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The formalities to complete once you arrive in Canada

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 30, 2019

The formalities to complete once you arrive in Canada

Most people interested in immigrating to Canada know the basic policies and rules to get PR. We have various consultants guiding us through the process until we get our permanent residency confirmation. But what happens after you get your PR confirmation? Specifically after your flight lands at the international airport? Here’s a quick guide to avoid making arrivals confusing –

After you touch-down and are ushered into the airport, you will have officials from Canada Border Service Agency awaiting your arrival and smooth transitioning into the country. They will ask you about the items you have brought along with you, all of which have to be written in the declaration form provided to you.

Next people to greet you will be officers from immigration. Their main concern is document verification, so it’s advisable to keep the necessary documents like confirmation of PR handy while interacting with them. There are also various immigrant-serving organizations supported by the government who will help you out to settle into communities in exchange for little or no fee. You can secure the help of those organizations quite easily.

After you have been cleared by the officials, the things you need to do in the first two weeks would be obtaining important government papers like Social Insurance Number, Government Health Insurance card and Permanent Residence Card. To get all of these cards you will need to visit your local Service Canada centre with your proof of status or confirmation of PR. You will need all of these cards to avail health services provided by the government, for opening a bank account and renting a flat etc.