We are working this Republic Day (Saturday the 26th Jan 2019, from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm only)
Suite 502, 5th Floor, Makhija Arcade, 35th Road, Near National College, Bandra(W), Mumbai 400 052 +91 22 6758 2787 | +91 98 7035 9841




Shealtiel S

Am greatly thankful to Karim Sir, Pooja ma’am and the whole team at BBC Migration for helping me to get to New Zealand. You guys really made sure I get to the other end of this. All thanks to the team. Really appreciate the efforts. I would recommend BBC migration to all the students who wish to go New Zealand and make a future for themselves.



Amir M

I had visited a lot of immigration consultants before I was recommended BBC Migration by few family members. Karim went through my academic history and my resume, invited me to meet him at the BBC Migration office in Mumbai. He suggested me to move to New Zealand and recommended the colleges I could apply to and trust me it was the best decision I ever took. He and his team handled my case really well since the beginning from giving my IELTS to my medical to applying to colleges on my behalf and getting my visa done. I am highly grateful to BBC Migration for helping me out in the process to migrate to New Zealand. I would always recommend BBC Migration to anyone looking to move out of India.



Reha P

I would like to Thank Mr. Charania and his team for helping me to get NZ student visa, they helped me to get the course of my choice and more importantly they helped my spouse to get the student dependent visa at the same time. If you need professional guidance and start to end support for New Zealand student and student dependent visa, BBC is the best place.



Roshan DSouza

To begin with, I bumped on to the BBC website while exploring on immigration. Thanks to the catchy name, I explored further & realized2 two of my own acquaintances had their testimonials published and had successfully got their PR through BBC. After last year’s downsizing in the occupation list, no states except one state had my occupation listed. Believe me, had I not had the timely advice of BBC, I would never realize I qualify for the TR application of that state. They called me exactly at the point I completed 3 years of experience in the specified occupation and got the all important 5 additional points. While many may advise to process your application on your own, this process is certainly not one where you must think of saving costs. Having a consultant like BBC through this process I call ‘investment in life’, can add value you can’t fathom. The ‘to the point’ team who never over-commit, I already have BBC working on the profiles of two of my references. To summarize, it’s just a result of constant good work



Jaymini M.

I was referred to BBC Migration Consultants through a colleague of mine, who migrated with their help. Initially, I was hesitant and felt that its too expensive to migrate.

However, when I visited them for the first time, I could feel a level of trust in their knowledge and professionalism. Even their fee is payable in instalments, as and when the visa application progresses, which made it easier for me to plan my finances.

My Canadian PR Visa was received faster than I expected.

I strongly recommend BBC Migration to all. They are thorough professionals. Thank you! BBC Migration, for helping in making my dream a reality.



Nafisa K

I wanted to migrate but did not have much time to chase my dream, as my work needed me to travel most of the timegetting Visa is a long process, plus there are many fraud agencies in the market, who rob you of your hard-earned money

I was more convinced with the honesty and correct information given to me by BBCIn addition, unlike others, BBC charged its fees in instalments. There was total transparency throughout the process.

Regular follow-ups and updates were received despite my hectic travel schedule. I only visited them once throughout the process. It was easy to deal with them.

Thanks to BBC Migration, I got my Canadian PR Visa.

I highly recommend BBC Migration. They provide value for your time and money.



K K Iyer

I decided to go with BBC Migration, as I found them honest, transparent & knowledgeable.

Thank God, I made this decision. I got my Canadian PR visa much before my expectation. I didnt have to keep chasing BBC Migration. They kept following up with me and updating me.

Clear Communication, Realistic information, knowledge & a back office in Mumbai itself These set BBC Migration apart from the rest.

Kudos team BBC! I strongly recommend BBC to anyone who wants to migrate.



Shaunak Marulkar

“It was a sudden discussion between me & my 3 friends – all based in Pune – on settling abroad, around February 2014. Although there are a number of immigration consultants in Pune as well, all 4 of us drove to Mumbai and met Karim as our first & only advisor. In the first meeting itself, all 4 of us were unanimous in finding him to be very transparent & honest in sharing everything he knew. It never ‘felt’ he was behind money. And we never met any other immigration consultant. I processed my application through BBC and they have been a great support in me ultimately securing my VISA. This team, led by Karim and ably-supported by Deepa and Kavita are professionals, they are very clear of the process and do the job extremely well. I got so happy to receive my PR VISA for Australia in November 2017.

I think I was destined to meet Karim and get my VISA done through him. So, thank you BBC team for this. My VISA is only because of you and whatever progress my family & I make in future, a large part of that I will owe to you”.



Surya Pillai, Anup Nair & Gianna Nair

I am a Masters student in Sydney and had applied for Dependent visa for my daughter and wife. We got the visa in exactly 5months time. We want to thank all of u at BBC from Karim Sir to Deepa, Kavita and the entire team who have helped us get through the visa process. Its been a long and frustrating process due to the change in new visa rules by the Australian Govt.

I would definitely recommend your services to others seeking careers abroad (mainly Australia). These guys are professionals and know what they are doing. Their support and guidance remained constant throughout the process.

Thank u for handling us and our case very well and calmly, this visa is a new chapter in our life hoping it helps us reach all the dreams we wished to settle down in Australia.



Puneet Kohli & Jasleen Kaur

It was in October 2016 that I first contacted BBC migration and just enquirer about details about partner migration to Australia.

BBC was prompt and professional with their response to my enquiry and in fact a normal conversation over the phone paved the way for me to initiate my wifes, then fianc partner visa.

What I liked was they were very clear about the fees structure etc and in fact without me even paying them a fee i had a clear idea about what needs to be done to set the ball rolling.

I came over to India in November 2016 and had in fact met BBC fir the first time, and in each stage of the application process I was literally hand held by Kareem and that is something not just very good service but sets the professionalism bar quite high.

At the starting stage itself BBC was very clear about thetimelines, processing times etc and I was never given any false promise or timeline, everything was transparent and professional.

