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Tips On How To Select The Right Immigration Agency For Moving Abroad

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: October 4, 2019

Tips On How To Select The Right Immigration Agency For Moving Abroad

Off late, majority of youngsters are planning to move abroad either for studying or for work. And due to increase in migration, immigration industry has become huge with innumerable agents and consultancies. However, deciding on the right immigration agent is the most crucial task when planning to move abroad. One has to take care of multiple things before shortlisting an agent in order to avoid falling prey to innumerable fraudsters present in the market. There are agents who make false promises, hide information and extort money in the name of filing your application. So, here are a few tips that will help you judge an agent and appoint a genuine one for your visa process.

Reference and online research:
Do a thorough online research when you’re trying to shortlist an immigration consultancy. Visit the agency’s website. Check for the services that they offer, their fees, their cancellation and refund policies. Compare these things of all the shortlisted agencies. Check for their reviews on Google and on third party websites. If possible, try and connect with any of the reviewers and ask them about their experience. Additionally, if you have any friend, colleague, relative who has moved abroad, try to get references from them. This way, you will be able to get in touch with an authentic agent.

Experience and success rate:
Experience of the agent matters a lot. The immigration rules vary from country to country. It becomes very important to hire an agent who has sufficient knowledge and experience and one who has served a large number of people. Such agents have exhaustive knowledge about all the policies and are always updated with the latest news and changes in the policies. Also, these agents have experience in dealing with a plenty number of problems and might be able to help you better when you face one. Therefore, ensure the consultancy that you’re hiring has good amount of experience and their success rate is high.

Avoid agents who give job guarantees:
Immigration agents do not have any special rights or access to grant you a job in a foreign land. Everything depends on your skills and expertise in a particular field. Steer clear of any agent or consultancy that promises you jobs and asks for money in return. These are fraud schemes to attract customers and gain money.

Avoid agents who ask you to lie or misrepresent information:
Stay away from agents that ask you to lie to the immigration authority or hide any important information in regards to your application. Giving false information in your visa application might put you in great trouble in the future and the immigration agent or consultancy will be off with your money. No consultant has any special influence with the immigration departments.

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