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Why Pro-Immigration Australia is the best version of a country.

Posted by; BBC Migration | Date: January 30, 2019

Why Pro-Immigration Australia is the best version of a country.

Over the last few years and especially weeks, meaning of the term immigrant has changed and what it stands for. Whether it’s illegal or legal, most of the countries have a lot of strict and inhuman rules regarding that area. Only few countries understand the positive effects of having immigrants and Australia is one of them.

First reason why immigration is important is to sustain labor force growth. GDP of a country increases due to the supply of workers through immigration. The Australian economy, to avoid the economic crisis and deflation like Japan, has made several reforms and opened up the country for legal immigration to help sustain its GDP. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the trend employment for the month of May, 2018 increased to 15,900 persons.

To sustain Economy and prevent slowing, human and physical capitation from immigrants, the contribution that comes from that area is essential. Most of the successful entrepreneurs around the world are immigrants so that statistic, speaks for the possibilities of growth for itself.

Last reason why immigration is important is because of human capital. And human capital is not always judged by the labor it provides but also the skills , culture and different perspective that it brings which is important for a country to grow because it provides scope for new innovation and change. Australian government maintains good immigration policies and cultures possibilities to achieve all this.

Nevertheless, it is also crucial that immigrants that arrive in Australia adapt and thrive in the environment. Every lifestyle has positive and negative aspects to it and it is important that people with good and strong ethics, values and integrity are accepted. The relationship between a country and immigrant is a two way street and for an immigrant to get the best life they also have to embrace the identity of the country of they live in; in this case Australia.