I mean just imagine I just met BBC once and since then we have been interacting only over emails and phones and in fact I was in Australia my wife was in Bangalore and BBC was in Mumbai but truly the Co-ordination was very planned and pragmatic, I never felt that my application is not being given adequate attention.

In our case there were some complications and further requests from Assessing Officer which actually sent shivers down my spine, but whenever I used to speak with BBC and team I was reassured and given proper and true advise in terms of documents etc.

Today , it gives me immense pleasure and happiness in expressing my gratitude to the entire team at BBC and would like to applaud them for their professionalism and ethical behaviour to their clients.



Jayesh Chodanker

“When it comes to immigration, BBC is the one stop destination. I had very good experience with the level of professionalism demonstrated and transparency kept right from the beginning. Karim, Deepa, Kavita and Hema are aware of the required documentation and ways to expedite application process. I recommend BBC Immigration for smooth visa process.”



Altaf Kotadia

I would like to thank Karim Sir, Deepa, Kavita, Pooja, Shraddha & Zoya for helping us getting through our application. At one point, I felt the application would not go through as it had reached a very delicate point, but thanks to Karim Sir and his team for their hard work, acumen, and knowledge of Canada visa requirements that helped us obtain the PR for Canada.
I would definitely recommend BBC Migration to anyone who has the dream to migrate as I feel that they are the best in the business.

Thank you once again.



Allwyn Dsouza

BBC Migration consultants is best consultants I have come across.

Its a dream come true to get Australian PR, without BBC, this was certainly not possible.
Like to thank each and everyone involved in the process – Mr. Charania, Deepa, Kavita and Hema.
They set clear expectations and don’t give false promises. I would highly recommended BBC to my friends and relatives.

Thank you again for all your help, support and advice.



Dayesh Shetty & Shamika Girkar

A BIG thank you to Karim bhai and his team for processing my Australian Independent Visa on time.

Initially, I was confused to approach any consultancy for completion of the PR process, but after meeting the BBC executives I was all the more convinced and assured of obtaining the PR on time.

The process went smooth and one can say it looked smooth because of work ethics BBC team follows .BBC team has worked splendidly well and have helped me and my wife to obtain the Oz PR on time. Their continuous follow ups for documents, untiring efforts makes you sit and relax, as the tedious part of this process is been taken care by them.

Karim bhai is a great personality. With his calm and composed nature and soft spoken approach and suggested alternatives one feels any document on this planet isn’t impossible to get. The genuineness of this consultancy is something that has impressed me a lot. They will take your case only if they feel there aren’t any glitches in the provided documents. Also, in case if there are any , they are ready with Plan B. Unlike , some fraudulent consultants in the market who try loot the applicants knowing the fact that their case is very weak and they have a slim chance of obtaining the Visa.

Special mention to Deepa, Kavita and Hema.
You guys are simply great. Keep rocking!

Highly recommended consultancy!!!



Vishal Parkar & Anuja Thorat

“A big thank you to BBC Migration team and specially to Karim, Deepa and Megha for helping me and my wife get the Australian PR without any hurdles and merely within 3.5 months from the date of filing the visa application. Your timely updates and crisp communication throughout the process made sure I did not have to make any efforts to follow up with you guys for the updates. The entire process was smooth and hassle free.”



Rohit Dharnidharka & Sonam Bajaj

“Mr. Karim and his team are purely professional migration consultants. The best part about BBC Migration Consultants is that they give a genuine and straightforward answer and don’t fool around with applicants. Due to their sheer knowledge, experience and expertise, I got my PR within 4 months of filing of PR application and without much obstacles. Keep up the good work and continuous support & guidance BBC Migration Consultants.



Roshan Saldanha

We are very much excited to share our experience about our PR visa processing. Our visa processing took more than a year. We were very much worried about long process time and status of our application. During this time, we were continuously in contact with BBC team especially Karim and Deepa.

Finally, our hard work and patience paid off. We have received PR visa grant from Australia on 14th July’17. We were delighted to hear that our PR visa application has been approved. Its a wonderful feeling and extraordinary experience.

Thanks a lot BBC team for helping us to get our PR. Our special thanks to Karim and Deepa for their continuous follow up and support to make this happen. Kudos to BBC Migration.



Amir Bhaldar

Was very impressed with the crystal clear advice and work ethics of the BBC team.
Would like to highlight and recommend the excellent services of Karim, Deepa & team.
The team have delivered high quality work, and were always patient in dealing with the many queries that we had.



Prachi Jamenis

BBC Migration was recommended to me by a friend who had successfully migrated through them. The BBC team has excellent knowledge about the various aspects and nuances of immigration process and formalities. Their expertise lies in handling the entire immigration process smoothly. Besides, they patiently answered all the queries and doubts i had during the course of my application and maintained complete transparency through continuous communication, whenever required. I received my Australian sub class 190 visa for myself and my familywithin 12 monthswhich i attribute to their expertise.

I would recommend BBC to everyone because of their professionalism, expertise and honesty.



Siddharth Balakrishnan

Excellent service – the consultant assigned to me as well as her superior did an excellent job of handling my case and seeing my Canadian immigration proceedings through. Would highly recommend them for their expertise in the matter, provided that you also do your due diligence as well.



Dominic Martin

I tried many consultancies for my Australian PR, but was not happy with their whole process of going about it. On my friend’s suggestion, I went to BBC. I was really impressed by the confidence and positive attitude shown by their staff, especially Karim, who explained the whole process, eligibility etc. in a very simple yet precise language. To my surprise, they didn’t even charge for this consultation. They exactly knew what they were doing and how to go about it considering my profession. I knew at that moment that I have to get my PR through BBC. The whole process went smoothly. Their co-ordination was excellent. Most of the times I was at work and out of connectivity, but still I never faced any delays or difficulties in the process. The praises can go on and on, but in a nutshell, they are the best migration consultants I have come across. Thanks a lot BBC for making this a smooth process.



