera Operator
Camera Operator
Dance Videographer
Efp (Electronic Field Production) Camera Operator
Electronic Field Production (Efp) Camera Operator
Electronic News Gathering (Eng) Camera Operator
Eng (Electronic News Gathering) Camera Operator
Film Camera Operator
Film Cameraman/Woman
Motion Picture Camera Operator
News Camera Operator
Senior Motion Picture Camera Operator
Studio Camera Operator
Television Camera Operator
Television News Camera Operator
Video Camera Operator
5223 Graphic Arts Technicians Airbrush Artist
Animated Cartoon Inker
Animated Cartoon Painter
Animated Cartoon Technician
Animated Cartoons Inker And Painter
Animation Camera Operator
Animation Inker
Animation Painter
Apprentice Sign Painter
Art Work Assembler
Cartoon Background Artist
Compositor - Animation
Compositor - Film
Computer Graphics Design Technician
Computer Graphics Operator
Computer Graphics Technician
Design Assistant - Advertising Production
Digital Graphic Design Technician
Graphic Arts Assembler
Graphic Arts Copy Stylist
Graphic Arts Renderer
Graphic Arts Technician
Graphics Technician
Hand Painter - Graphic Arts
Lettering Artist
Mannequin Artist
Multimedia Graphic Design Technician
Multimedia Graphics Technician
Paste-Up Artist
Photo Process Letterer - Graphic Arts
Photo Stencil Maker
Photograph Retoucher
Photographic Airbrush Artist
Photographic Colourist
Photography Colourist
Poster Layout Designer
Poster Painter
Rendering Specialist
Screen Stencil Cutter - Graphic Arts
Sign Layout Detailer
Sign Painter
Sign Writer
Silkscreen Stencil Cutter
Silkscreen Technician
Stencil Marker
Stencil Marker - Graphic Arts
Traffic Sign Painter
Vfx Artist
Video Game Artist
Video Game Designer
Vinyl Lettering Artist
Visual Effects Artist
5224 Broadcast Technicians Broadcast Engineer
Broadcast Field Technician
Broadcast Maintenance Technician
Broadcast Technician
Broadcast Transmitter Operator
Broadcasting Control Operator
Broadcasting Engineer
Broadcasting Switcher
Broadcasting Technician
Broadcasting Transmitter Operator
Control Room Technician - Broadcasting
Master Control Room (Mcr) Equipment Operator - Broadcasting
Master Control Room (Mcr) Technician - Broadcasting
Mcr (Master Control Room) Equipment Operator
Mcr (Master Control Room) Technician - Broadcasting
Mobile Broadcasting Equipment Installer
Mobile Broadcasting Equipment Operator
Mobile Radio Broadcasting Supervisor
Production Switcher
Radio Broadcasting Equipment Operator Supervisor
Regional Transmitter Technician
Short-Wave Receiving Station Technician
Television Broadcasting Equipment Operator Supervisor
Television Switcher
Transmission Operator
Transmission Studio Control Operator
Transmitter Operator
Transmitting Operator
Video Control Operator
Video Transmission Operator
Video Transmission Studio Control Operator
5225 Audio And Video Recording Technicians Assistant Sound Editor
Audio Engineer - Recording Studio
Audio Operator
Audio Operator Assistant
Audio Recording Studio Operator
Audio Technician
Audiovisual (Av) Technician
Av (Audiovisual) Technician
Colour Timer - Video
Digital Effects Specialist
Dubbing Machine Operator
Electronic News Gathering (Eng) Editor
Electronic Video Graphics Operator
Eng (Electronic News Gathering) Editor
Film Technician
Film Technician - Motion Picture
Master Record Cutter
Multimedia Sound Technician
Multimedia Sound-Effects Supervisor
Music Editor - Recording Studio
Music Mixer
Music Or Sound Mixer
Playback Operator
Postproduction Technician
Production Sound Recordist
Public Address (P.A.) Operator
Public Address (P.A.) System Operator
Radio Recorder
Radio Technician
Recording Engineer
Recording Studio Technician
Re-Recording Mixer
Sound Cutter
Sound Editor
Sound Effects Editor
Sound Effects Specialist
Sound Engineer
Sound Engineer (Except Professional Engineers)
Sound Engineer Assistant
Sound Keyer
Sound Librarian - Audio-Recording
Sound Mix Engineer
Sound Mixer
Sound Operator
Sound Recorder
Sound Recording Engineer
Sound Recording Supervisor
Sound Recordist
Sound Technician
Sound-Recording And Video-Recording Reproduction Equipment Operator
