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Study Education & Teaching course in New Zealand

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 30, 2020

Study Education & Teaching course in New Zealand

New Zealand has topped the ‘best teaching environment category’. Teaching in New Zealand is a combination of professional challenges and an unmatchable lifestyle and it is quite different from the stereotypical teaching methods of the various universities.The trainee teachers are given practical experience in classroom and the education system is student-centeredthat fits the individual student learning needs and not group-focused. The teaching style here is very unique – which keeps on constantly developing.

Important information to make note of:

There are several courses in New Zealand which can lead you to professional qualifications such as:

  • Education Council of New Zealand

Cost of Studying Education and Teachingin New Zealand:

While the universities in New Zealand set their respective tuition rates, the cost of pursuing Teaching course is approximately between$18,264 NZD to $20,160 NZD per year, depending upon the university you apply for an undergraduate degree.The duration of the undergraduate course is 3 years. For a Master’s degree, the cost is roughly around $11,615 NZD for the Primary section and $11,626 NZD for the Secondary section and the duration of the master’s course is 1 year. Also Read: Which city is the best for students in New Zealand.

Key takeaways of this course:

Post completion of this course in New Zealand, you will be practically equipped to begin your career as a teacher and will be trained to sustain professional growth. Graduates in this stream will have a detailed understanding about the educational theory, professional practice and advance knowledge of teaching and curriculum implementation inschool. Performance evaluation gets easier as you can assess your work basis on the evidence of the learning progress of the students. Post completion of your master’s, you will be a highly knowledgeable and a skilled teacher, strong at implementing innovative ideas and developing the learning strengths of the students.

Expected pay scale and work opportunities in New Zealand:

$76K – $200K

The chances of getting job in New Zealand is good as the Teachers are always in demand and you may get employment opportunities as:

  • Early Childhood Teacher
  • Primary Teacher
  • Secondary Teacher
  • Special Needs Teacher
  • Adult and Tertiary Education Teacher
  • Education administrator
  • Group Teacher
  • Learning Mentor
  • Curriculum developer
  • Education Consultant
  • School Principal
  • Program or Project Administrator

What will your work profile look like:

Work-life balance is the prime thing you invite when you establish your career as an Educator.As a primary school teacher, you will teach children between the ages of five and thirteen at primary schools and a secondary school teacher plans, prepares and teaches to students of about thirteen to eighteen years ofage. Tertiary lecturers teach at universities and colleges and also carry out research. Private teachers teach a specific subject or skill to individuals or small groups whereas Early childhood teachers educate and take care of young children in kindergartens.

Stay Back option:

Post completion of your studies in New Zealand, you can be eligible for stay option for 3 years on Post study work-visa. You may also be eligible to apply for a resident visa and settle in NZ if you find a job in your profession.

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