Vimal Patel

Got to know about BBC from one of my Australian friend. Mr. Karim and team is very professional and handled my case with great precision. They do thorough analysis of each case and make sure application is filed in best presentable manner. Being an applicant, we just need to be patient, score well in IELTS/PTE and keep working on documents being asked for.

Would recommend BBC to those looking for Australia Immigration.

Big thanks to Hema, Deepa, Kavita and Mr. Charania.




I have to say that BBC Immigrations service has been: outstanding, fantastic, world-class and professional from start to finish. I cannot find the words to describe the service received throughout the application process.

The things that make it world-class are:

Easy to contact someone always on the other end of the phone/e-mail.

Held my hand during the process unlike other companies who dont contact you until its convenient for them.

Gets the job done on time, every time

Take the time to write concise and clear e-mails written communication is excellent Professionalism.

Overall, I rate your service 10/10. I believe BBC Immigration has earned top marks and hope it continues to progress in its chosen field.

A big thank you to Mr. Karim and Deepa for always being there to answer my questions and keeping me informed of my application progress.

I will strongly recommend BBC Immigration to our friends, colleagues and acquaintances about their outstanding service.

BBC Immigration Team our gratitude!



Savio Sequeira

I was referred to BBC by my neighbour who got his PR through them. When I first paid BBC a visit I was assured by Karim that I would get my PR but it would take up to 18 months. True to his word, I got my PR in around 15 months. Karim and his team have a very good understanding of Aussie Migration Law and it’s intricacies. Additionally, they are clear in their advice and do not give you false hope.

A big thank you to the BBC team. I have already recommended them to a few people who are interested in migrating.



Amruta Mali

I came to know about BBC migration online and after reading their reviews I wanted to meet them personally, I booked an appointment with Karim and cleared my doubts, Karim and his team Deepa and Kavita did a fantastic job with my partner visa application. They did what they had promised and I received my temporary partner visa for Australia approximately within three months of lodgement. I would definitely recommend them.

Can’t thank them enough.
All the best to the team of BBC and the leading man Mr Karim.




Amol & Vaishali Bhavsar

We came to know about BBC Migration when we were looking online for a licensed immigration lawyer. We found Karims details from (https://iaa.ewr.govt.nz).

When we first approached BBC office for our immigration queries we found that all the staff are very knowledgeable and professional.

They have a very clear understanding of peoples profile and accordingly they suggest for which country you have a higher chance of getting visa/PR.

Their fee structure is transparent. They dont ask for the entire fees at the beginning of the process, in fact they have designed the fee structure in such a way that we have to pay for each step in the process.

We got our Australia PRwithin 6 monthsand this was never expected in such a short duration. The entire PR process went through effortlessly.

All the staff are very friendly and supportive. We really I appreciate Karim’s experience and personal attention to each case and his teams handwork (special mention: Pooja, Deepa and Mega).

I would recommend Mr. Karim of BBC Migration Consultants to people who need to do their visa or PR applications for Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

All the very best to you and your entire team. Kudos



Shams Ruhani

All i can stay that they are the best in their job. A well trained staff who have all the information and they wont run behind the bush they will tell you upfront whether you are qualified or not and also can provide you a different options. Thank u so much BBC team for making my dream come true. All the best



Ganesh Dhobale

Karim and his team are doing really great with helping people with Visas. They are very knowledgeable and you don’t have to worry about missing anything in the complete process. I got my State sponsored visa in less than 8 months(Including time for preparing documents). Skill assessment got approved within 7 calendar days. And the best part was when i got my Visa Grant in just 11 calendar days after lodging the visa!
can say I will be able to live my dream because of BBC migration consultants. Thanks a ton!



Sandeep Kaur

I approached BBC Migration regarding my offshore PR Visa in Feb 2016. I had heard and read about them being the number one service provider in Mumbai.. BBC helped me understanding the process involved in detail and guided me at each step including the tips to obtain desired bands in IELTS/PTE. One thing I appreciate most are the supportive consultants who are always available to answer your queries pertaining to your case. My experience with BBC has been amazing as I got my visa grant before than the expected timeline, again thanks to their meticulous work.I would recommend BBC Migration to everyone aspiring to move abroad.



Madhav & Swapnali Kulkarni

“HELPING PEOPLE MIGRATE” This holds so so true in case of entire BBC Migration Team. They have a great team of dedicated and helpful people. I came to know about BBC Migration from one of my friends who migrated to Australia. At that time I was almost about to go with other consultancy since I thought that it was nearby my residence. Now I say that it was the best decision I made in my life that I chose BBC Migration. We were granted our 189 category Permanent Residency Visa within 15 days of filing our Visa application. Hats Off to Karim and Deepa who are truly transparent and highly professional. They do not give you any chance to complaint in fact they keep you on your toes by following up with you for required documentation. They put their sincere efforts to fully utilize their past experiences in dealing with each situation of their clients. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Swapnali Kulkarni – Class 189 Visa Granted. This means we can stay indefinitely and work anywhere in Australia till the validity. This was only possible because of BBC Migration Team, who took all the responsibility for making it happen. I am really thankful to Deepa, Megha and entire BBC Migration team for guiding us in every possible way to our journey towards Australia. We are still in a state of excitement as it is near to impossible to obtain PR Visa in a span of six months. Special thanks to Karim for delivering a valuable session for giving us a brief on “Beginning A Life In Australia”.



Dharam Shah

I strongly recommend the services of BBC, if people are considering migration to Australia. Entire process was explained right at the start and was followed to the tee. Excellent hand holding and right advice was provided for any issues. Karim and his team (Deepa, Kavita and Hema) have been very professional in each and every correspondence and followups. Thank you for providing all the assistance in getting me a PR in less than a year’s time. All the best and many success BBC !!!