Sound-Recording Equipment Operator
Stereo Tape Editor
Video And Sound Recorder
Video Recorder
Video Recording Technician
Video Sound Mixer
Video Technician
Video-Editing Equipment Operator
Video-Recording Equipment Operator
Videotape Editor
Videotape Postproduction Editor
Videotape Recording (Vtr) Editor
Videotape Recording (Vtr) Operator
Videotape Technician
Vtr (Videotape Recording) Editor
Vtr (Videotape Recording) Operator
5226 Other Technical And Co-Ordinating Occupations In Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And The Performing Arts Animal Wrangler - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Broadcasting Co-Ordinator
Chief Lighting Technician
Chief Stage Electrician
Costume Maker
Costume Supervisor
Costumer - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Costumes Co-Ordinator
Exterior Set Manager
Exterior Shooting Director
Extra Wrangler - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Film Location Manager
First Grip
Floor Director - Broadcasting
Floor Manager - Broadcasting
Head Grip
Head Of Wardrobe
Key Dresser
Key Grip
Light Board Operator
Lighting Effects Chief Technician
Lighting Technician
Location Manager - Motion Pictures And Broadcasting
Make-Up Artist - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Make-Up Artist And Hairdresser - Performing Arts
Make-Up Artist And Wig Maker
Motion Picture Facilities Supervisor
Music Program Planner
Optical Effects Co-Ordinator
Presentation Co-Ordinator - Broadcasting
Production Co-Ordinator - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Production Co-Ordinator - Radiobroadcasting
Production Co-Ordinator - Video Games
Production Co-Ordinator - Visual Effects
Production Technician - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Program Co-Ordinator - Broadcasting
Programming Manager
Properties Custodian - Stage Productions Or Motion Pictures
Property Master - Broadcasting
Property Master - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Radio Music Program Planner
Radio Program Planner
Remote Broadcasting Co-Ordinator
Rigging Gaffer
Script Supervisor
Set Electrician
Settings Shop Foreman/Woman
Special Effects Technician
Sports Program Co-Ordinator - Broadcasting
Stage Assistant Director
Stage Electrician
Stage Manager
Stage Technician
Staging Supervisor
Studio Administrator
Studio Electrician
Studio Manager
Studio Manager - Broadcasting
Stunt Co-Ordinator
Telecasting Technician
Theatre Technician
Unit Manager - Motion Pictures And Broadcasting
Wardrobe Co-Ordinator
Wardrobe Master/Mistress
Wardrobe Supervisor
Wig Hairdresser - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
5227 Support Occupations In Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, Photography And The Performing Arts Artistic Rigger
Audiovisual (Av) Assistant - Motion Pictures And Broadcasting
Av (Audiovisual) Assistant
Best Boy
Boom Grip
Boom Microphone Operator
Boom Operator
Camera Crane Operator
Circus Rigger
Continuity Person - Motion Pictures And Broadcasting
Dolly Operator - Motion Pictures And Broadcasting
Dolly Pusher - Motion Pictures And Broadcasting
Dresser - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Duplicate-Film Examiner - Motion Pictures And Broadcasting
Entertainment Stage Rigger
Film Projectionist
Film Quality Inspector
Fireworks Handler
Focus Puller
Lighting Assistant
Motion Picture Examiner
Motion Picture Projectionist
Movie Theatre Projectionist
Production Assistant
Production Assistant - Motion Pictures And Broadcasting
Property Person
Props Handler
Props Person
Recording Assistant - Recording Studio
Rigger - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Scene Shifter
Scenic Artist - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Scenic Constructor
Scenic Constructor - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Scenic Painter - Motion Pictures, Broadcasting And Performing Arts
Script Assistant
Script Person - Motion Pictures And Broadcasting
Searchlight Operator
Second Costumes Assistant
Set Builder
Set Dresser
Special Effects Assistant
Spotlight Operator
Stage Best Boy
Stage Production Worker
Stage Property Person