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Fourteen richest Indians who are settled in abroad.

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 30, 2019

Fourteen richest Indians who are settled in abroad.

The only Indian billionaires who are often seen in the news are Ambani’s and the Tata’s. Nevertheless there are also other successful Indians who have earned fame and wealth on a global scale and chose to live abroad. This list comprises of the first fourteen richest Indians settled in abroad in order of their wealth.

  • Ananda Krishnan
    Net worth: $61 Billion (Rs. 417,540crore)
    Occupation: Sole shareholder and chairman, PanOcean Management Ltd. Chairman, Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd
    Current Residence: Malaysia
    Age: 80yrs
  • PallonjiShaporji Mistry
    Net worth: $18.90 billion (Rs. 129,370 crore)
    Occupation: Chairman of ShapoorjiPallonji Group, Business conglomerate in India with Interests in construction, textiles, engineering goods, home appliances, shipping, publications, power and biotechnology.
    Current Residence: Ireland
    Age: 89yrs
  • Lakshmi N. Mittal
    Net worth: $18.9 billion (Rs. 129,370 crores)
    Occupation: CEO of ArecelorMittal, world’s largest steel making company
    Current Residence: South Africa and UK
    Age: 68yrs
  • Hinduja Family (Srichand, Gopichand, Prakash ,Ashok Hinduja)
    Net worth: $18.1 billion (Rs. 123,280)
    Occupation: The Hinduja Group, an Indian conglomerate
    Current Residence: United Kingdom
    Age: range from 67-82 yrs
  • Ryuko Hira (Kamlesh Punjab)
    Net worth: $10 billion (Rs. 68,450 crore)
    Occupation: Owner of HMI Hotel Group, hospitality
    Current Residence: Japan
    Age: 70yrs
  • Vinod Khosla
    Net worth: $2.7 billion (Rs. 18,480)
    Occupation: Co-founder of sun microsystems
    Current Residence: US
    Age: 63yrs
  • Mickey Jagtiani
    Net worth: $3.30 billion (Rs. 22,580)
    Occupation: Owner of the Dubai-based Landmark retail stores group
    Current Residence: UAE
    Age: 65yrs
  • Anil Agarwal
    Net worth: $2.90 billion (Rs. 19, 850)
    Occupation: Founder and chairman of Vedenta Resources plc.
    Current Residence: India and UAE
    Age: 64yrs
  • Lord Swraj Paul
    Net worth: $2.64 billion (Rs. 13,690)
    Occupation: Businessman, TheCaparo Group
    Current Residence: UK
    Age: 87yrs
  • Tony Fernandes
    Net worth: $745 million (Rs. 5,100)
    Occupation: Group Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia, cofounder of Tune Group sdnbhd, a leisure and entertainment corporation.
    Current Residence: Malaysia
    Age: 54yrs
  • Vicky Dhillon
    Net worth: $650 million(Rs. 4,450)
    Occupation: Founder, president and CEO of Mainstreet Equity Corp (MEQ),leading Canadian real estate owner and equity manager
    Current Residence: Canada
    Age: 53yrs
  • Bicky Chakraborty
    Net worth: $600 million (Rs.4,100 crore)
    Occupation: President/ CEO , Elite Hotel of Sweden AB
    Current Residence: Sweden
    Age: 74yrs
  • Nishita Shah Federbush
    Net worth: $375 million
    Occupation: Managing director of her 150-yr old GP Group
    Current Residence: Thailand
    Age: 38yrs
  • A.K Nathan
    Net worth: $300 million (Rs. 2050 crore)
    Occupation: Kuala Lumpur contracting, Eversandai
    Current Residence: Malayasia
    Age: 55yrs