Sanjeev Mehta

I approached Mr. Karim of BBC Migration because I was looking for some one reliable and trustworthy. BBC Migration is a recognised agent of Immigration NZ that helped me to choose them
I needed someone to do the application for my wife Visa and I approached Mr. Karim who made the whole process very easy and simple.
The result was we got the Visa without any hassles and on time.
One thing I liked was their professional approach and friendly manner in which they handled my application process. I was guided completely on the Visa process and was helped where it was needed.
I found the experience very excellent and easy.
I would recommend Mr. Karim of BBC Migration Consultants to people who need to do their visa applications for NZ.



Mahafreen Tampal

Greetings of the day !
We would like to thank you BBC Migration for such a wonderful journey of the process for my Partner Provisional Visa.
My special thanks to my coordinator and consultant Deepa she has been simply wonderful and at every stage of the visa process has assured me and comforted me. I would recommend using BBC Migration, their knowledge and understanding of the system is wonderful and took all the stress out of the process. Also, thank you Kavita for always following up with me for my documentation.
The speed of the application was faster than I ever imagined and I have already recommended BBC Migration to anyone thinking of applying for a Visa. My heart felt thanks to Karimji for emailing my grant letter. I will be following up with you Deepa again after 2 years for my visa.



Pankaj P. Utagikar

I would like to thank you, for helping me, to get my HSMP Visa approved within 20 days. I have had an amazing experience with you guiding me, patiently, all the way through to getting HSMP Visa. I would like to add that, BBC Migration Consultants have shown a great deal of professionalism and idealistic approach towards handling the case. The amount of knowledge in VISA assistance and consultation is definitely above par over the others in the industry. I personally wish you both and BBC Migration Consultants a very bright future, which would in turn, brighten the lives of thousands of people. Ultimately….it’s all about……Helping People Migrate!!!




I would like to thank BBC and Mr. Charania & his team for helping me in fulfilling my dream of getting Australian PR. They know what, when and how to do the things to reach to the final destination.Mr. Charania had provided very detailed information and guidance at each step of the process. Their expertise and experience has always given me confidence and encouraged me to proceed further even when it was looking difficult and more on that the year long visa process has just completed in 8-9 months in our case.I would say they are the best for Australia immigration with very high success rate



Christopher Rodrigues

I am writing this letter in appreciation of your services and helping me migrate to Australia. Its been a roller coaster ride but your guidance and expertise helped make this journey a fairly smooth one. There are a lot of fine details that need consideration when applying for a VISA and that’s what BBC migration does best. I appreciate your timely updates and co-operation in regards to the entire process. I have personally recommended BBC migration to a number of my friends who have come to realize, all what I have said or listed is true. I would like to recommend this company to anyone who is looking at a professional who will guide them in the most appropriate and helpful way. Regards .



Mr. Hiren Sitapara

I am a AC Mechanic, it was hard for me to even think for a migration but I got to know that my occupation is there in the demand list, so approached BBC Migration Consultancy for further guidance. It was very pleasing for me when I got informed by Mr. Charania that I qualify for it and then it took only 4 months to get me the Permanent Residency Visa for Australia. You made my life BBC Migration!!



Prasoon Sinha

Thanks a lot BBC Migration for getting me Permanent Residency Visa for Australia. I was so worried about the post landing formalities and requirements to Australia. But as I was a client of BBC Migration Consultants, they gave me job assistance, they helped in opening Bank Account, they helped in getting my child’s school admissions done and likewise many services which made me worry- free. Thanks a lot BBC Migration!



Sohail Seliya

would like to thank BBC Migration for solving such a difficult case of mine & getting me Prospective Spouse Visa for Australia. To be very frank before approaching BBC Migration I tried applying for a visa by myself and it got rejected. Then I came to BBC Migration for this Prospective Spouse Visa and my Visa got done within 6 months. Now I can go Australia permanently to settle with my Fiance and start a new life there.



Mr. Sherel Joseph

The process is extremely streamlined and updates are given at all times with regards to progress of application. The team takes care of all the arrangements during the process which ensures hassle free procedures. Overall, it has been a good experience as far as I am concerned.



Mr. Mario Rui

Mr. Charania has always been soft spoken, friendly and gives valid information. All transactions were transparent from the first day till the last day. Always gave great suggestions and accurate information. Thanks for the BIG change in my life!!



Simi Mathew

This note is to thank BBC Migration Consultants for their support in getting me visa. The whole team works in co-ordination and systematic approach which gives genuinely and assurance. I would like to recommend BBC Migration Consultants to all aspiring migrants.



Mr. Stach Soans

BBC Migration… They Make Dreams Come True!! High Level of Efficiency in their working. Thanks to Karim Sir and his Team For getting me an Australian PR in record time. The Experience with BBC Migration was Excellent. Highly Recommended To anyone looking to Migrate!!

Cheers to BBC!! Thanks for everything you guys have done for me!!



Mrs. Gunjan Modi

I am writing this to thank BBC Consultants and team for providing excellent migration services. Mr. Karim has been transparent, professional and to the point assisting us in acquiring the permanent residency visas to Australia in 7 months.
We have been to several consultants before and are glad that we choose BBC Migration Consultants. I’d strongly recommend BBC over any other consultants in Mumbai.
Mr. Karim has in-depth knowledge about immigration services and provides personal attention to each of his clients. The process to acquire the visa, documentation, recommendations, PCC, applications, etc. is extremely harsh but the team is so efficient that most of the work is managed by themselves. I recommend the visa aspirants to simply follow the streamlined process drafted by them and rest leave it to Karim to get the job done!
We wish BBC all the best and are grateful to these people to having give us an opportunity to begin a new life elsewhere.

My Best Wishes to Karim & Deepa!!

Mr & Mrs. Modi



Mr. Sukumar Shankar

Dosto, Duniya kya hai agar dekna hai to we need to come out of India.
Maan! Life me kuch sikhana hai to duniya dekho and this can only happen if you could meet somebody who is entitled to show you that is Mr Karim.
Unless and untill you don’t meet him, you will never come to know.
Age is never a issue.
Even if you don’t want to go abroad, still i would urge you to talk to Karim , he would surely open your eyes to the other side of the world, Australia, Canada, Japan,Denmark and many more.
By the way am all set for my new career in Australia at the age of 36.
thanx Karim.



