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Canadian magnetism: Why international students choose Canada as the ultimate destination for education?

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 30, 2019

Canadian magnetism: Why international students choose Canada as the ultimate destination for education?

We have all heard of the impeccable and polite behaviour that Canadians carry around. That it is a very beautiful country with a right mix of French and English and maple syrups. More than 400,000 international students have chosen Canada as their ultimate destination to study and live. Here are a few reasons listed to explain this staggering amount which is set to rise in the future:

1. Affordability
Tuition fees in Canadian Universities and Colleges are less compared to US, UK and most European countries along with the high quality of education and standard of living. Campus facilities are equipped with state of the art wireless hotspot, concert halls, Olympic-suitable sports facilities, canteens and internships. All of this is covered in the tuition fees.

2. Qualification acceptability globally.
As mentioned above, the quality of education in Canada is quite high and hands-on, preparing students for the practical job world. But apart from that, degrees from universities are highly regarded and accepted all around the world. This most obviously opens a lot of doors for career advancement. The research section, post-secondary, is one of the most sought-after, globally. Government and industry often work together to support a range of projects in fields of medical, computer, agriculture sciences and telecommunication.

3.A diverse, safe and secure cultural society.
Migration to Canada is easier due to its support of multicultural society. Ethnic groups from all parts of the world are welcomed here and the even if one is a temporary resident, one can enjoy many rights, privileges and freedom that are granted to Canadian citizens.

4. Migration Policies.
Recently, IRCC established a Student Direct Stream (SDS) which is available to students from China, India, Vietnam and Philippines so that students with proper financial credits and language skills ( who will succeed academically) find it easier to apply for a student visa and don’t have to go through tedious processing time. Nevertheless, basic migration policies for students is also quite easy compared to other countries. Apart from that, qualified students on a student visa are given options for permanent residence without having to leave the country.