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U.K. Immigration Scandal: Theresa May Appoints Minister Sajid Javid as Home Secretary

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 28, 2019

U.K. Immigration Scandal: Theresa May Appoints Minister Sajid Javid as Home Secretary

British Prime Minister, Theresa May replaced appointsSajiv Javid on Monday as Home Secretary. He is the first ethnic-minority politician appointed for this key post followed by the scandal over the ill-treatment of the long-term Caribbean residents that left the government struggling.

Amber Rudd resigned during the late hours on Sunday stating that he had unintentionally misguided the lawmakers about if the government had any deportation objectives.

The decision came after days of the Windrush immigration scandal that was a burning headline in Britain. This scandal set off intense condemnation of the orthodox government’s strict policies.

The outcry took off with the report in the Guardian newspaper that stated how some people from the Caribbean who migrated to U.K. just after the 2nd World War have been refused any medical help recently in Britain or how they were threatened with deportation since they could not show any documentation or proof of their right to live in the country.

Immigration has been an enraging issue in Britain, with a decrease in the influx of migrants which was a major aspect for many voters who have supported leaving the European Union in 2016.

The government has failed to meet their long oft-stated goal of lowering the number of immigrants below 100,000 people per year which is less than half the current level. According to the opposition, the government should drop that target.

May is facing intense opposition to be liable for the strict immigration policies that took off in 2010 when she was the home secretary.

The affected immigrants are from the “Windrush Generation” named after the ship Empire Windrush. This had brought hundreds of Caribbean to Britain in 1948 which needed nurses, railway labour and others who could help it recreate after the World War II devastation.

It’s believed that these Caribbean migrants and others who followed belonged to the British Colonies or ex-colonies and had the automatic rights to legally live in the U.K. But, some of these legal migrants have been refused of facilities like housing, medical treatments, or jobs because the employers and the doctors check the immigration status first, while others have been asked to leave the country by the government because as per the government they have been living in Britain illegally.