Mr. Harsh Mehta

An honest, genuine advisor, true professional and at the same time makes you feel confident about your case.

I have visited about 7-8 consultants all over mumbai, majority of them have either said 50-50 chances or I couldn’t trust them. But when i visited BBC Migrations, a very calm Mr. Karim Charania, showed me all the possibilities and just told me “if you provide us with all the documents we ask for (documents should be Original – not forged), then we don’t see any reason why you shouldnt be getting visa.”

There was positiveness in whatever he said and just loved that attitude. Great Work BBC Migration. Would recommend BBC Migration to any person looking out for Australian PR.

Thanks once again…..

Harsh K Mehta



Mr. Vikas Chander

BBC Consultant is one of the most professional service provide I ever come across.
I am highly thankful to their sevice. It was detailed, accurate and genuine and very regulated. I found it very honest and very confident too.

I would recomend it highly!!!



Mr. Deepak Galani

I Think BBC Migration is one of the few companies who put Clients first.
Karim was a very effective, helpfull and wise person to deal with.
He always had his Patients high and smile intact through out the process of PR application with impatient client like me.
I appreciate Karim pushing me to go for a second attempt of IELTS so that I could apply for a PR Australia wide instead of compromising for a state sponsored PR.
I think BBC Migration / Karim represents “The success is in details” and definitely they have a in depth knowledge of processing PR Visa for Australia.
With BBC the process of PR application was Swift, learning, effective and optimized in the time and money aspects.



Mr. Royal Castellino

I truly liked the services provided by BBC. The whole migration experience was smooth, easy and hassle free. Its worth every penny to be associated with BBC for any migration process. They deserve to be No. 1 🙂



Mr. Cajetan Dsouza

To mention about BBC migration and specifically of Karim, with whom I interacted for getting my PR for Australia, He is pretty much a straight forward guy, who has expertise about different visa filing. He guides appropriately as per the eligibility and who is not behind money by give false promises. I strongly recommend BBC Migration for any visa related assistance.



Mr. Senthil Devan

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the remarkable services rendered by BBC Migration Consultants in assisting my familys Australian visa. BBC Migration Consultants service was very professional whilst still retaining a personal touch, all questions were usually answered within minutes and the support is second to none!! Thank you once again and we will fervently, advice the aspirants to avail your services and expertise. We know that it was only because of your expert consultancy that our application was successful.



Mr. Ketan Solanki

Guys, there are many visa service providers, I had met a few before choosing BBC and I finalized BBC migration.

Reason: Karim was successfully able to convince me in my first meeting (believe me, being a Gujju or for whatsoever reasons, it is little hard to convince me 🙂 ), with his knowledge about visa procedures, the alternatives available for the same country and everything about that visa.

Once I started the procedures, he gave me all the information step-by-step for the submission of documents. Sometimes its not possible for everyone to bring every document; but in such cases always there is an alternative, and he knows such details very well.

Even at one point of time he started documentation for the secondary applicant without taking any additional fees (just on a side note, there are other visa service providers who would charge even to calculate candidates points eligibility).

I never had to do any paper work, that was always taken care by BBC Migration staff and that too without any errors. It was his good knowledge only using which he could suggest multiple alternatives and finally the visa.

I recommend him for his best professional services, and great experience in this domain. If you want to go for a visa, then I would say give a visit to BBC Migration or talk to him once, rest is assured!

I would like to Thank BBC Migration and the team! Thanks very much :)..



Mr. Sandeep Shankar

If you are looking at migrating to Australia with your family (PR); BBC Migration Consultants is your best bet!!!!

Mr. Charania will assist you on all the below stages of migration:

1) Eligibility Criteria (Based on CV – if you can touch the magic figure of 60 points)
2) Technical proposal to Engineers Australia (For Engineers)
– A special mention for this section; as Mr. Charania would assist you in draft proposals of candidates who have been assessed positively by Engineers Australia.
3) Visa Selection (189 or 190) – Based on your points & respective timelines.
4) Final Application to DIBP

Mr. Charania & his associate (Ms. Deepa) have shown the utmost professionalism in my case on all matters regarding documentation, responding to emails, phone calls and have left no stone unturned in making my application a successful one.

I highly recommend BBC migration for any visa related matters & wish them all the best.



Mr. Girish Kaushik

I was contemplating, to get a PR visa for either Canada or Australia from last few years, but was not getting enough courage to dive into this complex process, as I had heard not so happy stories of endless wait to get such visas. But then few of my ex-colleagues got Australian PR visa in last couple of years and are now happily settled in Oz. I checked with them and they confidently pointed me towards BBC Migration Consultants. I went to their office for initial consultation and rest is history. I got my Australian PR visa for myself, wife and a kid, in 8 months flat. It was like a breeze. Special thanks to Mr. Charania and Ms. Deepa, for their in-depth and expert knowledge, who handled my case and guided me through the process. While they conducted all the PR formalities on my behalf, I just had to concentrate on my parts – to get experience letters, clearing IELTS, PCC and Medicals. I would highly recommend BBC Migrations to all the migration aspirants.
Again, A Big Thanks to BBC Migrations!!



Mr. Nishant Menon

Mr Charania and Team,

I profoundly express my thanks to you and the team for such a smooth transitioning and it comes from not so pleasant experience with people prior to meeting you.

It takes a lot of efforts to win a customer and the professionalism meted out to me/my family is commendable. There was no haggling and too much of to & fro mails , giving me space with my current life and office.

Appreciate and laud your efforts in helping people shape their lives.

