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Which country follows the Aussie dream? Recent Statistical Record answers

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 28, 2019

Which country follows the Aussie dream? Recent Statistical Record answers

The new statistical figure released by ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) identifies that a maximum number of migrants have come from India, China and England. According to the Australian Census and Migrants Integrated Dataset, between January 2000 and August 2016, 2.2 million permanent migrants were recorded.

In that specific tenure, 292,000 migrants were from India with 234,000 on skilled migration visa. 242,400 migrants were from China and 220,700 were from England. It was also found that 1.2 million people out of the 2.2 million were granted skilled visa while 683,603 entered via the family stream and 214,656 people entered on humanitarian visas.

The data also identified most migrants on skilled visa came from India and when it came to family migrants, China takes the lead. For those on a humanitarian visa, Iraq was on top of the list followed by Afghanistan and Myanmar.

The jobs that these permanent migrants chose were business, HR and marketing followed by the health professional and specialist managers. Weekly income in that period for permanent migrant was $650 – $ 999/ week but more than 27% of humanitarian migrants had a weekly income of $300-$649/week and 35% of skilled migrants $1500 more.

The data concluded by observing a major shift in migration from European countries to Asian countries where English is the second language.

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