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Canadian Government suggests Virtual Passports as the new reality.

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 30, 2019

Canadian Government suggests Virtual Passports as the new reality.

The IRCC recently published a new public opinion research suggesting that officials are considering making virtual passports for Canadian Citizens. People with Canadian passports have to renew their passports every five to ten years by going through the tedious process of filling forms and gathering references. Apart from that, passports have to be shown during check-in, airport screenings and check out too sometimes.

To make all that work easier and less tedious officials are researching this objective by asking participants across 15 focus groups to give their views on making passports virtual and introducing mobile applications. As of now, Canada uses e-passport which contains an electronic chip in the back cover that holds personal information detailed on the second printed page.

This objective as convenient as it might also raise security issues. Passports contain all personal information of the beholder and even though technology is advanced it is slower compared to security and hacking techniques. Mobile passports app are becoming more common now in the USA, where 25 airports are endorsing an app called Mobile Passport. As of now, it’s not clear if IRCC is looking to develop its own app for mobile passports or use the existing ones. However, it might not be long before the virtual passport is welcomed in Canada.

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