Nishant Menon



Mr. Parag Sahani

It started in Dec 2014 when I shared my thoughts to my friend in settling in a abroad country specially Australia or Canada. This is when my friend recommended me for BBC migration. I did some online searches for various consultants.However due to my friends recommendation and reading online reviews i decided to go with BBC Migrations. I met Mr. Charania to discuss my case and after going through all my documents he said my case was pretty straight forward and I shouldn’t have issues in getting the Australia PR. After this it was just matter of 9 months when I got my visa. I absolutely had no issues what so ever during this entire process.I only had to put my effort for the IELTS, PCC, Medicals & gathering experience letters from the employers. Rest everything was taken care by Mr. Charania and Deepa who was liaising with me. I will also like to share one important thing, that now I have received the visa and I am planning to migrate Australia in next 3-4 months time, Mr. Charania is still assisting me to build up contacts, providing information on things that I should be doing. I wouldn’t have expected anything more from him.

So everyone out there, in case you are willing to settle anywhere in abroad, I’ll highly recommend BBC Migrations. Thanks a ton to the BBC Migrations team.



Ms. Kavitha Chellappan

BBC Migration Consultants are professional & meticulous team. Keep up the good work!
I would highly recommend them.



Ms. Sana Khan

sincerely thank BBC Migration Consultants for assisting me in getting my Australia Visa. Mr. Charania has been my side at every step providing me with valuable guidance & accurate information.

I recommend the services of BBC Migration Consultants to all those who are planning to migrate to Australia



Mr. Akhilesh Raj

If you are looking for a Consultant/advisor to help you in getting a PR then BBC Migration is the best option. Mr. Karim is a very frank person and he would not give you false promises like many other consultants do. Also I think the work culture at BBC is very professional and they are always prompt at replying to mails and calls.
I was also impressed by the personal attention given by BBC for my case and I have to say they handled the formalities pretty well. Even the support staff (Deepa and Pooja) are very helpful.
Thanks once again BBC….:)



Mr. Jinesh Mohini

I highly recommend BBC Migration for any VISA related matter. Mr Charania handled our case with most professional manner and communicated us related to our VISA progress in timely manner. He is approachable at any time and ready to advise when required. Mr Charania have in depth knowledge related to VISA process and very quick on processing our case. I wish them all the best.



Mr. SadqueRazzak Reshamvala

Mr. Charania has been extremely helpful in getting a PR for Australia. he was truthful and realistic since the beginning giving us no false hopes and promises. Their procedure for application was very thorough and we had a very smooth journey from the time we applied to the time we got to Australia. I would recommend BBC Migration to anyone who is thinking of migrating to Australia.



Ms. Subha Sharma

I take this opportunity to Thank Mr. Charania for helping me to migrate Australia. In the first meeting only he explained me in detail about the migration procedure and cleared all my doubts about settling aboard. He made the migration process hassle free. His timely follow up and guidance has helped us getting the visa.

I would like to recommend BBC Migration to everyone who is willing to settle abroad.



Ms. Shahsi Shanbhag

Six months before I least expected that I will be able to get the Australian PR, as I had a very limited window period to apply and had never dreamt of getting through. I had the least number of points to make up for the skill select of very competitive ICT Business Analyst and had to apply for State Sponsorship. The team gave enough confidence in encouraging me to write the RPL thesis and thereby validating it, as I was not from ICT background either . Due to my past adverse medical condition, the team also went beyond to push my status by calling up the relevant health authorities.

I appreciate the knowledge and the approach adopted by BBC Migration consultants. They were very systematic and appraised me of the status at regular intervals . Guidance was professional with correct direction and accurate knowledge on the documentation. Once submitted to BBC Migration, the visa department did not revert requesting for any additional information. I will recommend everyone to approach BBC Migration team for any visa assistance. Thanks for the big reward!!!!



Ms Trupti Amin

I strongly recommend BBC Migration to everyone for any visa related assistance. I had very good experience with their team for my Australia PR process. A very good consultancy with friendly staff and process expert. They keep you posted on your visa progress and advise you at every step. They made tiresome visa process look very simple. Keep up the good work BBC Migration Team.



Mr. Varun Anand

Mr. Charania and his team at BBC helped me get an Australian PR visa for my wife and me.

Here’s what I liked from about the whole process when dealing with BBC.
To start with the team at BBC gave us very accurate information about eligibility, time frame, cost and requirements for the visa application.

The team at BBC contacted us at every stage of the application and helped us gather the necessary information. All this was well planned and not ever in some last minute rush.

Their knowledge of the whole process became more evident for me when they suggested and counseled me at various stages like choosing of visa, region and the post visa counseling.

Finally, all the items promised by them at the start of the process were delivered throughout the entire process.

I would recommend anyone applying for a Australian visa to get themselves evaluated and professionally counseled by BBC during the entire process.



Ms. Sreedevi Nair

Cannot describe how happy we are after getting our PR VISA for Australia, and honestly it all looked as a distant dream and we did not think it was possible. It all became a reality after talking to, and following Mr. Karim Charania’s advice. Good leader also develops a strong team of experts and, we would also like to Thank Ms. Deepa Devadiga. They have used their expertise and experience to the fullest extent to enable us to achieve our goal.

From the very first moment you would realize that you are dealing with people who know their business, are professional, friendly, honest and proficient. If anyone is planning to Study/Work and settle abroad do a favor to yourself and book an appointment with Mr. Karim Charania at BBC Migration Consultants. They are the best in the business.

Gained Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) visa in July 2016.
We highly recommend Mr. Karim Charania (BBC Migration Consultants)

Thank you again for all your help, support and advice. Couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Sreedevi & Vinoj



Ms. Neha Sarabhai

Dear Karim,

Roshy and Me would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and support right from starting our application to receiving of our Australian Visa.

The approach exibited by you and your team bbc migration has been thoroughly professional and it was an absolute pleasure dealing with you. A special thanks to Deepa too who had been very patient with all my phone calls and inquiries 🙂

What better can it get that we have become more of friends now. Your enthusiasm and passion for work and towards your clients is brilliant. Im sure this will take you way ahead. God bless you and your team.

