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Top 9 reasons to immigrate to Australia

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: December 31, 2019

Top 9 reasons to immigrate to Australia

Australia is one of those perfect country where people from any part of the world can easily settle down and experience a beautiful living. The culture of this country is also beautifully diverse as the population of this country is a great blend of multi-ethnic backgrounds and totals just over 25 million people.All credit goes to numerous immigrants, who move to Australia every year.

Australia is a preferred destination for immigrants, especially Indians as much as that Indians ranked top in getting Australian Citizenship. Listed below are reasons on why you should consider moving to Australia:

  1. Developed country& Financial stability:

Australia has been financially stable for more than 15 years and needless to say is an already Developed country. It is mainly considered developed due to its standard of living and the majority of the Australian population have a paid job.

  1. Crime Rate & Safe Country:

Stay rest assured when in Australia – it is the safest country for women’s and the crime rate is extremely low. Australia is in the list of top 20 safest countries in the world with a safety index score of 7.95. A developed economy is also a safe economy; that’s what Australia is all about.

  1. Standard of Living:

Extremely high, ranked 3rd in the world on the Human Development Index with a score of 0.939 with an excellent education system, thriving economy, high minimum wages and strong worker protections, easy access to the necessities of lifeand relatively well protected basic freedoms as well as strong legal protection against various forms of discrimination not to mention excellent universal healthcare.

  1. World’s most livable cities:

Three of the world’s most livable cities are in Australia as per The Global Livability Index 2019.The cities who made to the top ten are Melbourne (2nd place), Sydney (3rd place) and Adelaide (10th place). Most other major Australian cities sit comfortably inside the top 20 list.

  1. Education:

Home to prestigious universities, seven of which are cited among the top 100 on the planet. Australia’s education is one of the robust educational system in the world. It promotes small size classrooms with a minimum of 30 students per class, university-trained and qualified teachers with a specialist teacher in subject areas, state of the art facility with all schools having computers and internet access and much more.

  1. Career Opportunities:

Australia is a land of opportunities. Due to the rapid economic growth of Australia, the number of industries has started expanding paving a way to numerous career opportunities which is gender bias free. Also Read: A woman tops CEO pay ranks in Australia.

  1. Healthcare System:

Australia’s healthcare system is one of the key reasons why their citizens enjoy one of the longest life expectancies in the world. Medicare and the public hospital system provide free or low-cost access for all Australian citizens. You can alternatively choose the Private system which is privately owned and managed;giving you a choice outside the public system.

  1. Multicultural Society:

The Australian citizens are a mix of different cultures and backgrounds. You will not find any caste system prevailing in Australia and the residents are extremely warm and welcoming to the immigrants. In fact, one in four people have no Australian origins in the country, which means that you will never feel isolated as a foreigner in Australia.

  1. Utility service:

In Australia, the utility services are easy and accessible at your fingertips. Once you are in Australia, the essential utility services like electricity, water and gas connections are available easily.

You would also not want to miss the coffee culture in Australia, it’s low air pollution index and the love for sports. Not to miss also on the breathtaking scenic beauty of Australia and beaches – Aussies are blessed with serenity. Considering these factors and many more, life in Australia is subtly good.

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