As i have got my visa which undoubtly is all thanks to you, im sure it does not end here.. looking forward to a great friendship with you buddy :)). Stay in touch..

Will call you during this week.

Thanks and best regards




Ms. Balveer Kaur

I’m writing this to express my gratitude to BBC Migration for helping me to get through the complicated process of paperwork for getting a spouse visa of UK. I was really stressed when I was not getting the perfect people to answer my queries and then my husband recommend me to visit BBC Migration Consultants, and from the first meeting I was assured that I m on the right way. Thanks Mr Charania and his team for there quick efforts and response. I would recommend it to the people who want a hassle free process of their applications



Ms. Sherrin Benjamin

We had approached BBC for Australian PR.. Mr Kareem was wonderful and we were also given advice on what to expect for 1st few years after migration. I wish they had some branches in India. I have already recommended BBC to my cousins & friends.



Ms. Maclynn Andrade

This is to thank Karim and Deepa for the wonderful and prompt service they have provided me for getting my PR done. They are very clear and precise about what was needed from me and their advice and suggestions helped me through the whole process which has taken less time than expected and are even helpful for future suggestions once the migration process was done as well. Thank you guys for all the help and knowledge you provided. Keep up the good work.



Mr. Nikunj Belwalkar

Class 190 visa granted.. Thanks to BBC Migration Consultant Recently we’ve been granted with Australian permanent resident visa and special thanks to Mr. Kareem and Ms. Deepa from BBC Migration Consultants. Mr. Kareem has been very professional and transparent with all details. He clearly outlined every detail and document required which helped us a lot in organizing things and taking such huge decision. I want to thank BBC for answering our each query very patiently at every milestone and provided us with solutions/alternatives to achieve this goal. We’d like to recommend BBC to aspiring immigrants who are, but obviously, bit apprehensive while finalizing a consultant. BBC Migration Consultants were a real pleasure to work with..



Ms. Preeti Thakre

This is to thank BBC MIGRATION consultants for helping us with the PR Visa for Australia. Migrating to another country/continent can be a very tedious task, considering the documentation and the processes that are involved. However, for us it was a very smooth transition and the credit goes for it goes to BBC MIGRATION consultants.

Since we were not well versed with the immigration and PR Visa process, we took an appointment of Mr.Karim Charania at BBC Migration consultants and came down to their office in Bandra to understand about the immigration steps. He sat with us for about an hour and explained us the entire immigration process and the various steps involved. He was our case officer and had also assigned one dedicated point of contact for all our queries. All the monetary transactions were transparent. Their experience reflects in the way they help their clients with all the queries and with the documentation part. They also kept us informed about the time frames for each and every step, which avoided panic situations. They have an excellent staff that provides quick responses to the queries. Their success ratio in getting the Visas approved is also very high. We received our PR VISA for Australia within a month after filing the VISA Application. After getting us the PR visa, they had also arranged for a guidance session to help us with the steps that we need to complete after migrating/arriving in Australia. We appreciate their help greatly and I would strongly recommend their services for migrating abroad.



Mr. Gautam Dodia

I’m writing this to express my sincere gratitude to BBC Migration for helping me to achieve PR VISA 190 of Australia. I was in a really tight spot with PR application since few points were going to reduce due to age criteria. I am glad on receiving the permanent residency for such a beautiful country with your team support. All of you showed what a great team you are, and with such team I know that this firm will have many more like us. I never thought that I would have such a fast decision without any hassle and feel blessed as a result. I will strongly recommend your team to my friends and family in their need.

Thanks Mr.Karim and (Deepa, Pooja, Kinjal) and all the BBC Migration Team for providing me support without which I could not have got VISA grant.



Mr. Hitesh Tulsani

My experience with BBC was extremely satisfying one in securing an Australian PR grant. Working with someone remotely for Visa Processing can cause anxiety and trust issues – however, Deepa and Karim put in extra efforts to make me feel comfortable right from day one – I deeply respect and appreciate their work ethics and quality of service.



Mr. Anwar Attar

Unfortunately there are only 5 stars to rate them while I wanted to give them 10. I can not imagine that I am in New Zealand in such a short time frame. BBC migration guys are awesome. Mr. Karim is very polite, accurate and very precise about the information and documentation needed. He was very helpful through out the process and also very motivating as well as with great patience. The moment you start talking with these guys you will note the professionalism, honesty and the friendly approach they have. After 3 successfully visa applications for my entire family which includes my sister, got her NZ visa in feb 2015, mine in august 2016, wife and son in sept 2016, I can proudly say that I took the right step by applying through BBC migration. BBC migration is the best you can find in the field. I can happily and confidently recommend them to every one who is seeking to migrate/study abroad. Keep up the good work Mr. Karim and thank you once again.



Ms. Anjali Chahal

BBC Migration is one of the best immigration consultancy and I would highly recommend to all who are looking for immigration. They provide the best service and are very helpful throughout the entire process. The best thing about BBC is they wont make false promises like other consultancy who give assurance for job as well just to fool people initially. Things are kept transparent with clients and payment is charged in installment which gives assurance to people as well that work is being done. They are very professional and the entire staff is helpful and knows the immigration process. We had aninteraction with Hema and Deepa who are always ready for help and answer all the queries of clients. Special thanks to Mr. Karim Charania who is the soul of BBC migration. He is very genuine and guide well as per the process. One can completely rely on him for this entire process. On a personal note also he helps his clients with his contacts for accommodation and job reference in foreign land. The recent initiative of social networking started was just amazing where we get to know people who are travelling at same location and from different work profiles. Very well organized and superb initiative.



Mr. Anuraag Arora

Hello All, BBC Migration is truly the best Migration consultant. My case was handled very diligently and smartly by Kareem Sir and I must say I received Australian PR only because of him and his team. I strongly recommend you all to do not think much and visit them soon if you are thinking of applying for a PR. Thanks BBC Migration for your support.. Kind Regards, Anuraag Arora.



Mr. Nilesh Sahane

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Karim and his team at BBC. I found them very professional and always kept me upto date with the status/progress of my application.
Mine was a special case due to medical complications, BBC went extra mile to ensure we do everything possible so that my visa application is accepted. Their customer service is excellent and gave personal attention and prompt response.

I have already recommended BBC to my friends!!!



Mr. Sahil Ali

I am a mechanical engineer and BBC Migration and Mr. Charnia helpedand guided me through the process of getting an Australian PR. Theyknew the process thoroughly, simplified everything and delivered inless than the estimated time. They knew the best and quickest ways togather the points required to qualify for PR and also helped through the CDR and accreditation process for Engineers Australia. They alsohelped my wife also apply for her Masters in MIS and got into all theuniversities she applied to and chose University of Melbourne. Theydid not stop communication once the PR was processed but were veryprofessional in following up with tips, dos and donts and helping on other queries of accommodation search and job search. All in all, itwas a very happy experience getting this process done through BBCMigration and would recommend them to anyone looking to apply for anAustralian PR.



Mr. Khatri

BBC Migration have helped me get Australian PR Visa for myself and my family.
I had lost my hope on securing the PR visa. BBC Migration made that happen for me. Very professional, great years of industry experience, and migration support for smooth relocation are some of the USPs I could mention. A team of well trained staff who are always there to assist all my queries.
Thank you so much for your help and excellent service.



Mr. Debojyoti Dey

The service industry is plagued today with several issues pertaining to the lack of customer centricity. There are only a handful in this world who understand the needs of the client and deliver to each and every expectation of the client.
One example of such great client service has been set by BBC Migration which took up our case for immigration to Australia and has seamlessly coordinated and helped us through each and every step involved in the process until we finally got our PR visa as a family. BBC Migration Consultants continue to guide us in preparing for a life in Australia, that is due to begin a few months from now.



Mr. Viren Jhonsa

An awesome journey! First of all sincere thanks to Karim and Deepa. BBC Migration turned out to be extremely professional and upto the mark when it comes to service. The knowledge and guidance they have on their domain is absolutely perfect.

We availed the services of BBC Migration for obtaining the Permanent Resident Visa for Australia. Karim and his team are professional, honest and friendly. They were there to personally guide us in the proper direction at every stage of the visa process.

I would highly recommend them for all your visa related work.



Mr. Shreel Amrite

Honesty is the most important attribute when it comes to visa and immigration. His counselling was true and to the point. I would highly recommend Mr. Charania for anyone looking for an accurate prognosis.



Mr. Ian Pereira

I don’t usually give reviews unless I’m truly impressed of the quality of the service provided. BBC migration was persistent in their efforts to get me a visa. I have recommended it to many of my friends and will certainly recommend to you as well. It’s worth the agent fees. Staff has complete knowledge of what is needed and will guide n sometimes be strict as well just to push you. Thanks Karim and team!



Mr. Divesh Gaba

I have got my Australian PR done through BBC Migration on recommendation from a colleague.. And I must say I am extremely satisfied with their services. The complete process went through very smoothly and all the staff were very supportive.

Karim, the owner, is an absolute professional and he ensures that he goes out of his way for the interest of his clients. He has great knowledge about his work and was able to clear all my doubts through the process. I would highly recommend BBC Migration to everyone. And Karim – He is the man for the job. All the Best to you & your team Karim.



Mr. Jatin Joshi

A Great team of professionals led by Mr. Karim. His knowledge in the migration domain is immense & at the same time very approachable person. Found the complete team to be very professional & efficient. I can definitely without any hesitation recommend them to anyone wishing to use any of their services.



Mr. Himanshu Parekh

A fantastic well-qualified team of professionals who know their job in and out. My experience has been very good. I was always guided on the right track and comforted during every interaction i had. I highly appreciate Mr. Karim for his hard work, pro active skills and a very friendly attitude. I am sure with this level of commitment from each member, BBC Migration Consultants will continue to soar newer heights.



Mr. Subodh Karve

Trust , Honesty and transparency are most essential when providing a service such as this. Most importantly, BBC is upfront. They don’t mince words when it comes to assessing your skills. All staff is friendly,helpful and thoroughly professional. Their fee structure is transperant and doesn’t give the impression that they are there to only make money out of you. I would surely recommend BBC to anyone looking for reliable and professional services for Migration.



Mr. Sanjeev Mehta

I approached Mr. Karim of BBC Migration because I was looking for some one reliable and trustworthy. BBC Migration is a recognised agent of Immigration NZ that helped me to choose them I needed someone to do the application for my wife Visa and I approached Mr. Karim who made the whole process very easy and simple.
The result was we got the Visa without any hassles and on time. One thing I liked was their professional approach and friendly manner in which they handled my application process. I was guided completely on the Visa process and was helped where it was needed. I found the experience very excellent and easy. I would recommend Mr. Karim of BBC Migration Consultants to people who need to do their visa applications for NZ.



Ms. Janhave Surve

It’s incredible the amount of documentation that goes into the application of NZ visa. Would have been too tedious a task without team BBC! Mr. Charania was there to guide me throughout the process to ensure that my application was successful. His attention to detail is especially commendable (he spotted a mistake in my address on my resume) Make sure that you ask him everything that you have on your mind because he is a mine of information, but doesn’t divulge every small (maybe unnecessary) detail until you ask! To conclude I would say that rest assured, if BBC team accepts your case, they will put in all the efforts possible to see that your application is successful. I would highly recommend their service.



Ms. Heena Parmar

BBC is a thoroughly professional consultancy, one that I would trust without hesitation. The careful measured assessment, answering my queries at a single go and attending all my concerns of my visa application BBC has always proved as a guiding light. BBC has successfully helped me achieve a major milestone in my life. I am very grateful to Karim and Team for their constant support and help.

I would definitely recommend BBC Migration Consultants for immigration since they totally live up to their tag line “..Helping people Migrate”.